School admin fees collection software


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school fees collection software fee payment steps from MarvelSoft. collect all types of fees, generate defaulters list, send sms due alerts etc.,

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School admin fees collection software

  1. 1. MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin - FEE PAYMENT STEPS1. Assigning Installment/Total Fee and Transport Fee Slab to StudentsBefore you can collect student fees from Fee payment menu you must assign fee andtransport slabs to students. Follow the below steps to assign fees to students. 1. Assign Fee Slabs to Students from Students Information Menu. a. Click on Student Information and then Student Slabs menu item to go to Student Fee and Transport slab’s assignment page.MarvelSoft, Bangalore. Email: 1
  2. 2. 2. As per Student fee structure – select the corresponding Fee slab and Transport slab and click on Update button at the bottom of the Screen, you need to Scroll down the page. Note: If you do not assign Fee slab and Transport slab’s to Students no free groups will not be displayed for students in Fee Payment menu and you will not be able to make any fee payments. Once you click on Student Slabs in previous step, you will be take to the below page. Select Class and Section to assign fee and transport slabs for entire class.MarvelSoft, Bangalore. Email: 2
  3. 3. 2. Collect fees from students/parents - Fee Payment 1. To go to fee payment page go to Admin Master Menu at the top right menu as shown below. 2. Select the Class, Section and Student Name from the find student menu. Also if you have the student Id or Admission number directly enter and click on Find. 3. Select Fee Group – it will only be shown if the Students are assigned fee slabs from student slabs menu.MarvelSoft, Bangalore. Email: 3
  4. 4. After you select the fee group (INSTALLMENT, TOTAL or BUS) from the previous step, the fees belonging to that group will be displayed as below. Click on the Pay Fee button to complete the fee payment for that particular student. To print the receipt click on Receipt print icon. It generates a pdf document which you can print and issue as receipt. Then click on close button to close the print window. Repeat the same steps for other students.MarvelSoft, Bangalore. Email: 4
  5. 5. 3. To check student fee payment details or to delete wrong fee payments- Fee payment details menu To check the fee payment details of the given student or at a class level go to Fee Payment details menu which is found in Admin Master Menu, just below fee payment. To delete the fee payment record if there is any error during fee payment click on delete icon for the displayed record as below. Delete privilege is only given to admin. Cashier can not delete fee payment records.MarvelSoft, Bangalore. Email: 5