Legacy of the west
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Legacy of the west



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Legacy of the west Legacy of the west Presentation Transcript

  • By Yousef Friedman
  • The West in General   We learned many things about the West from Movies, Books, Television shows, toys and tons more.  In the West they mined for many things, but they loved GOLD, they liked it so much that some people would never get a single gram of gold for years and still try to find some!  They had saloons, Cowboys, Cattle, Whiskey and many other things!
  • Mining   They loved mining, especially the mining for GOLD  The miners would mine for Gold in many different ways, they looked in streams, hills and sometime dug straight into the ground!
  • Cattle!   Cowboys!  Cowboys are usually the first picture that comes to my head when I think about the West, Cowboys were men that would go on month long journeys to get the cattle to the nearest train station to ship them off to meat compounds and markets.  They usually called the cattle big horns or sometimes even bulls.
  • Railroads   Railroads were a key part of life in the West, the only way you could whip the cattle across country would be by Cowboys who then gave them to the railroad stations.  They also helped with getting imports from the major ports into the smaller cities.  Railroads also made great ways to travel if you had a long trip, but sometimes their were train robbers who would take control of the train!
  • Farmers   Farming was another way of making money in the West  In the 1800’s the US Government was giving away over 150 acres of land for FREE to anyone that wanted it, Whites, Blacks and sometimes even Women!  Farmers farmed things such as corn, beans, wheat, barley, oats, field hay, tobacco, field peas, cattle, hogs, and sheep
  • Populists   In the West they had political parties and one major one was called the Populists  Populists were people that wanted the common working man to be helped and they wanted the Government to be more hands on.  The Populist group went away and soon turned into the Democratic political party.
  • Exodusters   Exodusters was a name given to African Americans who moved from the southern states, to the West to escape from the KKK and Jim Crow Laws.  They wanted to have new lives so they bought farm land to farm on, over 20,000 acres in Kansas.
  • Native Americans   Many native Americans lived in the West  The Native Americans that lived in the Great Plains region usually lived in Tipis made out of sticks and Buffalo hide.  Their main priority was Buffalo, they provided clothes, food, shelter, weapons tools and were pretty much the most valuable thing to the Native Americans  There used to be millions of them grazing around in the West until the Government had taken them out with their rifles and usually just let them sit there and rot. After that was over, there was only a couple thousand left!  Sadly, many of them had been pushed out of their land and forced to stay in reservations and sometimes their kids would be taken to go to Indian Boarding schools to learn the ways of an American Man/Woman