Legacy of the west


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Legacy of the west

  1. 1. Legacy Of The West
  2. 2. Mining When gold was discovered in the west hopeful prospectors moved. Most prospectors didn’t make money, but a few people hit is big. The people who made the most money from the gold rush were the company’s that made mining materials. Levis jeans is a good example.
  3. 3. Mining Towns Many mining towns were set up. When people left they turned into ghost towns. Sometimes the ratio of male to female was 9:1. The mining towns were very diverse.
  4. 4. Cowboys Cowboys did not to anything historical to the west but they are a big part of the legacy. This is because there are many movies made about them and they are an iconic figure. There job was to herd the cattle to the railroads. Life on the trail was exhausting. They could be on the trail for a month at a time. Most cowboys only did one drive because it was such a bad job.
  5. 5. Pictures
  6. 6. Railroads The transcontinental railroad changed the United States. It allowed people to move to the west or just take a trip. It connected the two halves of America. It turned a multi-week trip into just a few days. 2 companies built the railroad, the union pacific and the central pacific. The each started at different ends and built toward each other. It opened on May 10th, 1869.
  7. 7. Transcontinental Railroad Images
  8. 8. Farming in the West If you moved to the west you were given 160 acres to live on and farm. Farming was very hard. It was also very boring. Farming is a big gamble because it is all based on the weather. Most farmers didn’t make a lot of money. Just like the gold rush the people that made the most money on farming were the people who made farming tools. A good example id John Deere.
  9. 9. Farms in the West
  10. 10. Populists Populists were people that fought for farmer rights from the government. They wanted the farmers to get benefits and make sure the government wouldn’t take away their land.
  11. 11. Exodusters Exodusters were African Americans that moved to Kansas to escape the KKK and the Jim Crow Laws. They were being treated like second class citizens.