Connecting People Print and Mobile: an Intro to QR Codes


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Presentation on QR Codes to the Midwest Direct Marketing Association's 2011 Direct Marketing Conference.

This presentation provided an overview of QR and other 2-D barcodes, their relationship with mobile marketing best practices, and examples of QR code use in printed material.

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Connecting People Print and Mobile: an Intro to QR Codes

  1. 1. MDMA Mike CraigMay 24, 2011 Ruxter Mobile
  2. 2.   Overview of QR & 2D barcodes  QR codes & mobile marketing best practices  Examples: what to do/not to do  Final thoughts and questions
  3. 3.   A 2-dimensional barcode is a two-axis graphical representation of data – a matrix.  It can be read by dedicated barcode readers (like FedEx drivers carry) or mobile phone apps designed to read particular (or multiple) types of barcodes.  Barcodes come in many designs. “QR Code” is just one of many type of 2D codes….
  4. 4.   Encodes along a line…one dimension  Limited in what it can store…12 decimal digits
  5. 5.   Created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994  Distinctive three-corner square design  ISO standards-based and license free!
  6. 6.   Distinctive “bulls eye” look  Patented in 1995, but in the public domain
  7. 7.   Composed of modular ‘cells’  Solid border in an ‘L’ shape  Generally used for industrial applications  ISO standards-based and license free!
  8. 8.   A New! Improved! 2D barcode! Now in Color!  Distinctive colored or B&W triangles.  Higher capacity because information is not self-contained - connects to MS servers.  Surprise! Requires a different reader!
  9. 9.   Browse to a website  Bookmark a website  Make a phone call  Send an SMS  Send an email  Create a calendar event  Connect to Google/Bing Maps  Search for an app  Connect to a YouTube clip  Send a Tweet….and many, many others.
  10. 10. Barcode Scanner v3.53 (Android only)i-nigma v3.10 by 3GVision (iPhone, Android)Quickmark v3.8.9 (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile)QR Scanner Pro (Blackberry)
  11. 11.   You can’t click paper.  URLs get mistyped or forgotten.  Typing URLs on mobile phone? Ugh.  Keywords+shortcode (text MYBIZ to 12345) makes the connection – but QR’s provide more flexibility.
  12. 12. The Three P’s: You’ve beengiven Permission to reach aPocket…treat it as a Privilege.
  13. 13. 1.  Permission: Mobile is a permission-based channel – whether opt-in or downloaded app – the consumer rules.2.  Pocket: Mobile is a small screen with interaction different from a desktop, as well as a personal space to be respected.3.  Privilege: Use the immediacy of mobile and its personal nature to provide your mobile consumer with something of unique and relevant value.
  14. 14.   Plenty of online resources
  15. 15. Rule #1 – Mobilize the content (see Pocket above).Rule #2 – Keep the URL or content as short as possible.Rule #3 – Provide unique and relevant value (see Privilege).
  16. 16. Not like this:
  17. 17. Full URL. No Error Correction URL. High Error Correction
  18. 18.   Think before you link: ◦  “Is my content providing the best experience to a mobile consumer?” ◦  “Am I providing opportunities for ongoing engagement?” ◦  “What am I doing that’s fun and unique?” ◦  “Will my consumer be interested in sharing this link with others?”
  19. 19. ✔  Standard QR Code✔  Readable✘  Flash!✘  No unique value
  20. 20. ✔  Mobile optimized✔  Readable QR✘  Different format (MS Tag)✘  No unique value
  21. 21. ✔  Standard QR✔  Readable✘  Flash!✘  Regular website✘  No engagement
  22. 22. ✔  Mobile optimized✔  Readable QR✔  Social Integration✘ Unique value
  23. 23. ✔  Standard QR Code✔  Readable✔  Fun✘ Unique value - the sweepstakes is not always accessible on the Facebook page.
  24. 24. ✔  Standard QR Code✔  Readable✔  Engaging Ad✘  C’mon Kohler…is this a Bold Look?
  25. 25. ✔  Mobile optimized✔  Readable QR✔  Social Integration✔  Permission, Pocket & Privilege✘  Direct mobile engagement option (push notifications)
  26. 26. ✔  Standard QR Code✔  Readable✔  Fun✔  Amazing potential!✘  Slow-loading✘  Flash!✘  No unique content – just links to big web page
  27. 27. ✔  Cool QR Code!✔  Readable!✔  Fun!✔  Amazing potential!✘  No iPhone = no connection
  28. 28. ✔  Standard QR Code✔  Readable✔  Social✔  M-purchase✔  QR & SMS options✘  No unique value specifically mentioned.
  29. 29. ✔  Social✔  Fun…if you want another social network.✘  Another app to download✘  Unique?
  30. 30. ✔  Mobile optimized✔  Standard QR✔  Readable✔  Rich information✘  No social or opt- in connections
  31. 31. ✔  Fun ad!✔  Standard QR✘  Long URL✘  Full catalog… yawn.
  32. 32. ✔  Nicely integrated✔  Instructions on use of Tag✘  Instructions are okay, but it’s still a new download✘  Full site
  33. 33. ✔  Standard QR✔  Informative, mobile-specific content.✔  Social links✘  Long URL
  34. 34. ✔  Integrated campaign!✔  Standard QR✔  Social!✔  Unique content!✘  A winner!
  35. 35. What the…?✘  Full site✘  Zero mobile optimization✘  Nothing special✘  …and it’s FLASH!
  36. 36. Are QR codes for real or can Isafely ignore them untilsomething better comesalong?
  37. 37.   Worldwide use has grown by 61.9 % since the last quarter.   In the US, growth has been particularly striking - mobile barcode scans grew by 181.1 % over the last quarter of 2010   Up 630 % when compared to Q1 2010.Source: 3GVision Report Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage - Q1 / 2011 
  38. 38.   32% of smartphone users said they’ve used a QR code.  72% of smartphone users indicated they would likely recall an ad with a QR code.  Demographics split: 51% Male / 49% Female  Most respondents reported seeing QR codes on a product, followed by in a magazine or on a coupon. And they were typically used to get coupons or discounts, or to access information.Source: MGH February 2011 smartphone users survey -
  39. 39. 60% 53% 52% 50% 40% 33% 30% 26% 24% 23% 23% 20% 11% 10% 0%Source: MGH February 2011 smartphone users survey -
  40. 40.   2009 Japanese 35% 32% 31% Study 30% 25% 23%  76% Aware of 20% QR scanning 15%  Used average of 10% 1.24 time/wk 5% 0% Use a Apply for a Get More Coupon Promotion Information Source: quoting NetAsia Research
  41. 41.   QR codes that provide deep discounts, free samples, exclusive content etc., can increase sales but the number of scans and conversions will depend on the value of the offering.  QR codes that don’t provide value to the consumer will enjoy novelty niche success in the near term and trail off in response.  Other technologies (like NFC & AR) will work alongside QR’s as mobile matures.
  42. 42.   A newer technology that lets your phone communicate wirelessly to anything equipped with a ‘target’ radio antenna
  43. 43.   QR codes & other 2D codes are a growing trend.  They are simple to create and use.  They are open and inexpensive.  Provide a bridge from print to mobile.  Always new technologies on the horizon. QRC’s are one component of a good overall mobile strategy – which is just one element of a good overall marketing strategy.
  44. 44. Revise CreateLearn Measure
  45. 45.   QR Code Resources ◦ ◦ generator/  Mobile Industry Portals ◦  Mobile Marketer –  Mobile Trade Associations ◦  Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) -
  46. 46. Mike CraigVP MarketingRuxter Mobile