17.3 t roosevelt network


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17.3 t roosevelt network

  1. 1. Theodore Roosevelt By Jackie White
  2. 2. Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal
  3. 3. Basic Information Born into a wealthy NY family Home schooled by private tutors Suffered from health problems including asthma as a small child Had numerous pets including horses, dogs, cats, & guinea pigs Attended Harvard 1880
  4. 4. Origin of the Teddy Bear  Roosevelt was an avid outdoorsman & hunter.   He once refused to shoot a small bear on a Mississippi hunting trip  The incident led to the origin of the "teddy bear" as a popular childs toy  His bear friend became a common sidekick in many subsequent cartoons.
  5. 5. Drove himself to accomplish demanding physical feats
  6. 6. Avid hunter and outdoorsmen
  7. 7. Political Rise of RooseveltNew York City Police Commissioner 
  8. 8. Political Rise of RooseveltAssistant Secretary of United States Navy 
  9. 9. Political Rise of RooseveltRoosevelt led a volunteer cavalry unit called the Rough Riders
  10. 10. Rough RidersRoosevelt led the Rough Riders to victory during the Spanish  American War Hero battle of San Juan Hill
  11. 11. Political Rise of Roosevelt Became New  York’s governor in  1898 Political Bosses in  NY wanted to get  rid of him
  12. 12. Political Rise of RooseveltNominated him for Vice President of the United States
  13. 13. Political Rise of RooseveltRoosevelt became Pres when McKinley was assassinated
  14. 14. Political Rise of Roosevelt42 years old, youngest president up until that time
  15. 15. President Theodore Roosevelt Reputation for being bold and he was a popular presidentActivist President, used his personality & popularity to advance his  programs Officially gave the White House its formal name 1901
  16. 16. Roosevelt’s Legacy Square Deal was a term used to describe the progressive reforms undertaken by his administration
  17. 17. Roosevelt takes on Big BusinessUpon the assassinationof President McKinley,Roosevelt enteredoffice at a time when thegiants of business like J.P. Morgan and John D.Rockefeller seemed todominate the country. Before long the situationwas radically different. (Note the bear in thecartoon.)
  18. 18. Conservationist President Most people believed America’s resources were endless. Roosevelt made conservation a primary concern National Reclamation Act (Newlands Act)- money from the sale of public lands in West funded large scale irrigation projects, government would manage water in West.
  19. 19. Conservation Gifford Pinchot  John Muir Head of U.S. Forest Service  Advocated complete preservation of the wilderness Professional conservationist Some wilderness areas be preserved while others would be developed for the common good
  20. 20. 1902 Coal Miners Strike 140,000 PA coal miners went on strike Coal reserves ran low Roosevelt called owners and workers to White House to settle dispute Threatened to take over the mines Reputation for president to intervene when strike threatened public welfare
  21. 21. How TR Changed the PresidencyModern president- a model for future presidents believed the president was responsible for the national welfarewhen a strike threatened the public welfare the federal government was expected to interveneexpanded the responsibilities of the president as defined by the Constitutionset the precedent for activist president/federal authorities would intervened in domestic affairs
  22. 22. How TR Changed the Presidency the government should assume control when the states proved incapable of dealing with problems bully pulpit-used the power of the presidency to influence news media and shape legislation believed that some trusts were harmful to the publics interest trust buster-filed 44 anti trust lawsuits under the Sherman Anti Trust Act
  23. 23. Legislation Meat Inspection Act -dictated strict cleanliness requirements for meat packers. Pure Food & Drug Act- halted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called for truth in labeling. Elkins Act- made it illegal for railroad officials to give, and for shippers to receive, rebates for using particular railroads.
  24. 24. Who is the man in the cartoon?What is he holding in his hands?Where are the lions coming from? What do the lions represent?What is the cartoonists  THE LION TAMERmessage?