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2009 2010 season

  1. 1. Clarice Smith Performing Arts CenterSchool of MusicDepartment of TheatreDance Department2009-2010 SeasonGroup/Artist Date Department TypeCalder Quartet 9/20/2009 CSPAC ClassicalUMWO 10/1/2009 UM School of Music Classical/ModernA Wider Circle: The Spirit of Folk Music 10/4/2009 UM School of Music Classical/AmericanaThe Klezmatics 10/18/2009 CSPAC World MusicLionel Loueke Trio 11/8/2009 CSPAC Jazz/World MusicAm I Too Loud?: Collaborative Performance 11/13/2009 UM School of Music ClassicalAmerican Voices 2/7/2009 UM School of Music Classical/AmericanaUMWO: Sound of Light 2/19/2009 UM School of Music ClassicalUMSO 2/20/2009 UM School of Music ClassicalPeabody Trio 3/5/2009 CSPAC ClassicalUM Wind Orchestra: Two Viennese Schools 3/27/2009 UM School of Music ClassicalGuarneri and Friends 3/28/2009 UM School of Music ClassicalJoshua Redman 2/21/2009 CSPAC Jazz
  2. 2. Sergio and Adair Assad 4/11/2009 CSPAC World MusicUMSO: Titans 4/30/2009 UM School of Music ClassicalUMWO: Post-modern/Romantic-ism 5/6/2009 UM School of Music Classical
  3. 3. Associated Material in CatalogJanacek Quartet no 2- 1 score and several CDsStravinsky Three Pieces- 1 recording, order scorenot muchLP-Bartok 44 DuosScore- Slavonik Dances for Four HandsCDs- 3 IPAM of Slavonik Dances for Four HandsCD- (2002) Rise Up!CD- (2003) Rhythm and JewsnoneBrittens Cabaret Songs: 3 CDsSchubert Trout Quintet: several CDs/scoresGriffes Sonata: several CDs and one scoreCoplands Sextet: six CDs and one miniature scoreSymphonies of Wind Instruments (3 recordings, 1 score)Prokofiev Concertante (3 recordings, 1 score)Beethoven Variations (no recordings/score)Mendelssohn Trio No. 1 (1 recording, no scoreBeethoven Rondino, several CDs and 1 scoreMozart Serenade- NONE AT UMCPBerg Chamber Concerto- 1 recording, order 1 more?Guarneri Quartet (19 recordings)Brahms Sextet No. 2 9 (lots o recordings, one score)Shostakovich Piano Quintet (lots recordings, one score)CD- (2000) Beyond
  4. 4. CDs- lotsCDs- lots of recordings and scores of Beethoven 5 andSymphonie FantastiqueStrauss Symphonie for Winds- 1 score, no CDsDavid Lang- Are You Experienced?- 1 CD
  5. 5. Material to Order? Where to Get ItWorks For String Quartet By Alban Berg, Igor Stravinsky And Anton Webern T FrontCD- Carter Pann: The University Of Texas Wind Ensemble ArkivMusic $12.00CD- Tallahatchie Concerto by Jacob TV Amazon. Com $57.00!!!CD- Jake TV: Shining City ArkivMusic $57.00CD- Bartók: 44 Duos For 2 Violins / András Keller, János Pilz ArkivMusic $16.00CD- Dvorák: Slavonic Dances / Igor & Renata Ardasev (1995) (check to see ifarranged by Dvorak) ArkivMusic $10.00CD-Bertali: Sonate Festive / Roland Wilson, Musica Fiata ArkivMusic $16.00 (non-rec)CD- The Klezmatics (2006) Woody Guthries happy joyous Hanukkah CD Universe $15.00CD- The Klezmatics (2006) Wonderwheel CD Universe $15.00CD- Lionel Loueke, (w/ Herbie Hancock/Wayne Shorter) Karibu CD Universe $15.00CD- Lionel Loueke, In a Trance CD Universe $19.00Score: Brittens Cabaret Songs / Texts By W. H. Auden T. Front $13.00NONECHECK ON: Cowell (6 recordings, 30 scores); Loomis (2 CDs, no scores);Troyer (no recordings or scores)NONECD- Zemlinsky: Die Seejungfrau, Symphonies, Preludes / Conlon, Isokoski,Voigt Arkivmusic $19.00CD- Beethoven: Complete Piano Trios Vol 2 / Trio Parnassus Arkivmusic $14.00CD- Mendelssohn: Piano Trios / Trio Wanderer Arkivmusic $17.00Mozart: Complete Wind Music / Brymer, London Wind Soloists Arkivmusic $40.00Berg: Violin Concerto, Chamber Concerto / Watanabe, Sinopoli http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/Drilldown?NONECD- Joshua Redman, (2009)Compass CD Universe $16.00
  6. 6. CD- Joshua Redman, (2005) Momentum CD Universe $16.00GET 1st TWO CDs alsoCD- Florilège De La Guitare (2008) ArkivMusic $19.00CD- Jobim: Jardim Abandonado, Etc (2008) ArkivMusic $15.00NONER. Strauss: Complete Music For Winds And Brass Vol 1 / Amadé ArkivMusic $9.00Adams, Lang / Mosko, Netherlands Wind Ensemble Arkivmusic $19.00
  7. 7. URL http://www.tfront.com/product.php?pid=201992&qstring=Stravinsky%20three%20pieces&qformat=ALL&lm1=0&nf= http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?album_id=207160 http://www.amazon.com/JacobTV-Rainbow-Jacob-Ter-Veldhuis/dp/B000PA9Q3C http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/Drilldown?name_id1=725&name_role1=1&genre=70&bcorder=19&comp_id=5096 http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?ordertag=Workrecom44477-22943&album_id=22943 http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7259634 http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7226456 http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7629484 http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7216869 http://www.tfront.com/product.php?pid=23407&qstring=britten%20cabaret&qformat=ALL&lm1=0&nf= http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?album_id=186427&album_group=5 http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?ordertag=Workrecom4509-19259&album_id=19259 http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?ordertag=Workrecom1847-172480&album_id=172482 http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?ordertag=Workrecom2118-6794&album_id=6794usic.com/classical/Drilldown?album_group=5&comp_id=9677&name_role1=1&name_id1=970 http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7804138
  8. 8. http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=6854532http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?album_id=191416&album_group=5http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?album_id=175503&album_group=5http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?ordertag=Workrecom61532-62332&album_id=62344http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/Drilldown?name_id1=6805&name_role1=1&bcorder=1&comp_id=42018
  9. 9. LL&lm1=0&nf=19&comp_id=5096