Wan miana model itu


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How a small village is developing with the helping of ICT4D

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Wan miana model itu

  1. 1. WELCOME TO WAN MIANA MODEL Muhammad Saleem Ahmad Ranjha
  2. 2. OUTLINE Introduction Sustainable Agriculture Akhuwat Micro Finance Kawish Schools, RTMC and Solar Energy POBT Eye Treatment Biogas & RSPN Al-khidmat E- Village Universities interaction
  3. 3. LOCATION
  4. 4. BASIC FACTS 15 KMs from Kot Momin on Motorway Population around three thousands Citrus Growing Area Six hundreds years old Mosque built during Sher Shah Suri Visited by Dignitaries and Diplomats
  5. 5. AKHUWAT PRINCIPLES www.akhuwat.org.pk Concept of Muwakhat Through interest free micro finance Qarz I Hasna Use of religious place Volunteerism Making donor a borrower
  6. 6. AKHUWAT Started with 10,000 9 Billion, 570,000 families 280 branches 99.85% recovery Started in 2009 Wan Miana 25 M 1400 beneficiaries Kot Momin 30 M 1600 Beneficiaries
  7. 7. KAWISH INTERVENTIONS http://www.kawish-welfare-trust.org/ 6 one room ,one teacher schools Total students 200,  Free education, free Books Solar systems installed IT connectivity Entrepreneurial investment for enterprise through teachers for agricultural products from May 2014
  8. 8. KAWISH RTMC 8 Rural Telemedicine Centres 400-500 Patients treated per month Three Hours daily services Linked with Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore 50 plus replication by the end of year Linkages with KEMC
  9. 9. POBT www.pobtrust.org INGO working in 20 countries 5 Free Eye camps alongwith stay and food 500+ laser eye operations 2000+outdoor treatment
  10. 10. SOLAR ENERGY 6 schools solar powered Mosque Rural Tele Medicine Centre RMTC Family house solar powered Interest free loans for solar Akhuwat HQ building on solar
  11. 11. BIOGAS Running in homes, factories, and cold storages Provides gas, electricity and organic fertilizers. Ideal combination with Dairy based agriculture Started in 2011
  12. 12. RSPN & PUNJAB GOVERNMENT www.rspn.org 5000 plus Domestic Biogas plants Akhuwat as MF partners Punjab Govt Biogas project 100,000 Tubewells 9 B Subsidy over 5 years 30 Billion annual savings of Diesel Carbon Creditting and Bio Slurry
  13. 13. AL-KHIDMAT SCHOOL www.al-khidmatfoundation.org involved in disaster management, health, education, community services, orphan program, clean water and rozgar program 300 plus schools One school for 70 female students along with provision of free books
  14. 14. CONNECTIVITY Mobile networks PTCL Broadband Internet RTMC established in April www.nimss.edu.pk ILTES & Training of Paramedics in future
  15. 15. E-VILLAGE www.evillage.net.pk  includes delivery of services and goods to the rural areas. Includes e-agriculture, e-commerce, e-health, e-governance, e-learning It can operate without internet Already working in 150 villages
  16. 16. SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE University of Florida-Dr. George Hochmuth Food Insecurity and need for more production -How to increase Production? Balancing the Agriculture Profitability - -How to manage nutrient inputs? -How to improve the irrigation management? Saving Environment for our future Generations -How to save the Environment?
  17. 17. UNIVERSITIES INTERACTION University of Agriculture Faisalabad -for improvement of citrus quality University of Sargodha -citrus productivity -Development of mobile apps -Social impact assesment ITU university -Development of mobile apps -SMS services -RTMC
  18. 18. Lets work together to replicate every village of Pakistan as WAN MIANA
  19. 19. Thanks for your support