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  • (including those on social media properties) with appropriate messages and news. This will help start conversations with online franchise influencers who might carry positive news that they become aware of through the agency’s efforts.We recommend a Facebook Fan Page (external) and a Facebook site for Jeff (internal); a Twitter profile to push the news and a blog on Jeff’s Facebook site. (The agency will ghostwrite and include news from the external communications plan.)PMD as a franchise is a relatively new concept in the franchise industry. PMD can develop relationships with these bloggers/tweeters and influence them to carry the PMD message.
  • Pmd case study

    1. 1. PMD public relations<br />A case study in B2B PR 2.0 Issues Management<br />© 2008, m strategies inc.<br />dallas׀chicago׀atlanta<br />
    2. 2. The Problem<br /><ul><li>PMD was moving to a franchise model from a licensee model and had problems on-boarding current licensees
    3. 3. Disgruntled licensees were on a popular franchising discussion board bashing the company
    4. 4. Other than that website, PMD didn’t have a presence online
    5. 5. A new website would not be launched for another month and an SEO strategy was not in place</li></ul>© 2008, m strategies inc.<br />dallas׀chicago׀atlanta<br />
    6. 6. Our Solution<br /><ul><li> Manage PMD’s “Internet Profile” through reputation management
    7. 7. Inundate the Internet with positive news
    8. 8. Support franchise recruitment efforts
    9. 9. Manage issues
    10. 10. Fine tune and articulate finer messages to important audiences
    11. 11. Communicated from within, leveraging a mix on key influencers to carry the message</li></li></ul><li>PMD PR Goals<br />Address false claims by detractors <br />Create confidence and trust among the current licensing organization<br />Protect new franchise owners and alleviate any fears this may have onset<br /> Engage both groups in dialogue to ensure that the company is “back to business” and have not been thwarted by this activity<br />
    12. 12. The PMD PR Strategy<br />Develop an aggressive internal communications plan.<br />Engage “equals” to convey the messages.<br />Reach out to external audiences (including those on social media properties) with appropriate messages and news. This will help start conversations with online franchise influencers who might carry positive news that they become aware of through the agency’s efforts.<br />
    13. 13. Key Tactics<br />Strategy: Develop an aggressive internal communications plan.<br />Tactic 1: Distribute a letter from Jeff to licensees and franchisees to address the detractor issue, inform them that an action plan is being put into place, and provide an update on the franchise transition. <br />Tactic 2: For every external announcement, PMD releases an internal announcement with insights.<br />
    14. 14. Key Tactics<br />Strategy: Engage “equals” to convey the messages.<br />Tactic 1: Leverage the testimonies of PMD Franchisees<br />Tactic 2 : Create a franchisee advisory panel<br />Serve as brand ambassadors and spokespeople on social media properties (i.e., Facebook and Twitter) and in other ways that make sense. <br />Comprised of influential licensees/franchisees<br />Personable and enthusiastic and will receive message training.<br /> <br />
    15. 15. Key Tactics<br />Strategy: Reach out to external audiences<br />Tactic 1: Develop an editorial calendar (and supporting materials) to generate a steady stream of positive coverage to help combat and alleviate negative and untruthful coverage<br />Tactic 2: Become an active and contributing member of franchise social networks, communities, blogs and online platforms. <br />Tactic 3: Craft specific messages and Q&As that address the primary issues<br />Tactic 4: Commission happy dealers-turn-franchisees to post comments on blogs and other sites that make sense. <br />Tactic 5: Leverage company and agency social media channels to disseminate news. <br />Tactic 6: Develop relationships with key franchise bloggers. <br />Tactic 7: Engage SEO key words in all external releases; posts and social media activities.<br /> <br />
    16. 16. RESULTS<br />The agency effectively helped tone down detractors of PMD and its leadership and began “drowning out the noise” with positive news and communicating with PMD franchisees and licensees leveraging key influencers. With a mix of internal communications tactics, PR 2.0 and social media outreach, the agency helped “push” negative search results down in Google search results within the first 30 days of the agency’s engagement with the brand. The first two pages of search results were all positive news regarding PMD.<br />
    17. 17. contact us<br />MSI Dallas HQs<br />208 N. Market St. Suite 375<br />Dallas, Texas 75202<br />214.741.2100 <br />MSI Atlanta<br />400 Perimeter Terrace Northeast<br />Suite 900<br />Atlanta, Georgia 30346<br />770.392.4241<br />On the Interwebs<br />Skype: mstrategiesinc<br />Twitter: @mstrategiesinc<br />Blog:<br />YouTube:<br />Netvibes:<br />© 2009, m strategies inc.<br />dallas׀chicago׀atlanta<br />