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Web tek labs profile v2.3

  1. 1. IntroductionWebTek Labs creates and delivers high-impact solutions, enabling our clients to achieve theirbusiness goals and enhance their competitiveness. With over 10 years of experience, wecreate unique time to value through a comprehensive suite of services and solutions that helpclients win in the Human Age. These cover an entire range of talent-driven needs from TestingServices, Recruitment / Staffing Solutions, Trainings and Developments, Application LifecycleManagement, Technology Products and Career Management, to Outsourcing and Consulting.We believe that Success in any Business can be achieved by: Classic, Scientific Improved Responsiveness Approach Procedures: Innovative Optimized and Sensitivity To Core Technology Methods in Operations to Clients Production Communication Service Marketing Business Needs Process Management  Analyzing our past experience we identified the approach which works best for our company and though it might be useful to share this approach with the community.www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  2. 2. Values People Knowledge InnovationWe care about people and the We share our knowledge, our We lead in the world of work.role of work in their lives. We expertise and our resources, so We dare to innovate, to pioneerrespect people as individuals, that everyone understands and to evolve.trusting them, supporting what is important now andthem, enabling them to achieve what’s happening next in the We never accept the statustheir aims in work and in life. world of work – and knows how quo. We constantly challenge best to respond. the norm to find new andWe help people develop their better ways of doing things.careers through planning, work, We actively listen and act uponcoaching and training. this information to improve our We thrive on our relationships, solutions and entrepreneurial spirit andWe recognize everyone’s services. speed of response; taking risks,contribution to our success – knowing that we will not alwaysour staff, our clients and our Based on our understanding of succeed, but never exposingcandidates. We encourage and the world of work, we actively our clients to risk.reward achievement. pursue the development and adoption of the best practices worldwidewww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  3. 3. Vision and StrategiesOUR VISION is to lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions andservices that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work. Generating more revenue requires us to develop strategic insights about our clients’ needs and Revenue goals, elevating and broadening our mutually-beneficial relationships and measuring our contribution to our clients’ businesses. Improving our efficiency means achieving speed, quality and effective use of resources Efficiency throughout all our operations. Demonstrating our commitment to innovation requires us to continuously capture creativity in Innovation local markets and replicate this around the world. Our role is to develop and expand our capabilities, while creating services targeted to what’s new and what’s next in the world of work. Thought Maintaining our thought leadership means continuously anticipating future dynamics of theLeadership market and contributing to the design of social and employment systems on a global basis. Evolving our organization and culture requires attracting and retaining high quality people for the long term.Organizationand Culture It also requires creating an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, rewards high performance and motivates us to reach our full potential. www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  4. 4. Service Offerings Applications Services Transformation & Applications Enterprise Applications Modernization Development Services Applications Services Management Services Services Testing Services / Products Application / Website Mobile Testing Security Testing IT Products Testing Recruitment and Staffing Solutions ( IT – ITES – NON-IT) Permanent Contractual RPO (Recruitment Campus Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Recruitment Staffing Solution HR Services HR Shared Services Payroll & Consulting Compliance Trainings ( IT – NON-IT) Institutional Public Trainings Corporate Trainings Trainingswww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  5. 5. Service Offerings (Contd……) Internet Solutions SEO (Search Engine Online Reputation Website Designing Internet Marketing Marketing) Management Consulting Services) Sustainable Cost Family Office Business Excellence IT Advisory Reduction Solutions (BE)www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  6. 6. Application Lifecycle Management App. Strategy & Architecture Application Dev. & Implement.• Enterprise & Application • Custom Apps. Development Architecture , SOA • Packaged Application Implementation• Portfolio Rationalization Full lifecycle and Rollout of services • SOA based Development Application Integration & Application Modernization Testing • Modernization Assessment • EAI, Web services & SOA • Application Migration • Verification and Validation • Application Consolidation • Test Factory, Quality Factory Application Management • Service Management • Applications Outsourcing • Application Operations • ITSL/ ITSM processeswww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  7. 7. Testing Technologies Bug Tracking Tools Mantis, Jira, Bugzilla, Rational ClearQuest,Trac, PR- Tracker, Redmine, Eventum HP Quick Test Pro / WinRunner, Selenium, Test Automation Tools Watir, AutomatedQA TestComplete Performance Testing Tools HP LoadRunner, Wapt, Grinder, WebLoad, Apache JMeter, Pylot, Siege Testing and Project Management Tools Testlink, Microsoft Project, Confluence, HP Quality Center We assimilate new technologies as soon, as they appear.www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  8. 8. Start Testing Early Initial Design 1$ Design Review 100$ Layout 100$ Tape Release 1000$ Sampling 10000$Volume Production 1$ 10$ 100$ 1000$ 10000$ 100000$ A functional bug found on production stage can cost you much more to fix than if it was found during the initial design phase.www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  9. 