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Top 1 O In Intro To Pr

  1. 1. TOP 1O IN INTRO TO PR What I learned in Introduction to Public Relations, from Professor Nixon. By: Mackenzie Stratton
  2. 2. #1: JOB INTERVIEW TIPS  Inclass we discussed several tips that can help give you the perfect job interview. This gave me preparation for future job interviews.
  3. 3. #2: NEWS RELEASES learned the 13 I parts of a News Release, and how important creating a well formed News Release is for the field of PR.
  4. 4. #3: KEEPING UP WITH CURRENT EVENTS I learned the value of  keeping up with current events. We learned how listening to various PR Podcasts, reading PR Sites, and keeping up with Social Medias can help you to keep up in your PR career.
  5. 5. #4: RACE I learned that Public  Relations follows a process called RACE. This process follows four main steps that we learned about more in detail in class and through readings: Research, Action, Communication and Evaluation.
  6. 6. # 5: THE PERFECT RESUME I learned the  importance of keeping up with your Resume. A Resume is an important tool that helps you to get an interview with a potential employer. I was happy to learn the basic elements of a Resume.
  7. 7. #6: MAGAZINE COVER With creating a  magazine cover for class, I learned how to describe my interests to other people. The magazine helped me to learn my talents and forced me to expand my creativity.
  8. 8. #7: ETHICS I learned that many  companies find it essential to have codes of ethics for their employees. I also learned how it important it is to remain ethical when practicing Public Relations.
  9. 9. #8: SOCIAL MEDIAS I learned the value of  using social medias like Twitter and Wordpress. Expressing myself through blogging and social networking are two main ingredients in furthering my career in Public Relations.
  10. 10. #9: PR PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW I learned from my  interview with Meredith Geisler that Public Relations Professionals thrive on the fact that their job is never dull, and there is no typical week. Talking to people who actually are in the field of PR helped to motivate me to work hard in college.
  11. 11. #10: INTERNSHIPS, INTERNSHIPS, INTERNSHIPS I learned how important  gaining experience in college is for an aspiring PR Professional. Getting practice and knowledge in the field before entering the field, can help give a potential candidate a leg up on the others!
  12. 12. CONTACT ME Mackenzie Stratton  Public Relations Major Georgia Southern University For more on any of my Top 10: Blog: Mackenzie Stratton Follow me on Twitter: MLStratton