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Socials Daily Life Project by Rojin

  1. 1. Marriage in Different Culture By Rojin Kangarani
  2. 2. ! Ancient Mesopotamia
  3. 3. Who decided In ancient Mesopotamia, their parents, specially their fathers made the decisions. In the ancient times, girls married at a very young age like 14, because their parents wanted them to. In that time, people, specially girls couldn’t make their own choice, and had to marry some one that they don’t even know or a person that was much older than her. In the past, there was a rule that said princes and princesses should marry a royal person too, not a normal person. Kingdoms did that to became united with the other kingdoms.
  4. 4. How did the wedding look like? In the ancient Mesopotamia the weddings were so different. For example one thing that was different, was that it was not big and beautiful, they were so simple. One thing was the same, was that the bride came in with her father throw the hall. There also was a man or a priest that represented them as husband and wife. In that time there were few guests and they were no bridesmaids didn’t have all the additional things that now we have in Canada, they were so simple.
  5. 5. How their dresses looked like? Women In ancient Mesopotamia, the wedding dresses were so different. For example, women had dresses with lots of jewellery, plus a crown or a tiara on their head. Their dresses were long ,usually cream. On the upper body, the dresses were open on the belly. They had a huge neckless on their neck and lots of tattoos on their body. Also the bottom of the dresses had multiple slashes on their skirt. They also had a long tour cape on the back of their dresses.
  6. 6. How their dresses looked like? Men In ancient Mesopotamia, men really didn’t have a wedding dress. They just wore a normal, clean gown so they looked good. An example is this picture. They had a long gown, that was long through their feet. Also a long cape with sleeve it on their gowns. They also had an arabic hat that was like a fabric with a rope around it, on their head. In total, their dresses were so simple.
  7. 7. Ancient Egypt
  8. 8. Who decided In ancient Egypt, no one could decide for her/himself. The royal kings chose who ever they wanted to marry. Another thing was that, if the husband die, they should kill the woman too! Because they believed that when a person die, that person would have another life, so they kill their wives so they can live with each other. Also when they were getting married, the bride would swore to die, if their husband die. Basically the weddings were harsh and no one could make their own decision decided by couples parents. A few people escaped to marry someone that they loved.
  9. 9. Age and siblings relationships The girls would married at the age between 14 to15, and boys between 17 to 20. They believed that marrying at a young age was better, because you can have more sons. They even had a poem about it: that she may make a son for you while you are youthful" (Instructions of Ani) Most royal Egyptian marriages were with their siblings, like their sisters and brothers, and that was not good. For a long time, investigators though that everyone in Egypt married their siblings, but it turned that it was not true, only royal people did that.
  10. 10. How did the wedding look like? In ancient Egypt, normal people usually didn’t have a wedding or a ceremony, the royals kings and queens usually had that. The normal people just agreed to live with each other and the bride should moved to her husband’s house. They didn’t have a lot of paper work that now we do. The royal weddings were really big, and every one in the city would came to watch. As usual, there was a person that ask the question of marriage from the bride and the groom. They also had a big statue of Set( the god of coyote their weddings, because they believed that he had to agree to that wedding. When the ceremony ended, someone would cut a little spot of their hands, then they would rub it together, and they would swore that they would live with each other forever.
  11. 11. How their dresses looked like? Egyptian’s wedding dresses were a lot different. For example, the royal women had a white gown. On the gown they had a ribbon on their belly. The royal men had a huge belt that was colourful, long with different shapes, that was on their gown. Also there was a cape on their shoulders that also had a ribbon on it, that connected their gown with the cape. On their collar, they had a round shaped, designed fabric that was colourful. On their head, they had a helmet or crowns, that had a rattle snake on it. They had lots of makeups, specially their women. 21st century wedding dresses.
