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Photo essay

  1. 1. What the American Farmer Carries… Meg Tanner
  2. 2. Wedding Band’s show that a Farmer has someone else to depend on. This can be important on days when it seems that everything is falling apart, there is not enough money to continue and it just feels like the world is against you. There can be many of these days in agriculture. But when a farmer sees their wedding band, it shows that there is another person there to support, love and help every day. Wedding Band
  3. 3. Halters are the farmer’s way of control. Halters can be found tossed across the barn, in the trunks of cars, tucked in back pocks…anywhere a halter can be placed, the halter will be found. Halter
  4. 4. Sunglasses show the hope for enough sun to bring in hay, fix broken items and help crops grow. Also enjoyed by young animals & farm kids for play. Sunglasses
  5. 5. Farms are passed through generations and generations in the hope of continued farming. This is the family’s income and passion. Family
  6. 6. These pails contain feed, water, nuts/bolts, hopes & dreams. Pails
  7. 7. Farmer’s support America every day, in every way they can. Most farmers will tell you that it is becoming to seem like it is 1% of the population feeding the other 99% with the loss of production farmers as well as farm land. Steel Toed Boots with the American Flag
  8. 8. Needed to produce the crops, to feed the cows, to produce the milk, to create income to feed the farmer’s family. The farmer stares up into the clouds praying for the rain to fall . Rain
  9. 9. Another part of nature that the Farmer depends on. But dirt seeps into every part of the Farmer…in every crease in your hand, every scrap on your knee…every pocket and every piece of clothing the farmer ever owns. Dirt
  10. 10. They stay with us forever. This specific scar is from a chainsaw accident on the farm. This is a daily reminder of what safety is and how important it is. Not to mention, it is a reminder of how lucky people can be when they survive bad situations. Scars
  11. 11. Farmer’s have a lot of pride in what they do, whether it is producing or showing. This is just one cows awards at Rhinebeck Fair in 2009. Flip Flop went on to win Supreme Champion. When judging these cows, the breeders are looking for the most productive cows a farmer can get. Each farm has pride in their animals, and what they do. Pride