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How Nokia can support you in monitizing by publishing your app in Ovi Store

How Nokia can support you in monitizing by publishing your app in Ovi Store

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  • 1. Ovi Store Merchandizingfor developers and publishers It’s all about:Mikael Stendahl - ScaleServices Sales - EffortNokia Nordics & Baltics - Relevance
  • 2. 165 Million Active Users
  • 3. 250 000 New Signups Every Day
  • 4. over 3.0 Million downloads / day(over 1 Billion/year at constant rate)
  • 5. Billing Integration with 91 Operators Worldwide (3/4 consumers prefer operator billing)
  • 6. Nokia simplifies the offering. Java apps Web apps Native apps Nokia radically focuses its development offering, greatly simplifying life for developers and increasing investment in strategic technology.8 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 7. Ovi Store Device platforms, clarified Phones Smartphones Computers (S40) (Symbian) (MeeGo / Maemo) Basic devices for the Democratizing the Leading the evolution of masses. smartphone. mobile computing Develop Java apps Develop Native Apps (Qt) Develop Native Apps (Qt) Develop Web Apps Develop Web Apps (Qt Web kit & HTML5) (Qt Web kit & HTML5i)9 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 8. 92 Developers with Over 1 Million downloads (from 70 on 1st of October)
  • 9. 1.5 Million Downloads of Nokia QT SDK
  • 10. Ovi App Wizard Ovi App Wizard is a fast, easy and free way to mobilize and monetize your web content (in RSS/Atom format) for Ovi Store • Free to use. No registration fee • Open to all businesses and individuals • No programming skills required • Only takes minutes to create • Apps delivered into Ovi Store within 24 hours of submission • Distribute apps that work on nearly every Nokia handset to millions through Nokia’s Ovi Store http://appwizard.ovi.com15 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 11. Ovi Publish Benefits of publishing in Ovi Store • Easy access to a single sales channel reaching millions of consumers around the world • Monetize your applications and content with Nokia-provided credit card and operator billing • Rewarding 60-70% developer revenue share depending on payment method • Fast time-to-market via Ovi Publish site • Sales and usage reports, updated daily • Liberal content validations and quality assurance procedures make it easy to get your products to market Only 1€ Signup Fee http://publish.ovi.com16 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 12. Ovi Store Recommended section • Nokia will promote relevant local apps on Ovi Store, main section (Recommended). • 10 positions, out of 30, on the main Ovi Store view are managed by Nokia Nordic team for promotion of locally relevant apps on a weekly basis.17 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 13. topApps• Nokia will preinstall an applicationcalled topApps on all our upcomingdevices in the Nordic & Baltic region.• Added to the Home Screen to helpconsumers keep in touch on the hottestdownloads every day!• Nokia Nordic team will add locallyrelevant apps to topApps, on monthlybasis.• This is a great opportunity tosecure the distribution of your appsto already engaged consumers.18 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 14. Ovi Store marketing Nokia.local pages • Promo banners on nokia.local main pages on a rolling basis for OVI Store and local apps. XML based banner showing relevant content to Danish users. Note that this XML feed will be used by external partners as well (operators,…) = more visibility for your apps Fixed banners19 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 15. Ovi Store marketingATL/BTL campaigns • Nokia will continue to do large 360 ATL/BTL campaigns with Ovi Store being the key service promoted. • The campaigns will include local content. • Examples: - OVI Store TV spots inc local apps - Retail / POS materials inc local apps - BTL materials including local apps20 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 16. Expanding Monetization and Merchandizing Opportunities New Features In-App Advertising
  • 17. Case Study – Liquid Air Lab Radio App Success Story22 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 18. Nokia Nordic Blog for developers http://blogs.nokia.com/nordicblog - Twitter tag #nokiadev News, competitions, contact info, event calendar23 © 2010 Nokia, Mikael Stendahl
  • 19. Our Developer Story is Gaining Momentum
  • 20. Thank You Ovi Publish Support PublishToOvi.Support@nokia.com Sales & Marketing Support mikael.stendahl@nokia.com @mstendah in Twitter Developer Support – Forum Nokia gian-luca.cioletti@nokia.com