It's a phone! It's a computer! No, it's mobile learning!


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It's a phone! It's a computer! No, it's mobile learning!

  1. 1. It’s a phone ! It’s a computer ! No, it’s mobile learning!Michael M. Grant, PhD
  2. 2. Don’t know what to do with that square thingy? Just wait. Download the slides & resources from this URL.
  3. 3. Michael M. Grant The University of South Carolina @michaelmgrant
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Educational Technology 3  Programs  to  choose   •  Masters   •  EdD  in  Curriculum  &   Instruc4on   •  Add-­‐on  Online  Teaching   endorsement   Leverage  for  careers  as…   •  School  &  district   technology  integra4on   specialists   •  Instruc4onal  designer  in   corporate  &  higher  ed   •  Curriculum  developers   •  Trainers   •  eLearning  &  online   course  developers 100% Online Contact  Dr.  Michael  M.  Grant    |  
  6. 6. Video from
  7. 7. Polls, Phones & Pods
  8. 8. Greeley’s quotation is associated with which of these? Go west, young man, and grow up with the country. —Horace Greeley Hints Toward Reform Greeley’s quotation is associated with which of these? A Farmers Alliance B Populist Party C Manifest Destiny D Temperance movement CSH00075 ᮀ71 By the mid-1800s, California was being settled mostly by people in search of A jobs in industrial cities. Te in law we The q ninet A t B M C i D t ᮀ73 The I thous Farmers Alliance Populist Party Manifest Destiny Temperance movement
  9. 9. 40 Responses for free now, but…
  10. 10. What did you notice from listening to the poem? “Poem in October” Dylan Thomas Audio recording from
  11. 11. Phonecasting with iPadio
  12. 12. Phonecasting with AudioBoom
  13. 13. Using Google Voice Video from
  14. 14. Managing the Cellphone Classroom by Lisa Nielsen
  15. 15. 1.  Upon entry and departure of class, please ensure cell phones are turned off and stored in your backpack. 2.  On days when we are using cell phones for learning, please ensure they are set to silent. 3.  Only use phones for learning purposes related to classwork. 4.  When phones are not in use on a day we are using cells for learning place them face down on the upper right side of your desk. 5.  If you notice someone in the class using their cell phone inappropriately, remind them to use proper cell phone etiquette. 6.  If at any time your teacher feels you are not using your cell phone for class work you will be asked to place your phone in the bin in the front of the room with a post-it indicating your name and class. •  After the first infraction each month you can collect your phone at the end of class. •  After the second infraction you can collect your phone at the end of the day. •  After the third infraction your parent or guardian will be asked to retrieve your phone. If you use the phone inappropriately again during the month your parent or guardian will be required to retrieve your phone. •  At the beginning of each month, you have a clean slate. Classroom Management FromLisaNielsenat
  16. 16. Using QR Codes
  17. 17. To scan, you need a QR code reader. AndroidiOS
  18. 18. QR codes every day Michael M. Grant 2012
  19. 19. Let’s try it out!
  20. 20. On your tablet/ smartphone, launch Qrafter or Quickmark.
  21. 21. Now, position the iPad camera over the QR code.