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Social Networking: Past, Present & Future



Presentation given by Mark Suster at Caltech in October 2010. The topic was: "Social Networking: Past, Present & Future"

Presentation given by Mark Suster at Caltech in October 2010. The topic was: "Social Networking: Past, Present & Future"



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Social Networking: Past, Present & Future Social Networking: Past, Present & Future Presentation Transcript

  • Social Networking Past, Present, Future Mark Suster Caltech MIT Enterprise Forum October 9, 2010 @msuster www.BothSidesofTheTable.com
  • Where Did Social Networking Start?
  • In our debates we tend to focus too much on technology
  • It’s about shared experiences & we’ve replicated this online
  • It’s about meeting people & communicated with those we know
  • Online social networks mirror offline lives
  • It’s about the 6 C’s
    • C ommunications
    • C onnectedness
    • C ommon Experience
    • C ontent
    • C ommerce
    • C ool Experiences (ok, entertainment ;-)
  • It’s why Becomes
  • It’s why Becomes
  • Pre Internet had social networks
  • Pre Internet had social networks
  • Anyone around then will know what one of these was
  • AOL bridges gap between pre-Internet & Internet
  • People advertised “AOL Keywords” not websites AOL Keyword: Swordfish
  • Web 1.0 made it easier to have personal pages on “the web” (e.g. not AOL)
  • And “groups” have been around for ages
    • Mothers’ clubs
    • Church groups
    • Education
  • Social networks have been around for a long time.
    • Usability is better.
    • 3 rd -party platforms.
    • More people are connected.
    But same old shit.
  • And then spam-based social networks began
  • Mostly for professional use / older demo
  • And it was really about extending your network
  • Web 2.0 was born and we evolved online social expression
  • Web 2.0 was born - social contribution Blogging Photos Video
  • Web 2.0 went social - skewed back to youth
  • Facebook launched. Was exclusive
    • Teenage
    • Middle America
    • Scantily Dressed
    • Design chaos
    • Ads galore
    • Not verified
    • Up market
    • University
    • Exclusive
    • Urban elite
    • Clean
    • Ad free
    • Verified
  • It started as .edu
  • And they captured the tech elite
  • They each captured 100m users, who increasingly wanted to share photos / video
  • MySpace Bought PhotoBucket & Google Bought YouTube And MySpace declared war on developers
  • And this guy (22) Schooled this guy (75)
  • He understood software business was different than media business
  • Within a SINGLE YEAR the game was over
  • And Facebook went mainstream
  • And then some !!!
  • And we’re back to advertising non-web pages Brands are spending big & abandoning web pages
  • Social networking then went “open”
    • Asymmetric
    • Public
  • Twitter really is a totally new concept
    • Marketing channel
    • RSS reader
    • Instant messaging
    • Chat Room
    • Data mine
    • Customer service Dept
  • And perhaps “open” went a bit too far Social Spending
  • I think we all know that social is going mobile
  • And people are building platforms to enable this Business Logic Mapping Layer Points of Interest
  • OK, OK But Where are Things Headed Next?
  • 1. Social Graph Becomes Portable
  • 2. We Form Around True Networks Friends Family Business Associates Areas of Interest Networking Dating
  • 2. We Form Around True Networks Friends Family Business Associates Areas of Interest Networking Dating “ I’m coming home for Thanksgiving” “ Check out how wasted we were ;-)” “ Why did you choose MongoDB?” “ I can’t believe we’re working again this weekend  ” “ I love The Decemberists, too!” “ I’m looking for a role as a Director”
  • It’s ridiculous that these are all combined today
  • Example: Quora
  • Example: HackerNews
  • 3. Privacy becomes a bigger concern 3 rd Party App Pictures of your Kids Personal Info Date of Birth You Your Friend
  • 3. Privacy becomes a bigger concern 3 rd Party Apps Can Access @ messages DMs (private) Tweets
  • 4. Social Networking Becoming Pervasive
  • So advertising & content curation are instantly more targetable But most websites don’t know what to do beyond this
  • 5. Third Party Tools (e.g. Meebo Toolbar) Will Bring Social Networks to Websites Twitter / Facebook Chat
  • 5. But Also Bring Social “Features” like sharing
  • 6. Social Networking Will Split into Layers Business Logic EC2 S3 Mgmt Tools Mapping Layers Network Layers Social Graph / Features Open Source Data Totally New Opportunities
  • 7. Social chaos creates new markets Social Support Social SFA Social Analytics Personal Relationship Mgmt Reputation Mgmt / Authority Social Marketing
  • Fuck “Check Ins & Badges” Skate Where the Puck is Going
  • The definition of social networking will cease to exist in the way that we seldom think about Internet companies
  • And for those who wonder if Facebook now IS the Internet, remember ….
  • Plus ça change April 2000 May 2007 Jan 1998
  • It’s why Zuckerberg remains paranoid And why there’s still a dream for those of you who work hard & innovate
  • Social Networking Past, Present, Future Thank you