Lottery day 2
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Lottery day 2 Lottery day 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Gavin Dameo Chaneli Dyian n David Julian Terae n Nolan First period Genesi s Nick Chester Diana Alexus Katheri ne Kristina Blanca Bryan Mia Jordan Lidia Bernice Uriel Robert Bich VaughnMs. Popp’s Desk Whiteboard Door
  • Second Terranc Terae Enrique Ki’mon period Jimmy e Alvaro Taylier Tiara a Antonio Coley Crissy Kayla Jessica Pierre Blake Gavin Jose Tabath Mari’Ya Timothy a Joel Jasmin e Ireon Chris Takoda Edrian Da’ja DuaneMs. Popp’s Desk Whiteboard Door
  • Shanik Edwin Willie a Derek Karline Aaliyah Third period Stepha ny Jyron Elexus Jessica TJ Tremon Daisjan e ae Vo’joun Claude Hien Janae Taylor Mike Autumn Julio Cody Jasmyn Freddy Erika Josh TommyMs. Popp’s Desk Whiteboard Door
  • Lilibeth Aida Marlett Alice Zach Lionel DevinFifth Josue period Philip Janika Sarah Tan Raven Antonio Angela Austin Holden Hailey Macie Tommyl Jowan Takoda ee Dejaniq Sashar Dusty ue Darwin a Rashaa d Myah Johnny Tatiana Carlos Greg Ms. Popp’s Desk Whiteboard Door
  • 3 min.Clip+ JOURNAL: What is going to happen? What makes you think this?
  • + FORESHADOWING  Foreshadowing is a literary device that authors use to hint at plot developments, events in the story, that will happen later.  Authors provide these slight clues to create suspense in the reader, which keeps readers interested in the material. Suspense makes us as readers want to know: What happens next?  For example, in the Jaws clip, if you hadn’t seen the movie, wouldn’t you have been upset if I had turned it off? You wanted to know what would happen next!
  • + FORESHADOWING  Readers can detect foreshadowing by looking at characters words and actions. The mood the author sets can also foreshadow certain outcomes.  How do we detect foreshadowing in movies? How is this different from and similar to detecting foreshadowing in literature?  You may not pick up on foreshadowing the first time you read a text, but the hints and clues will often be obvious the second time you read it.
  • + FORESHADOWING  ““The roads are slick and dark on the path to Duke’s village. People fear the drive, because so many accidents have occurred over the years, and individuals go missing biweekly. Tonight, Kayla will venture into the unknown darkness alone.”  What is going to happen to Kayla?  How do you know?
  • + “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
  • + Changing Our Predictions
  • + Intro to Vocabulary
  • + Daily Quiz!
  • + HOMEWORK:  Read 30 minutes in independent novel. In the Reading Reflections section of your binder, record the page numbers you read and write at least one paragraph answering this question:  Identify foreshadowing in your independent novel. Write down the quote, and tell me in three sentences why this is foreshadowing, and what you think the author is telling you will happen in the story.