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Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
Phoenix coyotes
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Phoenix coyotes


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  • 1. Phoenix Coyotes Matt Stanley
  • 2. The team
    • The Phoenix Coyotes are an NHL team currently playing out of the Pacific division of the Western Conference.
    • The team has struggled since it joined the league in 1979 as the Winnipeg Jets and has continued to struggle since moving to Arizona in May of 1995.
  • 3. Reasons to rebrand
    • There are many reasons to rebrand the Phoenix Coyotes. The first is the low attendance figures, the team has been in the bottom of the attendance rankings each year.
    • In addition to a small fan base, the team is bankrupt and currently being operated by the NHL.
    • With a small fan base and low performance on the ice, the obvious decision is to rebrand the team.
  • 4. How to rebrand
    • The team will be rebranded under a new name, logo, uniforms, and fundamentals.
    • The Phoenix Coyotes will now be known as the Arizona Coyotes in order to reach a larger target area.
    • The team will be built on the fundamentals of hard work, dedication, and commitment.
  • 5. New Logo
  • 6. Demographics
    • The team will be advertised to the entire state of Arizona, but mainly the areas of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Mesa City.
    • Population: Glendale- 253,209, Phoenix-1,593,659, Scottsdale-237,844, Mesa City- 467,157.
    • The median household income is $41,930
    • Unemployment is 9.4%
    • CPI for food and energy is up 1% since January of 2010
    • Employment for the area is around 1,763,410 jobs.
  • 7. Primary Target market
    • Ages 16 to 25 of either sex, but more typically males.
    • Parents hold an annual income of around $40,000
    • Older half of the target market have an annual income of around $35,000.
    • This is the target market because these fans are young and will be coming to the games for a long time.
  • 8. Secondary target market
    • The secondary target market is the fans who have stayed loyal to team since it began.
    • They are typically males 30 to 40 with an annual income of around $40,000.
    • These fans have been supporting the team since the move to Phoenix from Winnipeg.
  • 9. prices
    • Season tickets shall range from $350 to $10,500.
    • Single game tickets shall be around $25 on average.
    • Lowering ticket prices will attract more fans because they will be able to afford to go to the games.
  • 10. promotions
    • The team will be running new state-wide internet and television ads. These ads will feature our players and other aspects of the team.
    • The internet ad will some in the form of banners or pop-ups. When clicked on, the customer will be given the option to complete a survey. Once completed, the survey will give customers discounts on merchandise and tickets.
  • 11. Promotions (cont.)
    • In addition to these new internet and television ad campaigns, the team will also be teaming up with McDonalds.
    • When the customer makes a purchase at any Arizona McDonalds, they will be able to redeem their receipt to earn team points. These points can be used to buy merchandise or tickets.
  • 12. Reasons for success
    • This rebranding will succeed because it will give the team a new identity. This new identity will attract a new generation of fans from a larger target area. Rebranding the team is the only way the Phoenix Coyotes can become one of the league’s elite teams.