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  • Other schools included Robert R. Gray, Columbia Park, Tulip Grove, Glendarden Woods. I also worked at John Carroll as a secretary and camp counselor.
  • All children are capable of learning. But in order to promote students success, they need to have the right of choices.I also believe in collaborating with other teachers to learn new ideas and share resources. Class management and parental involvement will determine if it will be a productive school year.
  • Objective:
  • Objective:
  • The Bulletin Boardscoincided with the Welcome to School Theme. These were our students first time being in school.
  • Literactive.com and UnitedStreaming.com
  • Gain students strengths and weaknesses.
  • Oral Motor help students pronounce sound. They practice tongue exercises.
  • Learning about the 5 senses. Identifying the parts of Mr. Potatoe head
  • The wall was full of different textures such as soft, hard, bumpy, and smooth. I also have to use my nose to guess the smells of different foods in the bag. There were onions, cheetos, cinnamon, lemon, etc.
  • The students run through the maze to find scarecrows. Then they pick baby pumpkins to take home. They also hear a story about the Pumpkin Patch.
  • Very involved student teacher.
  • My Mentor Teacher Mrs. Barton, some parents, and I connect on a professional and personal level. I can tell the students really enjoyed having me as a student teacher. In my spare time I go back to the school to visit the students and teachers.
  • We were given a prop and put into groups to make up some propriceptive and vestibular activities. We used the blanket as a parachute.
  • Multi task, patient, confident


  • 1. My Journey to Becoming an Effective Educator
    By Talecia Stephens
    “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. ~Abraham Lincoln
  • 2. Table of Contents
    All About Me
    Academic Scholar
    Knowledge of Subject Matter
    Effective Practitioner
    Technological Applications
    Multiple Assessments
    Multicultural and Global Perspective
    Special Populations Perspective
    Reflective Practitioner
    Field Based Experience
    Professional Dispositions
    Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives
    Future Plans
  • 3. All About Me
    22 years old
    Top 10 percentile at BSU
    Spontaneous, Sociable, and Outgoing
    5 yrs of Teaching Experience
    Love teaching and interacting with young children
    Love Math and Technology
  • 4. My Experience
    North View Elementary School
    Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Woods
    Pre- K
    22 students
    Chapel Forge Special Center
    Mr. John and Ms. Nina
    3 year olds
    AM class – 4-6 students
    PM class – 7 students
    Autism, Developmental Delay and Speech Delay
  • 5. Mrs. Barton’s Pre-K Class Phase I
  • 6. Mr. John’s 3 yr old AM ClassPhase II
  • 7. Mr. John’s 3 yr old PM ClassPhase II
  • 8. Academic Scholar
    Knowledge of Subject Matter
  • 9. Knowledge of Subject Matter Teaching Philosophy
    Align assessments with the objectives and lessons
  • 10. Knowledge of Subject MatterPraxis Scores
    Praxis I: 528
    Praxis II: EC 164/174 SPED 319
  • 11. Knowledge of Subject Matter Transcript
  • 12. Reflection
    Be a hard worker and the same characteristics should shine through your students.
    Modeling is the most effective way to influence students’ behaviors.
    Be as non biases as possible. My purpose is to only address the needs of my students and their success.
    Promote intrinsic motivation so students will feel good about their grades vs. trying to gain a reward.
    Learn from my students as they learn from me.
    “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work”. ~Sister Mary Lauretta
  • 13. Academic Scholar
    Effective Practitioner
  • 14. Effective PractitionerLesson Plan
    The Great Shape Hunt
  • 15. Effective Practitioner Unit Plan
    Theme: Welcome to School
  • 16. Effective PractitionerBulletin Boards
    These bulletin boards were created to help students identify their peers, staff and faculty members.
  • 17. Effective PractitionerCreative Activities
  • 18. Reflection
    Build Strong Relationship with your students
    Bulletin Boards
    Helped me learn about my students
    Helped students learn about their peers
    Helped student learn about who works to support their learning
    Fostered a sense of “safe environment” and “belonging”
    Make learning fun.
    Teach through different modalities.
    Being enthusiastic and creative really motivates the students for learning.
    Create a positive and safe environment for students.
    Establish clear rules and consequences.
    Create eye-catching and purposeful bulletin boards and lessons.
  • 19. Academic Scholar
    Technological Applications
  • 20. Technological Applications Starfall
    The students were on computers daily during center time.
    The website starfall.com teaches reading and makes learning fun.
    The website includes exciting phonics games and online interactive books.
