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6 Customer Service
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6 Customer Service



Published in Business , Education
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  • The wait is the single most important factor in customer satisfaction. Shopping used to be what got shoppers out of the house. Today they are already “out” they want to be in it more.Provide service
  • The wait is the single most important factor in customer satisfaction. Shopping used to be what got shoppers out of the house. Today they are already “out” they want to be in it more.Provide service
  • The wait is the single most important factor in customer satisfaction. Shopping used to be what got shoppers out of the house. Today they are already “out” they want to be in it more.Provide service
  • The wait is the single most important factor in customer satisfaction. Shopping used to be what got shoppers out of the house. Today they are already “out” they want to be in it more.Provide service
  • Single most important factor in customer satisfaction is the wait. Do everything you can do to cut that time down. This may even mean relocating the cash wrap station, so that the first thing people don’t see is a line to check out.
  • “ That sounds too expensive” “ I can understand the price may seem a little high (Respond with a BENENFIT IF YOU ARE SELLING SOMETHING “ But this product is guaranteed for life, so when you take that into consideration, it doesn’t seem so expensive” “ If you are not happy we will give you a refund” 4. ”How does that sound?”


  • 1. Orientation Programme
  • 2. … am I going to the right direction?? Elements of Personality Development
  • 3. Punctuality Dress Code Behavior Customer Service Communication Self Learning Cashiering Marketing Attitude Team Work
  • 4. Punctuality
    • Punctuality means consistently being on time for work and all other appointments.
    Time is money….! How do you spend your time..? How do you waste your time…? How can you utilize time fruitfully in future..?
  • 5. Tips for time management…!
    • Present in the office before time
    • Start early
    • Conscious about Time.
    • Plan your activities
    • Share your job with colleagues only at urgency
    • Take decision quickly
    • Communicate properly
    • Know thoroughly your work
    • Avoid chatting during office hours
    • Don’t waste others’ time
    Do you want to know the value of time…?
    • Dress is the symbol of culture
    • Dress style reflects the personality and characteristics
    • Acceptable to others
    • Reflects the image of your Organization
    • Why Uniforms…?
    • Discipline
    • Feel to be a part of the organization
    • Beauty
    • Confidence
    • Display Identity card
  • 7. Behavior
    • Superiors
    • Colleagues
    • Subordinates
    • Customers
  • 8. “ Customer service is the sum total of what an organisation does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction.” Customer Service
  • 9.
    • A customer is not an outsider to our business. He is a definite part of it.
    • A customer is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it.
    • A customer is doing us a favour by letting us serve him. We are not doing him any favour.
    • A customer is not a cold statistic; he is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own.
    • A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with. He deserves courteous and attentive treatment.
    • A customer is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.
    • A customer brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them properly and profitably - both to him and us.
    • A customer makes it possible to pay our salary, whether we are a driver, plant or office employ
    • - Gandhi
  • 10.
    • Customers are the life-blood of any business so providing great customer service is critically important…
    • … .Customers expect the same quality that you would expect to receive. Keeping the customer satisfied needs to be the goal of everyone in the organization.
  • 11.
    • Know your products.
    • Know your customers
    • Commit to quality service
    • Treat people with courtesy and respect
    • Never argue with a customer.
    • Convenience – Lead to more business.
    • Quick Service.
    Customer Service
  • 12.
    • Always provide what you promise.
    • Don’t promise anything what you are not sure.
    • Make the customer feeling comfortable in your office.
    • Personalize the service.
    • Respect and identify them as soon enter your premises.
    • Assume that customers are telling the truth
    • Don’t argue with the customer
    • Don't leave customers hanging
    • Focus on making customers, not making sales
    Customer Service
  • 13. What Annoys Customers the Most?
  • 14. When we get good service . . . We tell anywhere from 9 to 12 people. WHEN WE RECEIVE POOR SERVICE… WE TELL UP TO 20 PEOPLE!
  • 15. If the service is REALLY poor, 91% of retail customers won’t go back to the service provider!
  • 16. An 82% chance exists that customers will avail service from a company if their complaint is handled quickly and pleasantly
  • 17. Cutting down the “ Wait Time”
  • 18. Greeting Customers That friendly smile seems like a minor detail, but it's enough to make a person seem approachable and personable, and is a great way to convey confidence. Even if you can not assist the customer immediately, eye contact will let the customer know that you are aware that he/she is there.
  • 19. Handling Objections Ignoring an objection will never make it go away. . . Ignoring an objection might make the customer go away! 4 Steps for Handling an Objection 1. Listen to the objection 2. Acknowledge the objection 3. Respond with a positive statement 4. Follow-up with a question
  • 20. … Customer Service
  • 21.
    • A customer you are unfamiliar with, comes into your office where you work in, you...
      • stop what you are doing, smile and acknowledge the person;
      • stare at the person, saying nothing;
      • look up from what you are doing, then go back to it;
    • A "regular" comes into your office, at the same time you are busy with another customers. You...
      • smile an acknowledgement that you'll be there as soon as possible;
      • stare at the customer; s/he's a regular, s/he'll understand;
      • give no sign at all that you saw someone enter and sit down;
    • You are chatting with a co-worker or customer at a service counter and the telephone rings. You...
      • Cease your conversation, pick up the receiver and answer cheerfully;
      • pick up, but continue your current sentence as you lift the receiver;
      • let it ring while you continue your conversation; maybe it will stop;
  • 22.
    • A smile, a friendly "hello", a genuine concern for your customers' needs is what Customer Service is all about. No special training is required, just be nice!
  • 23. C ommunication…?
    • Origin, Media, Receiver
    • Types of Communication
    • Language – Literal and Body.
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Style
    • Confidence
    • Courtesy
    • Be a good listener
  • 24. Communication Skills “ How you say it” is more important than “ what you say ”
  • 25. Telephone Manners
    • Pick up the phone quickly.
    • Start talking professionally while in office.
    • Greet the caller and reveal your office identity.
    • Listen carefully.
    • Softly ask for the callers identity.
    • Reveal your identity
    • Express interest to listen – Talk with smile
    • Caller can read your emotion in your voice.
    • Don’t ask the caller to hold the line for long time
    • Talk with self confidence.
    • Wrong numbers – Don’t shout at them.
    • Help caller to find the correct target.
    • Conclude the call with “ Thanks “
  • 26. Be a “complete” listener Communication Skills
    • Listen first before commenting
    • Give your customer your full attention
    • Sincerely listen…don’t thinking about your next response
    • Summarize your customer’s request to insure you understand
  • 27. Self Learning
    • Initiative ness
    • Attitude
    • Self Motivation
    • Eagerness
  • 28. Cashiering..
    • Discipline
    • Procedure
    • Accuracy & Speed
    • Concentration
    • Presence of mind
    • Vigilant
    • Numerical aptitude
  • 29.
    • Indoor , Cross Selling
    • Outdoor
    • Written Communication
    • Word of Mouth
    • Relationship marketing
    • Telemarketing
  • 30. I can’t ATTITUDE Erase the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary If you find you cannot realistically do what your customer wants, tell him/her what you CAN do and offer alternatives
  • 31.
    • Infrastructure
    • Work Culture
    • Brand Image
  • 32. TEAM WORK
    • Support
    • Co-operation
    • Leadership Skill
    • Planning
    Story of Hare and tortoise
  • 33.
    • Do your job with more perfection and less time….