Children's Choice Reading List


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2012 Children's Choice Reading List for grade 5 and 6

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Children's Choice Reading List

  1. 1. Choices Reading ListsEach year, thousands of children, young adults, teachers, and librarians around the UnitedStates select their favorite recently published books for the “Choices” reading lists. These listsare used in classrooms, libraries, and homes to help young readers find books they will enjoy.The annotated and reading lists of titles and authors of Choices selections for the current yearare made available in April, just before the Association’s annual convention and are availablefor free download. Check individual Choices programs below for details.Children’s Choices is cosponsored by the Children’s Book Council. The list includes briefreviews of approximately 100 titles, each of which has been recommended by childrenthemselves.Children’s Choices Reading List A reading list with a twist! Children themselves evaluate the books andwrite reviews of their favorites. Since 1974, Children’s Choices have been a trusted source ofbook recommendations used by teachers, librarians, parents—and children themselves.The project is cosponsored by IRA and the Children’s Book Council.
  2. 2. *Bad IslandDoug TenNapel. Graphix.In this adventurous graphic novel, Reese unwillinglygoes on a family vacation. When the family isshipwrecked on an island, they must survive analien creature stalking them. Young readers will bespellbound with the graphics and storyline.
  3. 3. BONE: Quest for the SparkTom Sniegoski. Ill. by Jeff Smith. Graphix.A new adventure for Percival Bone and his nephewand niece. A new hero, Tom Elm, must battle theinsidious evil and save the world in this fast-pacedgraphic novel.
  4. 4. Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not ReadingTommy Greenwald. Ill. by J.P. Coovert. RoaringBrook.Charlie Joe Jackson hates reading. Charlie Joe mighthave met his match with a book he might like. Thehumorous rules and woes of Charlie make readingthis novel fun. The theme resonates with manyrecalcitrant male readers.
  5. 5. Dork Diaries 3: Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop StarRachel Renée Russell. Aladdin.Young girls will gravitate to Nikki Maxwell’sdilemmas of environmental lip gloss and majorcrush-itis. The graphic novel brings to life all the girldrama and secrets along with typical school-girlmisunderstandings and mishaps that can occur inschool.
  6. 6. *Okay for NowGary D. Schmidt. Clarion.Children connect to the main character in this bookbecause of his far-from-perfect life. The realisticsituations of this character become an instant hitwith readers.
  7. 7. Quarterback SeasonFred Bowen. Peachtree.A clever boy-focused story about middle-grade Mattplaying for a football team. The story is cleverbecause it integrates the trials of playing a sportthrough a boy’s journal and e-mail messages.Football is the hook, and the journal providesauthenticity.
  8. 8. *Racing in the Rain: My Life as a DogGarth Stein. HarperCollins.The family struggles of a race car driver aredescribed by his caring dog, Enzo. An insightfulstory that touches on separation, love, hope, death,and rebirth.
  9. 9. Stir It Up: A NovelRamin Ganeshram. Scholastic.Anjali wants to win the Super Chef Kid’s contest, buther audition is at the same time as her high schoolentrance exam. The story recounts her success,dishonesty, and disappointment while highlightingher family’s passion for Caribbean cooking and theireventual recognition of her true gift.
  10. 10. TenLauren Myracle. Dutton Juvenile.This story is a prequel to the Winnie Perry seriesand follows month through month of Winnie’s lastyear in elementary school. The narrative is playfuland witty and will draw all Winnie Perry fans.
  11. 11. The UnwantedsLisa McMann. Aladdin.Twins Alex and Aaron live in the fantasy world of Quill wherechildren are divided into the wanted, who go to college, andunwanteds, who are artistic. Aaron is declared a wanted whileAlex suffers the fate of being an unwanted.
  12. 12. Worst-Case Scenario: Survive-o-Pedia Junior EditionDavid Borgenicht. Ill. by Chuck Gonzales. Chronicle.More than 60 hair-raising scenarios are presented in this book.Each scenario provides no-nonsense factual characteristics of thescenario along with useful how to steps to survive, avoid, or findhelp when faced with a potential crisis.