Children Daily Life: Ancient Civilizations


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An account on the daily life of a child in Canada compared to Ancient Civilizations.

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Children Daily Life: Ancient Civilizations

  1. 1. Ancient Civilization’s Daily Life By: Emma
  2. 2. The Civilizations that I am doing and the topic are… -Mesopotamia -Egypt -Canada -Greece -Aztec And my topic is: Birth and Childhood
  3. 3. Mesopotamian Daily Life A look into the world of a child growing up in the Mesopotamian region.
  4. 4. Birth in Mesopotamia The people in Mesopotamia relied on amulets and prayers for the birth of a child. The pregnant mother of a child would carry with her for days an Amulet to scare away the bad demons that might wan to harm her unborn child. In a household their would often be 3-4 children because many would die at birth or be still-born.
  5. 5. Growing up in Mesopotamia would differ between girls and boys. The boys at a young age would be trained by their fathers to learn the craft or job. Young girls would be taught household ways by their mothers or other female people in the house. Growing up in Mesopotamia
  6. 6. Egyptian Daily Life What was it like to be a child, born in Ancient Egypt?
  7. 7. Birthing is usually done in the household or on the private enclosed roof of the house. Only the rich families in Egypt would be able to afford a doctor so the poorer people would have to make due with a mid-wife. Unfortunately many children would die at birth or a couple of weeks later. Toddlers would often be taken care of by older female relatives in other parts of the house until they grew up, when they would begin to help their parents. Birth and Toddler life
  8. 8. The children of Egypt were treated very well from day to day. They would often wear simple linen clothes and sometimes sandals. Unfortunately most children would die at birth or at a young age because it was not very sanitary in Egypt. Toddlers would often stay with their mothers or other female relatives until they reached an old enough age. Children of Egypt
  9. 9. Girls and Boys Girls When the girls reached the appropriate age they would often be married and would spend the rest of their life taking care of the house. They would then grow to have many children and start the chain all over again. Boys Boys would often take after their fathers and would begin to learn the family job at the age of four. At the age of twelve the boys would have all the hair on their heads shaved off showing their entrance to manhood.
  10. 10. Greece The daily life of a child in Ancient Greece.
  11. 11. In most towns in Ancient Greece the birth of a child, even a girl, was very important. The women of the house would make wreaths to put on the door to announce the arrival and there would be many dances and parties. Though, in Sparta, if the child was not healthy enough they would be killed at birth. Birth in Ancient Greece
  12. 12. If you were growing up in Greece you would often help out your parents in the house unless you had slaves. If you lived in a poor family even as a toddler you would have to help out in the farms. Children in Ancient Greece would often play games and wouldn’t have to do much until they grew up. Growing up
  13. 13. Aztecs The life of a child growing up in the Aztec Period.
  14. 14. When living in the Aztec times birthing was very difficult. A Soothsayer would be called in to tell if the baby was healthy and how special it was. In the Aztec culture parents would love their children very much and cherish them throughout the years. Being born in Mexico
  15. 15. Every child in the Aztec culture was thought to deserve an education. Even girls would be aloud one. Though the education would often change between the different genders. Boys would be taught swordplay, fighting, and general crafts while girls would be taught cooking, cleaning and how to run a house. Sometimes the girls would also be taught a bit of selling and crafting to help provide for their families. Education
  16. 16. Canada What is a daily life for a child like in Canada?
  17. 17. As most people know, a child in Canada is born at a hospital. When the mother is ready, she is taken to the hospital where professional doctors help with the birth. After a couple of days, when the child is deemed ready it is release from the hospital to go home. Toddler life for a child is mostly preschool and staying at home with their families. Birth and Toddler Life
  18. 18. In Canada a child, by law, has to have an education. In Canada there is many different types of schools like private and public. There is also many religious schools that some children will attend. Most children in Canada live in healthy homes and don’t get their first job (not including Referee and Babysitting.) till often the age of 16. That meaning the average child in Canada will live an easy going life. Later life and Education
  19. 19. Overall, I would say the way a child was treated and their daily life hugely differed from which Ancient Civilization they were growing up in. Overall…
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