Dajuan Persona


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Fictional Persona of a High School Online Learner.

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Dajuan Persona

  1. 1. 1.)An overview of the personas personal characteristics including family and background Daujuan is a very successful and motivated student who holds a 4.25 G.P.A.. He is also a world class Track runner in the 800 M, with a best time in a meet of 1:49:57. This is only 3.12 seconds off the record set in 1996 by Michael Granville who went to high school in California. This athletic skill seems to Persona run in his Dajuan McAdoofamily, as his Uncle Bob McAdoo, played college basketball for the UNC Tarheels, and thenspent 21 years playing for 10 teams in the ABA, NBA, and Italians league.Due to his track and Cross-Country schedule (Yes, he runs cross-Country to stay in shape forWinter and Spring Track), Dajuan must often be on the road at meets. This has twoconsequences. He has to make up a lot of worl all at once when he gets back from a meet, andhe is unable to take several advanced Chemistry classes he would like to explore. Dajuan wantsto attend college at a top notch Chemistry program that will also promote his Track career. Hearrived at a decision to attend Stanford University, which has an excellent ChemistryDepartment, and is ranked #8 in the pre-season 2012 Coaches pole for Track, and #4 for Cross-Country.Daujaun has a desire to earn a degree in Chemistry, attend Medical School, and work as aresearcher to develop treatments for Parkinson’s Disease. This is a passion for him, as it tookthe life of his Grandfather, a WW II veteran, who served as one of his mentors and heroes.
  2. 2. 2.) School characteristicsAs stated above, Dajuan is a very strong student, who has no trouble with self motivation in hisschool work. He has his goal, and is single-minded in his pursuit of it. He is a very strong visuallearner, and says he is actually able to see and do Chemistry problems in his head as he runs fortraining. This combines with his nearly perfect photographic memory to result in an evenstronger grasp of his chosen content. 3.) Motivation for choosing online learning opportunitiesIn order to advance his educational plan, Dajuan has decided to pursue attendance in several AP Chemistry and Physics classes offered through the online education department of his school.He found the information on how to apply for attendance in these classes, and has completedthe application, and submitted this to his school counselor. His athletic talent may be enough toget him into Stanford, but he wants to begin developing the knowledge and skills that will gainhim entrance to Medical School.The only way for him to take these classes, due to his travel athletic schedule, is through theonline schooling option.
  3. 3. 4.) Available technology and technology competencyDajuan has all of the technology of students his age. His parents bought him an ipad, anew Apple Macbook Pro with Retina display. They also bought him an ipad 3 64GB withwifi and cellular. That will allow him to thrive in the online classes. At home they haveVerizon FiOS 300 Mbps download and 65Mbps upload. This allows Dajuan to earn extramoney in his Web design business.