Ancient religions


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Ancient religions

  1. 1. Ancient Religions
  2. 2. Ancient Egyptian Religion• There are varies types of gods they grow more powerful from depending on who lives there.• Each god is worshipped by a certain city, therefore having different monuments, ways of worship, offerings and gods.• Some gods were worshipped more than others depending on the population of a city.• Each animal has a different meaning. The animals could be used to show the wealth of somebody or to depict a god.
  3. 3. Ancient Egyptian Religion #2• If the pharaoh of Egypt lived in a city that worshipped Horus than that god would be more popular.• Each mortal had to give its “ka” a offering to bring to the mortals god. ( A “ka” is a spirit that transported the offering to the god)• Gods had sacred statues and animals such as the mongoose is sacred to Re the sun god because he fought the evil serpent with it.• Osiris gave ordinary people hope because he had came back to life after he had died which gave people hope after they died.• There were many different gods there was the god of the sky Horus and his evil brother Seth, Thoth the god of wisdom and counting, Khnum the creator God, Hathor the goddess of all women, Ra the sun god, Amun The sun god who is linked to Ra, Anubis the God of mummification, Osiris ruler of the underworld, and Iris the mistress of Magic and wife of Osiris.• An example is the goose is sacred to the god of wind and the monkey shows the wealth of a family
  4. 4. Ancient Greek Religion• Religion is in everything that ancient Egyptians thought were important in life from winning a war or harvesting foods.• Ancient Greek people offered different types of sacrifices at temples.• Ancient Greek people also visited oracles, holy sites and festivals.• They believed in magical powers which were given to you by taking part in ceremonies.• Greeks also thought that when you offered the perfect offering then the mysterious spirits would help you in return.• In Greece the not all celebrations and rituals were joyful, some of them you had to face a terrifying and mysterious ritual if you asked a favour from an obliged god.• All Greeks believed in and prayed to different gods. Some people prayed to Demeter for a bountiful harvest, or Ares for a successful battle.• Greek people had different places to pray at such as shrines, temples, rooms or an altar.• The Greek gods were very big for the Greeks some believed that the took part in everything in their life.
  5. 5. Ancient Greek #2• People prayed for both life and death, but didn’t believe in an afterlife because they didn’t have mummification.• Greeks to apart in offerings and worshipping Greek gods and goddesses• Greeks went to oracles for him/her future or a prediction of their future.• When the oracle spoke the priests interpreted the words from the oracle and told the person or client his or her future.• In Ancient Greece there were multiple gods some more popular than the others for example Zeus the all and mighty god was more talked of then Asclepius the medicine god who worked with priests in special healing areas.
  6. 6. Mesopotamia Religion• Most of the Mesopotamia religion is unknown because the religion was no longer practised and kept so it is also referred to as dead• Mesopotamian religion is thought to have a big impact on Ancient Greek religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Aramean Religion.• Some major deities in Mesopotamian Religion are Anu, Ea, Enlil, Ishta or Astarte, Ashur, Shamash, Shulmanu, Tammuz Sin, and Adad or Hadad,• Some professors claim that Mesopotamian Religion is the oldest type of Religion.• Mesopotamian’s Religion died or passed out about 1700-1600 years ago.
  7. 7. Mesopotamian Religion• Mesopotamian’s built shrines and temples for worshipping their gods.• Mesopotamian’s drew pictures of their gods in caves.• Mesopotamian’s buried their dead in reed mats and in a decorated coffin. Depending if the person was popular or was wealthy they would have a more decoration.
  8. 8. Ancient Rome’s Religion• Romans thought that they were extremely religious people.• The Romans liked to worship gods and goddesses.• Religion was part of Romans daily life each household had a shrine and offering plate for the deities.• Even slaves and children participated in some types of religion.• The Romans were known for the amount of deities they worshipped.• Romans and Greeks had some common Gods/Goddesses.• Romans built temples for deities• Each Roman had a domestic deity to worship in his/her household.• Romans also had domestic Gods to worship.• Romans would put out offerings for the deities and gods.
  9. 9. Ancient Rome’s Religion• Roman gods are Jupiter the king of the sky, Mars god of war, Mercury the messenger god, Neptune the God of the sea, Janus the god of the doorway, Diana goddess of hunting, Vesta Goddess of earth, Minerva Goddess of Healing and wisdom, and Venus Goddess of Love• Each god had a public holiday and people would visit the specific god’s temple.• In the temple the priest would sacrifice a certain animal for this god.• Temples were built all throughout the Roman Empire.• Romans took the entrails of an animal to predict the future and took it very seriously, but some didn’t take it seriously.
  10. 10. Modern Canadian Religion• Canadian religion is very different from some places like Africa’s.• Canada has multiple religions that are practised on its boundaries some are Christianity, Hinduism, Anglican, Baptism and Catholic.• Canada has no official religion because it invites and encourages a variety of religion.• Most Religious people in Canada believe in Christianity.• Canada used to have a lot of native religion which consists of worshipping nature and animistic.• Most Canadians think religion is unimportant and still believe in God.• 27% of Canada’s population does not have a religion.• In Canada there are certain school that have a religious program. They make scheduled times weekly for the practise of a certain religion.
  11. 11. Modern Canadian Religion• Canada is in post-religious times.• Canada is known world wide for acceptance to different religions and cultures.• The large amount of immigration from Asian countries increases the amount of Muslim and Buddhist religion.• Sikhism, Muslim, Buddhism and Christianity are the four main religions in Canada.
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