Civil War Challenge 2012


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From the class review - hope it helps!

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Civil War Challenge 2012

  2. 2. THE CIVIL WAR CHALLENGE 8 rounds of non-stop challenging excitementabout the greatest event in the history of our nation
  3. 3. Round 1ShortAnswer Fun
  4. 4. Round 1Each group, one at a timeOthers can add at the end30 possible points each
  5. 5. How did the KansasNebraska Act lead to “Bleeding Kansas”??
  6. 6. What did theSupreme Court rule in the Dred Scott Decision?
  7. 7. What happened in the electionof 1860, and why was it important?
  8. 8. What was theConfederate strategy atthe beginning of the war?
  9. 9. What were theborder states,and why were they so important?
  10. 10. What led Abraham Lincoln to issue the EmancipationProclamation?
  11. 11. Why did Lee turn histroops to the North in the summer of 1863?
  12. 12. Why were Gettysburgand Vicksburg the turning point of the war?
  13. 13. Why did many people opposeLincoln and the war in the North?
  14. 14. Round 2Did the Unionwin, or did theConfederacy lose?
  15. 15. Each team gives adifferent reason why the Union won or theConfederacy lost Take notes – it’s a great short answer question! 20 points each
  16. 16. Round 3Name that Battle!
  17. 17. Located in Virginia Confederates were entrenched near the city Burnside resigns after the battlePontoon boats were set up to cross a the Rappahannock Fought in December Fredericksburg
  18. 18. Located in Virginia Confederates divided the army to attack the Union Confederate victory opens the way for another invasion of the NorthJackson accidentally shot by his own troops Chancellorsville
  19. 19. Union victory (sort of) Bloodiest day of the Civil War Lee’s battle plans were foundMcClellan removed of command for hesitatingLed to Emancipation Proclamation Antietam
  20. 20. Union victory Fought in PennsylvaniaLee says “It’s all my fault” Pickett’s Charge Turning point #1Gettysburg
  21. 21. Confederate victory 4 more states secedeLincoln tried to provision ship First shot of the war Fort Sumter
  22. 22. Important strategic location On Mississippi River Fell to Union on July 4 Grant was victorious Turning point #2 Vicksburg
  23. 23. First major battle Legend of Stonewall is born Called Manassas in the SouthLocation of 2 Confederate winsShowed war would not be short Bull Run
  24. 24. Very bloody with high casualties Fought in Tennessee Grant leads Union to victory From the word for “peace” Shiloh
  25. 25. Round 4Odd One Out
  26. 26. ODD ONE OUT Fugitive Slave Act California is a free state Popular sovereignty in west Trans RR through free landThe other three are characteristics of the Comp of 1850
  27. 27. ODD ONE OUT Economic differences Foreign influence Stereotypes Failure of democracyThe other three are reasons for “Why the Civil War”
  28. 28. ODD ONE OUT Antietam Chancellorsville Bull Run FredericksburgThe other three are Confederate victories (and in Virginia)
  29. 29. ODD ONE OUT All men are equal We can’t consecrate this land Punish the SouthKeep pushing to preserve the Union The other three are ideas from the Gettysburg Address
  30. 30. ODD ONE OUT Maryland Delaware Virginia KentuckyThe other three are Border States
  31. 31. ODD ONE OUT Hooker Grant McClellan JacksonThe other three are Union generals
  32. 32. ODD ONE OUT Defensive war Blockade ports Capture Mississippi R. Take RichmondThe other three are parts of the Union strategy at the start of the war
  33. 33. Round 5Home Front T or F
  34. 34. TRUE OR FALSE?The Union government passed an income tax during the war to help pay for the war effort. TRUE
  35. 35. TRUE OR FALSE?Over the course ofthe war, prices rosedramatically in the South TRUE
  36. 36. TRUE OR FALSE?The war had much moreimpact on the Northern home front, compared to the Southern home front. FALS
  37. 37. TRUE OR FALSE? As the war went on, somesoutherners began to oppose the war because of the loss of lives and the fact that most southerners weren’t slaveowners, so they wouldn’t benefit from the war. TRUE
  38. 38. TRUE OR FALSE?The New York draftriots were caused, inpart, by an oppositionto African American labor. TRUE
  39. 39. TRUE OR FALSE? Lincoln facedundivided support in the norththroughout the Civil War. FALS
  40. 40. Round 5MAPS, BABY 10 points each
  41. 41. Gettysburg I Fort H SumterA G Shiloh D E C F VicksburgB March to the Sea
  42. 42. Gettysburg I Fort H SumterA G Shiloh D E C F VicksburgB March to the Sea
  43. 43. Bull Run B Antietam + A D Richmond CWashingtonAppomattox EFredericksburg F Ironclads G H I
  44. 44. Bull Run B Antietam + A D Richmond CWashingtonAppomattox EFredericksburg F Ironclads G H I
  45. 45. A Day 1 D conflict Day 2 Confederate B attacks EF Day 3 Confederate attack C
  46. 46. A Day 1 D conflict Day 2 Confederate B attacks EF Day 3 Confederate attack C
  47. 47. Round 6WHOAM I?
  48. 48. UnionTotal War AtlantaTecumsehWilliam Sherman
  49. 49. VirginiaGeneral Winner atFredericksburgSurrender Robert E. Lee
  50. 50. Expanded power of his officeEmancipationCommander in Chief IllinoisAbrham Lincoln
  51. 51. Vicksburg“Butcher”?“he fights” Future President Ulysses S. Grant
  52. 52. Virginia Great leaderMy arm!StonewallThomas Jackson
  53. 53. Illinois DebatesKS/NE Act Life size imageLittle giantStephen Douglas
  54. 54. Attractive LensesScientific “That’s the scooby do” Schwiets
  55. 55. Round 7
  56. 56. Round 7One person at a time –winner stays
  57. 57. Round 8Quickfacts20 points each
  58. 58. What railroad junction nearRichmond fell to the Union in early 1865? Petersburg
  59. 59. How did theUnion namethe battles?By the nearest river,stream, or landmark
  60. 60. Where was the firstConfederate capital? Montgomery, Alabama
  61. 61. How manysoldiers died inthe war? (within 20,000)? 620,000
  62. 62. The Union victory at what city helped Lincolns re-election in 1864? Atlanta
  63. 63. Which battle had thesecond mostcasualties?Chickamauaga
  64. 64. What city wasprotected byFort Sumter? Charleston
  65. 65. TEST FORMAT Multiple Choice Chronology Who Am I? Short Answer Gettysburg Maps – locate and fill in