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  • 1. David Pardo <dpardo220@gmail.com> Why we need a code of conduct CONFIDENTIAL Jim Murtagh <jmurtag@mindspring.com> Mon, May 7, 2012 at 10:09 AM To: evy brown <eb4justice@gmail.com>, David Pardo <dpardo220@gmail.com> Evy, Great talking to you. Here is my report to GAP about misconduct at the upcoming May meeting. This is exactly why we need a code of conduct. Keep this confidential- but if you have criticisms of GAP, be sure to send them to Bea Edwards. Let's talk again soon Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 23:50:20 -0700 To: "Bea Edwards" <beae@whistleblower.org>, From: Jim Murtagh <jmurtag@mindspring.com> Subject: Urgent: protect true free speech at coalition meetings Cc: Jesselyn Radack <jradack@whistleblower.org>, Doug Hartnett <dhartnett@elitokandhartnett. com>, Tom Devine <tomd@whistleblower.org>, Richard Condit <recondit@gmail.com> Bcc: Dear Friends, You all know that I have been a loyal GAP supporter since 1999. I'm writing because I sincerely think our coalitions would be much more vibrant and effective if we protected free speech. I am not writing to stir up anything past: rather, I want us to succeed in the future. We cannot let the few persons who use threats and force to prevail. Tom Devine suggested that we shun persons who hurt other whistleblowers. Now is the time to put Tom's suggestion into action. Dr. Jeff Wigand, the IAW and myself are appalled at the following in the May meeting announcements: the unauthorized use of the IAW name, failure to attribute sources in coalition documents, and failure to sanction coalition members who harm other members. Dr. Wigand and I propose that our meetings truly respect the rights of all.
  • 2. Urgent action is needed. Richard Condit suggested that I write a report. I hope you will consider it in the constructive manner I propose it. I do not plan to circulate it until you have had a chance to comment and I hope act. Report: Whistleblowers who harm Whistleblowers Ending the Threat to Free Speech at Coalition Meetings I defend to the death everyone's right to disagree. I would never take any action other than writing a polite note. True- my whistleblowing has cost me. But even when I discuss my adversaries I speak respectfully. I'm sure you all note that my emails and reports over the years have been consistently been polite and constructive. I look forward to talking about ways to make our coalitions even stronger, with a deeper commitment to free speech. I believe in GAP, and I have supported GAP in many ways, and will continue to do so. I have defended GAP to many people, and I was glad I was able to talk Dr. Wigand into writing the forward for Tom's book. No one enjoys our meetings more than I do. I believe a few common sense things can solve these problems. Let's move forward stronger than ever. I have hundreds of documents, transcripts, and other materials to support all of the above. I have only attached a few. Richard can vouch for the incredible database I have amassed. This is an opportunity- GAP can help win my case simply by asking coalition members to come forward. I was proud to write the unity statement that the M. Mcray circulated for the IAW in 2008. I believe in that statement. We can still achieve true unity by tolerating diversity. Thanks for your consideration- I truly hope this helps us move forward. -- --
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