Recruitment & selection by coca cola co.


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Recruitment & selection by coca cola co.

  1. 1.  Salman Haider MB-12-35 Haqnawaz MB-12-17 Rao Inayat Kareem MB-12-24 M. Shamshad MB-12-30 Mohsin Illyas MB-12-36 H M Saleem MB-12-41 Junaid Afzal MB-12-45 Tahir Shah MB-12-64 Muhammad Sarfraz MB-12-65 Jawad Ahmad MB-12-66 Muhammad Khalil MB-12-69
  2. 2.  Recruitment Introduction of Cocacola Internal And External method Recruitment Sources Traditional vs. Realistic Preview
  3. 3.  Any activity carried on by the organizationwith the primary purpose of identifying andattracting potential employees Represents the first contact betweenorganizations and prospective employees Organizational activities that influence: The number and types of applicants who apply for ajob Whether the applicants accept jobs that are offered
  4. 4.  The Coca Cola Company is the worlds largestbeverage company. It is no.1 brand according tofortune 2009 survey. The company operates afranchised distribution system dating from 1889. TheCoca Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta,Georgia. Its major markets consist of USA, Brittan, Europe,Middle East, Asia, Russia and North America. It hasactivities in 200 countries, about 3000 branches, and55,000 employees across the world. Over 200expatriates are assigned for international positionsevery year, as region managers. Most of theexpatriates are sent from USA and Britain, and mostoften sent to Middle East, Asia and Russia.
  5. 5.  Although Coca-Cola is not a new name forthe local market, Coca-Cola BeveragesPakistan Limited (CCBPL)began its operationson 26 May 1996 in Pakistan. Coca-ColaBeverages Private LTD (CCBPL) is a jointventure between Coca-Cola International,Fraser and Nerves Singapore and packageltd. CCBPL directly employs more than 3,000people in Pakistan CCBPL creates indirectemployment for more than 50,000 people inrelated industries through its vastprocurement, supply & distribution system.
  6. 6.  Mission Statement◦ “to benefit and refresh everyone it touches and tocreate values for our shared owners on along termbases by building a business the Coca Colacompany trademarks.”
  7. 7.  Vision◦ All of us in Coca Cola company wake up eachmorning knowing that every single one of theworld’s 5.6 billion people will get thirsty that dayand we are the one’s with the best opportunity torefresh them. Our task is simple: to make coca colaand other products available , affordable andacceptable to them quenching their thirst andproviding them with a perfect moment ofrelaxation. If we do this, if we make it possible for5.6 billion people to escape coca cola.
  8. 8.  Their values serve as a compass for theiractions and describe how we behave in theworld.◦ Leadership: The courage to shape a better future◦ Collaboration: Leverage collective genius◦ Integrity: Be real◦ Accountability: If it is to be, its up to me◦ Passion: Committed in heart and mind◦ Quality: What we do, we do well
  9. 9.  In 1886, Coca-Cola® brought refreshmentto patrons of a small Atlanta pharmacy.Now well into its second century, theCompanys goal is to provide magic everytime someone drinks one of its more than500 brands. Coca-Cola has fans fromBoston to Budapest to Bahrain, drinkingbrands such as Ambasa, Vegitabeta andFrescolita. In the remotest comers of theglobe, you can still find Coca-Cola.
  10. 10.  From the early beginnings when just ninedrinks a day were served, Coca-Cola hasgrown to the world’s most ubiquitous brand,with more than 1.7 billion beverage servingssold each day. When people choose to reachfor one of The Coca-Cola Company brands,the Company wants that choice to be excitingand satisfying, every single time.
  11. 11.  Internal Recruiting◦ Internal recruiting—recruiting source seekingapplicants for positions from among the ranks ofthose currently employed◦ advantages better assessment of candidates reduces training time faster cheaper motivates employees High Performance Work System characteristic
  12. 12.  Internal Recruiting◦ disadvantages creates vacancies stifles diversity insufficient supply of candidates
  13. 13.  External Recruiting◦ External recruiting—recruiting source seeking applicantsfor positions from outside the organization.◦ Advantages increases diversity facilitates growth shortens training time A theory that you get new/novel problem solving◦ Disadvantages expensive slower less reliable data stifles upward movement of personnel
  14. 14.  That source which help the company inidentifying and attracting potential employees The major recruitment sources are following1. Media Advertisement2. E-recruitment3. Employment agencies4. Executive search firms5. Special events recruiting6. College Recruiting7. Summer internships
  15. 15. •Coca Cola does not prefer external recruitment•Their basic focus is on Internal recruitment. They maintain a talent bank for meeting internal hiring needs• They only do external hiring in case of sudden recruitmentsThey forecast their future needs and collect the data ofapplicants in advance• They have an offer to drop resume for any job at theirwebsite.
