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  • 1. Playground Patrol All the things that need done by P2
  • 2. The bottom playground
    • We found litter in the bottom playground.
    • We found horrible gum stuck to the playground floor.
    • There were cobwebs in the bottom shelter.
    • We found graffiti on the walls.
  • 3. Things that we could do
    • We could make signs for the playground.
    • We could wipe the cobwebs off.
    • We could help scrape the chewing gum off the playground floor.
    Please can you put the litter in the bin.
  • 4. In the top playground
    • We found fruit in the in the top playground.
    • We found more litter and more chewing gum.
    • There were weeds on the stairs.
    • Mrs. Bak was scared of the spiders webs!
  • 5. We took photographs of the things we noticed in our playground.
  • 6. P2 cleaners to the rescue!
    • We could use brushes to wipe the cobwebs.
    • If we used gloves we could do some weeding.
    • We could use litter pickers to pick up the litter.
    • We could make signs to encourage people to use the bin and the fruit bins.
  • 7. Ladybird houses
    • In P1 we made ladybird houses.
    • Some canes have fallen out.
    • We could fix them.
  • 8. P2 wish list
    • Paint the shelters blue
    • Repaint the playground games
    • Get some playground equipment for the bottom playground
    • Repair the back of the house
    • Paint the inside of the house
    • Clean Roddy’s plaque
    • Do something to brighten up the wall of the portocabin.
  • 9. We had some ideas to improve the space outside our language room
    • Weed everywhere
    • Clear all the rubbish and dead leaves
    • Clean the bird table
    • Stock the bird table with food and water
    • Plant bulbs on the slope
    • Plant some bulbs in pots