9. ProductsWebTek Labs provides distribution of technology products and services, market development services and managementservices to technology solution providers, educational Institutions and Government.Leading the Transformation of IT DistributionWith the dramatic changes driven by technology, companies located throughout the IT supply chain are required torevaluate their business models to deliver maximum value to businesses and consumers. Distributors, technology solutionproviders, retailers and IT manufacturers have changed their business models to add value with innovative services andofferings that drive costs out. WebTek Labs is committed to transforming the value proposition for technology distributionand is the leading company in this industry. Innovation is the key differentiator between WebTek Labs and other ITdistribution companies. WebTek Labs specialized divisions offer customers technical expertise and a well-informed salessupport staff trained to handle the needs of market categories such as enterprise computing, converging technologies,small-to-mid-size businesses (SMB), and the government and education sectors. The company has developed services andsolutions designed to address the needs of each technology category and market segment, with expert services to supportcustomers serving vertical and specialty markets.Vendors include HP, IBM, NEC www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  10. 10. Recruitment Services Permanent Staffing One of the fastest growing private staffing firms in the Nation Double digit sales growth in the past 5 years has propelled WebTek Labs to one Contractual Staffing of the fastest growing full service firms in the nation, according to Staffing Industry Report. Executive Search Adaptable and Nimble One main reason for success is the ability Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to adapt on the fly to rapidly changing industry and market conditions so we can consistently stay ahead of the competition.WebTek Labs has a national reach with offices and associates located nationwide.While we may not be located in every city, our customer service-driven philosophy willmake it feel like we are right there in-housewww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  11. 11. Hire the Right People WebTek follows “ Sourced – 2 WIN” Methodology which is designed t o help recruiters to create a sourcing strategy aimed at improving the talent acquisition process. RECRUITING SET - UP OUTCOME EDUCATE CHANNELS Advanced Recruiting, Screening and Retention Methodswww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  12. 12. Permanent Staffing Planning Matching Profile Head Hunting And Delivery Database Quality ByProfiling Search Target Time Setting Job Skills Target Date And Personality Gauging Setting Target No. Reference Checks of Deliverieswww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  13. 13. Contractual Staffingwww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  14. 14. Executive SearchCatering to senior/niche positions across industry verticals encompassing End to end search | Skill Matrix | Grade equivalence | Competency Mapping www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  15. 15. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)Re- engineering of internal hiring practise | Refine recruitment strategies and channels | Ensure 100% fulfilment of alldirect hiring needs | Centralized on-site support and management Research, Talent INITIALIZATION WORK ALLOCATION Recruitment and Assessment Development and Attraction Client Prospective Scope of Work Talent Market mapping Proprietary Talent Pool Building Define SOW/SLAs Job Description + Client DNA Ongoing Candidate CRM Screen, Interview, Assess, PresentNDA/Commercial Agreement Mandate Allocation to Team Proactive Targeted Sourcing Extend Offer - Decline Set TAT and Commitments to Hiring Skill Landscaping Technology Driven Sourcing Managers Database Spawn Plan Resume Response Management Implant Transitionswww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  16. 16. HR Services Creating, Updating and Verifying Employee & HR Personal Verification Educational Verification Manuals Create / Verify / Update Police / Criminal Documents that are visible Employment Verification Verification and used by all Employees Create and Deploy - Auditing HR Systems Training Calendar, Appraisal System To Ensure that HR is On Demand - Manage HR Functioning Effectively and Function in Absence of HR Efficiently Personnelwww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  17. 17. Translations Services WebTek Labs is the fully integrated Translations translation and localization service provider with a global service model. Website Localization WebTek Labs enables clients to get DTP Services speedy, accurate and native translation through a combination of process strategies, technology Software Localization leverages and e-business collaboration E-business collaboration with the translators and resources with worldwide presence has given WebTek Labs the edge to be competitive.www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  18. 18. WebTek Labs Linguistic Process What you can expect:  COMPETITIVE PRICING  PROMPT DELIVERY  HIGH QUALITY TRANSLATION  RESPONSIVENESS TO INQUIRIES  QUALITY ASSURANCEwww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  19. 19. Training Services Soft Skills Risk Based Testing Systematic Testing IT Trainings Programming Languages Mastering Languages Functional, Performance, & Software Engineering Certification Security TestingLearn the latest skills and techniques through WebTek Labs Training’s courses delivered in ahigh-powered workshop setting. Plan your training curriculum and improve your whole team.Various learning options allow you to take each course in the method that works best for you.www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  20. 20. Why Training with Us. • Expert instructors with 15–30 years of real- world experience in the software industry • The most relevant selection of specialized software training courses available anywhere • Highly interactive exercises designed to keep you engaged and help you implement what you’ve learned immediately • Small classroom workshop environment • Over 20,000 students trained Pan India who provide constant valuable feedback on our courseswww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  21. 21. Customers and PartnersComplete professionalism, quality control, considerable experience arethe underlying principles of testing process, which help to achieve ourmain purpose: a customer is always pleased with the result. Testimonials Testimonials “We are absolutely satisfied with our “I have no hesitation in recommending the collaboration with “WebTek Labs” and their services of “WebTek Labs" for everyone provided level of service and we’re going to looking for software development quality continue our cooperation in the future.” improvement or testing of complex IT solutions.”www.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.
  22. 22. Contacts Thank you for your attention! We will be glad to see you among our customers and partners! CONTACTS WebTek Labs Private Limited E-mail: info@webteklabs.com Web Site: www.webteklabs.comwww.webteklabs.com » Outsourcing to WebTek Labs Optimizing the Approach.