  16. 16. They collect resumes at their every territory•To fulfill their talent bank they visit universities and collegesPreviously the Multan territory visit BZU and IUB andcollect the data.•They take interviews of 350 candidates and selected only 3 applicantsTheir major focus is on quality and their standardsof recruitment are high• Last time their selection standard was 85 % marks in masters.
  17. 17. • Their major recruitment source is E-Recruiting.• They are working on such type of advertisements which areaccording to the Job description and specification.• Their recruitment adds are published by the their Mediadepartment.• Adds and vacancies banners are being offered by everyterritory as demanded.
  18. 18.  Realistic Preview◦ Provides prospective employee with pertinentinformation about the job without distortion orexaggeration◦ Presents the full job picture (“warts” and all) Telling almost everything about job and just not theextra-ordinary benefits or challenges
  19. 19.  Typical Consequences of Job PreviewProcedures: Realistic Preview1. Sets job expectations realistically2. Job may or may not be attractive, depending onindividual’s needs3. Some accept, some reject job offer4. Work experience confirms expectations5. Satisfaction; needs matched to job6. High job survival, satisfaction, infrequent thoughts ofquitting
  20. 20.  Typical Consequences of Job PreviewProcedures: Traditional Preview1. Sets initial job expectations too high2. Job is typically viewed as attractive, stimulating, andchallenging3. High rate of acceptance of job offers4. Work experience disconfirms expectations5. Dissatisfaction and realization that job is not matched toneeds6. Low job survival, dissatisfaction, frequent thoughts ofquitting
  21. 21.  Selection and its Process Validation Approaches various sources of information types of employment tests. employment interview. Final Selection A quick view to Coca cola
  22. 22.  The process of choosing individuals who haverelevant qualifications to fill existing or projected jobopenings. Selection Considerations◦ Person-job fit: job analysis identifies requiredindividual competencies (KSAOs) for job success.◦ Person-organization fit: the degree to whichindividuals are matched to the culture and values ofthe organization.
  23. 23. CompletionOfapplicationInitialInterviewEmploymenttestingBackgroundInvestigationPreliminaryselection inHRdepartmentInterviewsMedicalExamDrugtestingHiringDecision
  24. 24. ◦ Reliability The degree to which interviews, tests, and otherselection procedures yield comparable data over timeand alternative measures.◦ Validity Degree to which a test or selection proceduremeasures a person’s attributes
  25. 25. • In coca cola for Selection there is HR department• But only they involve only in major hiring• Mostly the labor and middle level management is hired by theplant authorities• They follow the decentralization approach. The countryManager is responsible for all mattersThere is a proper selection process according tothe international standards
  26. 26.  Criterion-related Validity◦ The extent to which a selection tool predicts, orsignificantly correlates with, important elements ofwork behavior. A high score indicates high job performance potential;low score is predictive of low job performance. Concurrent Validity◦ The extent to which test scores (or other predictorinformation) match criterion data obtained at aboutthe same time from current employees. High or low test scores for employees match theirrespective job performance.
  27. 27.  Predictive Validity◦ The extent to which applicants’ test scores matchcriterion data obtained from those applicants/employees after they have been on the job for someindefinite period. A high or low test score at hiring predicts high or lowjob performance at a point in time after hiring. Correlation Coefficient◦ A number ranging from 0.00, denoting a completeabsence of relationship, to 1.00 and to -1.00,indicating a perfect positive and perfect negativerelationship, respectively
  28. 28.  Content validity◦ The extent to which a selection instrument, such asa test, adequately samples the knowledge and skillsneeded to perform a particular job. Example: typing tests, driver’s license examinations Construct validity◦ The extent to which a selection tool measures atheoretical construct or trait.◦ Are difficult to validate Example: creative arts tests, honesty tests
  29. 29.  Cross-validation◦ Verifying the results obtained from a validationstudy by administering a test or test battery to adifferent sample (drawn from the same population).
  30. 30.  Biographical Information Blanks (BIB)◦ In such source different questions are asked to check personality andinner abilities of the candidate. For example◦ At what age did you leave home?◦ How large was the town/city in which you lived as a child?◦ Did you ever build a model airplane that flew?◦ Were sports a big part of your childhood?◦ Do you play any musical instruments? Background Investigations◦ This is the verification of the shortlisted candidate. They verify the References Degrees Crime record Medical record Other submitted info
  31. 31.  Polygraph Tests◦ These are the short tests. Conducted with the help ofmedical machines that check the pulse and heart beat ratewhile answering the questions.◦ This machine only guess about the true or fall.◦ But there is still the chance of error. Integrity and Honesty Tests◦ These test are conducted to check the loyalty and honestyof the selected candidate in short listing
  32. 32.  Graphology◦ This is a greater technical test conducted by thehand writing specialists to guess about thecandidate personality and values with the sampleof the handwriting of the candidate. Medical Examinations◦ It is conducted in those firms that requires physicalfitness standard level. For example army.