  • 21. Technological Applications Library
    Our class went to the library each Wednesday to play interactive games with Mr. Krainer.
    They learned Math and Reading Skills.
    They also checked out new books each week.
    If you want to trick a child into learning, then give them access to technology.
    ~Talecia Stephens
  • 22. Technological Applications Smart Board/ Interactive Board
    Review our lessons
    Play games
    Sing songs
  • 23. Technological ApplicationsTech/Talk
    Helped non-verbal students to communicate.
    Used tech/talk with the story “Too Much Noise”
    Used to help students identify animals’ sounds in the story.
  • 24. More Pictures of Technology
  • 25. Reflection
    Expose students to authentic experiences.
    Make any lesson fun by simply adding technology.
    Use a variety of technology tools to enhance instruction.
    Help students become technologically savvy so they will be good researchers in the future.
  • 26. Academic Scholar
    Multiple Forms of Assessments
  • 27. Multiple Forms of AssessmentShape Recognition
  • 28. Multiple Forms of AssessmentBook and Print Awareness Checklist
  • 29. Multiple Forms of AssessmentNumber Knowledge
  • 30. Multiple Forms of AssessmentAction Research (Summative)
  • 31. Reflection
    Assessment information is used to plan meaningful learning experiences.
    It is a great tool when used properly. It should be paired with instruction to help students build upon weaknesses.
    It also determines what objectives need to be met.
  • 32. Academic Scholar
    Multicultural and Global Perspective
  • 33. Multicultural and Global Perspective
    October is Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • 34. Multicultural and Global Perspective Pennies for Peace
  • 35. Literacy & Informational Evening for ESL Families
  • 36. Multicultural and Global Perspective Language Diversity
  • 37. Reflection
    Learn students’ background: their learning styles and abilities
    Hispanic Heritage Month
    Pennies for Peace
    Language Diversity
    As a teacher, I will make all students feel worthy regardless of gender, socio-economic status, culture, and/ or disability.
  • 38. Academic Scholar
    Special Population Perspective
  • 39. Special Population PerspectiveOral Motor
  • 40. Special Population PerspectivePDS Clinic
    5yrs old/ Kindergarten
    Loves Cars and Dinosaurs
    Reads Level 2 books and self-corrects
    Knows all 30 of his sight words
    Knows all upper and lower Case letters
    Is more encouraged to read
  • 41. Add Special POP Motor ?
  • 42. Reflection
    Only provide support when necessary.
    Accommodations that I learned to apply to my lessons are prompting, using visual aids such as PCS, and giving additional wait time.
  • 43. Reflective Practitioner
    Field Base Experience
  • 44. Field Base ExperiencesMentor Teacher Opinionnaire
    My Field Base Experience has made me a more confident and assertive person. I had positive interact with parents, students, and teachers. I have also become more patience. I believe in learning from my mistakes. I reflect daily to find ways to improve myself. Mrs. Shaw says I am very conscientious.
  • 45. Field Base ExperiencesSummative Evaluation
  • 46. Field Base ExperiencesComments from Mrs. Caldwell
  • 47. Sibling’s Night at Chapel Forge
    Identifying parts of the body
  • 48. Sibling’s Night
  • 49. Field Trip at the Pumpkin Patch
  • 50. Field Trip
  • 51. Reflection
    I believe in collaborating to learn new ideas such as effective strategies
    There is always room for improve. I will continue to raise expectations for myself.
    We have to pick and choose our battles.
    Avoid Conflicts
  • 52. Professional Dispositions
    Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives
  • 53. Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives
    My Last Day at Northview
  • 54. Personal and Interpersonal PerspectivesParent & Student Comments
  • 55. Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives
  • 56. Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives
  • 57. Personal and Interpersonal Perspectives Letter Of Recommendation
  • 58. Inquiry Group
    Good Teaching Strategies
    Have a passion
    Use Practical Applications
    Explain to students why they learn a certain topic
    Ask for Resource
  • 59. ACT Meeting
    November 12, 2009
    Discuss The Hidden Senses
  • 60. Reflection
    Build good reputation with parents colleagues, and students.
    Stay updated on new educational research and techniques.
  • 61. Risk Watch Day
    Community Helpers
    School Bus Driver
    Ambulance Paramedic
  • 62. Fall Parade
    We were scarecrows
  • 63. Future Plans
    Write children’s books
    Teach Pre- K
    Earn my Masters in Teaching
    Join Social Committee
    After teaching, I want to become a Counselor
  • 64. The End