Amustment Parks


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Amustment Parks

  1. 1. Amusement Parks By: Téa Stuit
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction History The rise of amusement parks Amusement parks today Top 5scariest rides in the world photos Bibliography Thanks For Watching
  3. 3. Introduction An amusement park or theme park is a group of entertainment, rides and other events in the location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people. Most amusement parks have a theme such as Disneyland is disney, Sea world is sea creatures and Universal studios is TV shows or movies the the company universal has made.
  4. 4. History Amusement parks evolved from 2 early traditions ........ Periodic fairs and Pleasure gardens The oldest of these traditions was the periodic fair from the middle ages the earliest periodic fair was in England which started in 1133 In these fairs they would usually have things like steam powered carousels, The second influence was the pleasure gardens. the first pleasure garden was Vauxhall Gardens that where founded in London in 1661 At these pleasure gardens they would have things such as hot balloon rides, concerts, fireworks tightropes walkers and much more. these activities would provide amusement, and that is how Amusement parks got there name. After all this amusement parks then got there name and the first park opened that was called Bakken and that opened in 1583 but was not open to the public, it opened to the public in 1766.
  5. 5. The Rise of Amusement Parks In 1953 disney land opened and completely changed the amusement park industry. No longer did guest want a group of rides on a field by a lake, they wanted an entire perfect world to take them out of the real world for one day. following disney land many other parks tried copying it’s ideas “Theme lands” popped up all over the US, however none could match the success of disneyland. 15 years after disneyland, The walt disney company opened its second theme park, Magic kingdom near orlando florida. The park pushed the definition of theme parks even further. Today it is known as Walt Disney world resort with 4 parks, it is the most visited theme park in the world.
  6. 6. Amusement Parks Today The Amusement park industries has lots of options, from large worldwide theme parks such as disney world and universal studios hollywood to small and medium-sized parks such as six flags parks and cedar fair parks. there are Countless smaller parks in many of the states in the U.S. of and in countries around the world. Even simpler theme parks directly aimed at smaller children to have fun such as Legoland. tier are even amusement parks in shopping malls now examples of that are.... West Edmonton mall Alberta Canada..........pier 39 san Francisco.......... and the Mall of America Bloomington Minnesota. Family fun parks started with miniature golf courses but have now begun to grow to include things such as go-carts, bumper carts, bumper boats and water slides. some of those parks have evan grown to include roller coasters to give their traditional amusement park a thrill ride.
  7. 7. top 5 scariest rides in the world 1. Insanity 2. tower of terror 3. kinda ka 4.Fahrenheit 5.Eejananaika, Fuji-Q Highland
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  9. 9. Thanks For Watching!