  33. 33. •Coca cola gets data by both manual and onlineapplication form.•They offers different ways to apply for job at theirwebsite•They have a separate department which only dealswith that matters.•This is called Data bank department. Conducted byHRIS of the Coca cola•They have not yet adopted the polygraph, graphology,Bib and other advance sources•Their major focus is on the Background investigation.
  34. 34.  Employment Test◦ An objective and standardized measure of a sampleof behavior that is used to gauge a person’sknowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics(KSAOs) in relation to other individuals.
  35. 35.  Cognitive Ability Tests◦ Aptitude tests Measures of a person’s capacity to learn or acquireskills.◦ Achievement tests Measures of what a person knows or can do right now. Personality and Interest Inventories◦ “Big Five” personality factors: Extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness,neuroticism, openness to experience.
  36. 36.  Physical Ability Tests◦ Must be related to the essential functions of the thejob. Job Knowledge Tests◦ An achievement test that measures a person’s levelof understanding about a particular job. Work Sample Tests◦ Require the applicant to perform tasks that areactually a part of the work required on the job.
  37. 37. •Coca cola conduct various types of tests for differentneeds•First of all they conduct a aptitude test to checkacademic knowledge.•They also conduct the work sample test for technicalseats•The behavioral test comes at end . Conducted only forfinal candidates•A survey show that they conduct about 5 tests for onerecruitment.•Tests are conducted on both region and head quarterlevel
  38. 38.  Nondirective Interview◦ The applicant determines the course of thediscussion, while the interviewer refrains frominfluencing the applicant’s remarks. Structured Interview◦ An interview in which a set of standardizedquestions having an established set of answers isused.
  39. 39.  Situational Interview◦ An interview in which an applicant is given ahypothetical incident and asked how he or shewould respond to it. Behavioral Description Interview (BDI)◦ An interview in which an applicant is askedquestions about what he or she actually did in agiven situation. Panel Interview◦ An interview in which a board of interviewersquestions and observes a single candidate.
  40. 40.  Computer Interview◦ Using a computer program that requires candidatesto answer a series of questions tailored to the job.Answers are compared either with an ideal profileor with profiles developed on the basis of othercandidates’ responses. Video interviews◦ Using video conference technologies to evaluate jobcandidates’ technical abilities, energy level,appearance, and the like before incurring the costsof a face-to-face meeting.
  41. 41.  Coca-Cola does not conduct interviews atregional level. They mostly conduct video interviews whichare basically taken by Head office. However some technical interviews areconducted at regional level. Mostly labor and technical staff are selectedat regional level.
  42. 42.  Selection Considerations:◦ Are individuals to be hired according to their highestpotential or according to the needs of the organization?◦ At what grade or wage level to start the individual?◦ Should selection be for employee- job match, or shouldadvancement potential be considered?◦ Should those not qualified but qualifiable be considered?◦ Should overqualified individuals be considered?◦ What effect will a decision have on meeting affirmativeaction plans and diversity considerations?
  43. 43. “Can Do”______________________________• Knowledge• Skills• Abilities“Will Do”______________________________• Personality• Values• MotivationJob Performance
  44. 44.  Evaluate final candidates against each otherafter you have rated them against the criteriato identify the best candidate based on skills,worker characteristics and organizational fit.Review all your notes and write up yourdecision.
  45. 45.  Call the candidate to make an offer. Inform allother final candidates by phone of theoutcome of the recruitment process. Offer togive them constructive feedback on theinterview
  46. 46.  Msc Statistic from Army collegeKohat 1 Year HR specialization from PU 16 years experience as a HRmanager in army. 6 Month experience as a HRBusiness Associate Admin inCoca Cola Multan Plant PakistanSaad KhanHR BusinessAssociate Adminmsjkhan@ccbpl.comCoca Cola Multan.
  47. 47.  This is concluded from the above mentioned studies that theperformance of the company is nice. Company maintains and managecandidate’s file including maintenance of database to ensurecomprehensive data collection of candidates. Manager said that thecompany spends about 20%-30% o fits total expenditure on recruitmentand selection. It is the fact that Coca-Cola follows recruitment andselection procedure. It basically depends on the post the candidate isapplying for, in most of the cases the company does compensate theemployees for the expenses incurred by them. It can be concluded thatthis company is doing very well in the area of soft drinks if it iscompared with the other competitors