  12. 12. Ancient Rome
  13. 13. Who decided In ancient Rome, people married in different ages. The basic age for men was between 25 to 59 years, and for women was between 20 to 49 years old. In ancient Rome, if you married, you married for a life, because there were no divorces best match for their children, they wanted the best for them. In ancient Rome, marriage was a really important thing and parents really tried hard for their kids. A good thing about Roman marriages, was that they didn’t get married in a young age. Roman people were not allowed to marry their siblings and relatives, even their third or fourth cosine.
  14. 14. How did the wedding look like? In ancient Rome, weddings were a little different. In Rome, couples would decided if they want to have a wedding ceremony or not. Most people didn’t because in Rome, most people married to each other because of their parents, love marriages was less in ancient Rome. The couples that had a ceremony were simple. Like the other weddings, the bride and groom would came to the court, then the ceremony began. They played a classic song for the intro. There was also a man or a priest as husband and wife. There were few guests and they cheered for them. When the ceremony ended, the bride would move to his new husband’s house.
  15. 15. How their dresses looked like? Women Roman’s wedding dresses were so simple. For example in this picture the dress is white and has a blue cape on the back. The capes would usually connected to the gown with a clamp. They had some belts or ropes on their upper body, and it would made them look like thiner. They normally had a headband or a ribbon on their head, they didn’t have crowns and tiaras. They did’t have a lot make up too. Their dresses were so simple.
  16. 16. How their dresses looked like? Men In ancient Rome, men wore gowns too! They usually wore a short cream or white gown that was underneath their knees. They had a thin belt or a rope on their belly. They also had a cape like women dresses, but men’s capes were a little different. They were longer and the cape passed through their chest and their shoulders. Men’s cape also connected with a clamp to the gown. Usually they had a special roman headband that had golden leaves or real flowers on it, that they put it on their head.
  17. 17. Canada
  18. 18. Who decides? In Canada, people marry in a normal age, like between 20 to 40. In Canada, usually people make their own decisions and marry someone that they love. Parents also help their kids to make the right decision person is good enough for their kids or not. In Canada, marriage is much easier and more beautiful, plus most of the marriages are with happiness and love.
  19. 19. Matchmaking In Canada, the man ask the girl will she marry him or not, and give her a ring. If the girl accept, the man will go to his new couple’s home for matchmaking. He will go there with flowers and a cake to get the girl’s parents permission for marriage. If they accept, they will set up a wedding. Before they get married, they became fiancés.
  20. 20. How the wedding look like? In Canada the weddings are really beautiful and glorious. Usually in Canada, the weddings took place in a churches, big halls or in yards and gardens. The couples usually invite their families and their friends. There is a man or a priest that will ask the question that will they accept to be each other’s husband and wife. Then they would answer yes or no. When the wedding starts, the bride will slowly walk throw the hall with his father. While she is getting there, the bridesmaid her dress and cary it through the end. Plus sometimes there are some little kids that throw beautiful flowers behind the bride. When the bride gets to the groom, the groom will take of her tour. When the both couples say yes, they will put the rings in each other’s hands. After that, they will kiss each other. When they got their rings, they will cut their big, white cake and they will put their fingers inside it, then put it in their mouth, I mean the male put it in the female’s mouth and the female do it with male too. After all those, they will have a romantic dance.
  21. 21. How their dresses look like? women In Canada, the wedding dresses are so beautiful, they are usually white. In Canada the dresses are skinny or puffy. An example is this picture. The upper body part is skinny and don’t have bands, plus there are some embroidery with stones. The bottom part of the dress is long and puffy, plus there are some wrinkles on the bottom part too. Most brides have a tour plus a little tiara a flower on their head. They also put small neckless and earrings. In the wedding, the bride also hold a small bouquet of flowers.
  22. 22. Men In Canada, men dresses are usually black suits, with a small flower or a cloth in their chest’s pocket. They were a special type of shirt like a thin vest underneath the coat. They also were a long fancy white shirt underneath the vest. They wear a tie or a ribbon. If they were a tie, the tie will go underneath the vest. Modern Canada’s men wedding dresses are much better and fancier that the ancient cultures. How their dresses look like?
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  24. 24. The End