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Presentatie Pieter Swinkels, KOBO op 07/12/2011 tijdens bijeenkomst presentatie plan van aanpak digitaal platform

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  • But first, let me briefly remind you what the Toronto based Kobo is about
  • we wanted to:
  • It is a David vs. Goliath story, we are a small warrior fighting a giant. And not just one giant…
  • and yet, even against those companies, and against those odds…
  • 3 rd most popular eReading app for the iPhone Also The first ebookstore for the (#)
  • Now, let’s look at Europe. I’m gonna addres a couple of basic issues first, and then talk a little longer about what I see as the main developments and challenges we’re facing in Europe
  • Remarkable how little we know on both sides of the Atlantic about the intricacies of the models used. EXPAND So, we’re amalgating a North American model into a European tradition with a very different perception of for instance margins and ownership of the channel. - Example of Netherlands -Reinventing the sales pitch into a digital environment - Pricing I can illustrate with a table that I lend form my much appreciated colleague Michael Tamblyn
  • What we also see, is that there is no stable price policy yet. Definitely big issue for all of us to learn about -Apart from these basic issues, there is one very basic one that you hear less about:
  • In the past years we’ve seen a complicated, existential debate about control of the digital supply chain. Every EU country had its own version of the debate. Also: extremely protective about local retailers, in many cases keeping out foreign retailers [slide] The big issue begging for attention here is, in my opinion, isn’t the value chain much more important on the long term? Once the Supply chain is commoditized, control doesn’t matter any longer: it’s your position in the value chain that gives you competitive strenght as a publisher. You can call it paradigm or mindset, but this is where we need to embrace the new world of ebooks and this is what pubishers find most difficult to break out off.
  • Two key opportunities for Eu publishers in the changing supply chain. Selling ebooks is a very different sales activity. Once you have the metadata and pricing in place, you still got the reach the reader, and I think Eu publishers don’t fully realize yet how much their world is going to change in that respect. Kobo: Combination of the old bookseller passion with an freakish data driven marketing approach. The tools and resources would make any publishers tear up. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing, and Kobo shares it with publishers and partners.
  • And with that in mind, let ’s get started.
  • And with that in mind, let ’s get started.
  • And with that in mind, let ’s get started.
  • Eu and South America are going to be very interesting ebook markets because, of course, all global ebook retailers start more or less at the same time Some have deeper pockets than others, and others have even deeper pockets again, but The Consumer will decide…, not the the marketing budget. Different consumer experience models ermerging. Amazon: : the club med of the ebook industry, Apple, the device King of the world (but is the Ibook shop a convincing ereading experience?? [2x slide] Kobo gives you freedom to own and take your book anywhere you want, and it’ s the only platform that truly develops ereading and because of its open nature it can be a true partner to publishers and local retailers, and create with them the best reading experience. Thank you.
  • We also start to provide badges and award for certain kinds of reading behaviour.
  • Now, let’s look at Europe. I’m gonna addres a couple of basic issues first, and then talk a little longer about what I see as the main developments and challenges we’re facing in Europe
  • Kobo cb swinkels_dec2011

    1. 3. Pieter Swinkels Director Publisher & Industry Relations @pswinkels
    2. 4. Over Kobo (@kobo)
    3. 5. Onze Missie: Kobo is the freedom to read anytime, on any device and share your reading life with friends everywhere.
    4. 6. Open standaard (boek blijft van jou) Cross platform: Kobo, IOS, Android, Blackberry In de cloud
    5. 7. David vs. Goliat
    6. 8. en toch… na 24 maanden…
    7. 9. 34 000 employees 25 000 employees
    8. 10. Titels uit 25 landen Verkoop eBoeken >100 landen 6 miljoen lezers 2,3 miljoen titels
    9. 11. Kobo in Europa
    10. 12. EU uitdagingen: Models & margins Digitalisering titels Metadata Prijsbeleid
    11. 13. Pricing Weighted by Sales <ul><li>[price points customers are buying at] </li></ul>
    12. 14. country Pricing environment Germany 18-20% discount from print price Netherlands more experimenting: one day for free, then 50% off the next, then 10%. France 20% discount from print price. Some variability in bestseller pricing. Spain Bestsellers average ~34% off print list prices Italy frontlist: average 15% off; backlist: 22%, with a few titles at especially large discount US 45% discount from print price Canada 45% discount from print price UK 43% discount from print price
    13. 15. EU uitdaging (nog even) Focus op de supply chain Welke waarde voegt u toe?
    14. 16. Merchandising (of de kunst van het online verkopen) EU kans #1
    15. 17. Uitgever of retailer? Lokaal, Eu, wereldwijd, of toch lokaal? The merchandizing challenge
    16. 18. De ‘local-global’ uitgever EU kans #2 - > talen
    17. 19. Region Country % Change Africa South Africa 432% Europe Sweden 359% Middle East Kuwait 354% South Asia India 320% Asia Pacific Hong Kong 312% Caribbean Puerto Rico 266% Central America Mexico 230% South America Brazil 180%
    18. 20. De ‘local-global’ uitgever - “ palet ” auteurs, micro-rechtenverkoop EU kans #2 - marketing merk, auteur, titel - > talen - Self publishing
    19. 21. Marktaandeel s elf-publishing?
    20. 22. 7% units
    21. 23. Grootte van 2 x A.W. Bruna
    22. 24. 7% in Noord-Amerika
    23. 25. 10% in Europa
    24. 26. Welke genres in s elf-publishing?
    25. 28. De lezer bepaalt Next, the battle begins… Lezen wordt sociaal ‘ Local – Global’
    26. 29. STRATEGIE Partners behoren tot de kern van onze strategie. BOEKWINKELS Indigo Books & Music REDGroup Retail Swindon Books W.H. Smith Fnac OEMs HTC HP RIM Samsung Acer MerchSource Pandigital TELECOM PARTNERS Bell Mobility 3 (HK) CONSUMENTEN- ELECTRONICA Best Buy Future Shop Walmart Redcoon Mediamarkt Kobo ’ s partner eco-system biedt toegang tot > 100 miljoen consumenten.
    27. 35. GRASS ROOTS MOMENTUM Read On: de leesrevolutie • Voor iedere 10 miljoen minuten leestijd bij Kobo, ondersteunen we een school of instelling naar keuze. Een fonds van $10 miljoen om lezen te bevorderen Join the cause today at www.kobo.com/ReadOn
    28. 36. Het nieuwe lezen: Vox & Pulse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiRxIXytLYQ
    29. 37. Kobo brengt lokale focus met de slagkracht van een wereldspeler de markt - Focus op lezen - Hooggewaardeerde readers, tablet en Apps - Focus op lokale retail - Diversiteit in de markt de lezer - Superieure eReading beleving - Ultieme vrijheid - Zeer gebruikersvriendelijk de uitgever - Samenwerking, geen bedreiging - Delen technologie & data - In staat stellen betere keuzes te maken <ul><li>de partner </li></ul><ul><li>Toonaangevende technologie - Devices, Apps - Investeringsniveau van een wereldspeler - A-merk eBoekplatform & A-merk retailer - Global analytics & lokale expertise </li></ul>
    30. 38. NL komende maanden <ul><li>Eerste NL titels nu in internationale winkel </li></ul><ul><li>NL Apps nu live (mobiel & desktop) </li></ul><ul><li>Kobo Touch reader nu leverbaar </li></ul><ul><li>NL helpdesk reeds live </li></ul><ul><li>Nederlanse storefront begin 2012 </li></ul>
    31. 39. [email_address] | @pswinkels www.kobo.com