Quiz by Think Zone (senior Quiz) DEC,2012


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23rd Dec,Quiz by THINK ZONE

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Quiz by Think Zone (senior Quiz) DEC,2012

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  2. 2. • Direct questions.•5 points per question –Straight or pass• Infinite bounce
  3. 3. Put the Funda.
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  5. 5. The tradition of building X originated in Valls,near the city of Tarragona, in the southern partof Catalonia towards the end of the 18th century.Later it developed a following in other regionsof Catalonia and, since 1981, when the first X of9 levels of the 20th century was built, it hasbecome very popular in most of Catalonia andeven the Balearic Islands. The only 6 teams thathave built complex gamma extra castells arefrom Valls, Vilafranca del Penedès, Terrass,Mataró and Tarragona. It‟s a very popular game in India also. Name of t
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  7. 7. Castell
  8. 8. Since the mid-20th Century, advances inrubber, plastics, synthetic cloth, and industrialadhesives have allowed manufacturers to create „X‟that stray considerably from traditional craftingtechniques. Leather, which had been the primarymaterial in earlier styles, has remained standard inexpensive dress „X‟, but „X‟ often have little or no realleather. Soles, which were once laboriously hand-stitched on, are now more often machine stitched orsimply glued on.What am I talking about?
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  10. 10. CONNECT
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  12. 12. „X‟ were first created in 1936. Some years earlier, LieutenantJohn A. Macready returned from a balloon flight, complainedthat the sun had permanently damaged his eyes, and contactedBausch & Lomb asking them to create Y that would provideprotection and also look sophisticated. On May 7, 1937,Bausch & Lomb took out the patent, and the Aviator was madeavailable to the public.Identify the X and Y.
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  14. 14. He is General Douglas MacArthur
  15. 15. Career statistics Competition Test FC Matches 15 307 Runs scored 989 24692 Batting average 44.95 56.37 100s/50s 2/6 72/109 Top score 175 285* Balls bowled 97 8056 Wickets 1 133Bowling average 39.00 34.59 5 wickets in – 4 innings 10 wickets in – 0 match Best bowling 1/23 6/53Catches/stumping 13/– 233/– s
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  17. 17. The word X derives from the Sanskrit word for chord, jiva.This was transliterated in Arabic as jiba , abbreviated jb .Since Arabic is written without short vowels, "jb" wasinterpreted as the word jaib , which means "bosom", whenthe Arabic text was translated in the 12th century into Latinby Gerard of Cremona. The translator used the Latinequivalent for "bosom", X (which means "bosom" or "bay"or "fold") The English form X was introduced in the 1590s.What mathematical term??
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  19. 19. Mathematical Term: Sine.
  20. 20. In 1987, after turning 16, „X‟ began hacking under the name "Mendax" . He and twoother hackers joined to form a group they named the International Subversives. „X‟wrote down the early rules of the subculture: "Dont damage computer systems youbreak into (including crashing them); dont change the information in those systems(except for altering logs to cover your tracks); and share information". The PersonalDemocracy Forum said he was "Australias most famous ethical computer hacker."The Australian Federal Police became aware of this group and set up "OperationWeather" to investigate their hacking. In September 1991 Mendax was discovered inthe act of hacking into the Melbourne master terminal of Nortel, the Canadiantelecommunications company. In response the Australian Federal Police tapped „Xsphone lines and subsequently raided his Melbourne home in 1991. He was alsoreported to have accessed computers belonging to an Australian university, the USAF7th Command Group in the Pentagon and other organisations, via modem. It tookthree years to bring the case to court, where he was charged with 31 counts ofhacking and related crimes.X?
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  22. 22. According to Mechanical Engg, A resilient,rubber-like material is bonded or otherwiseattached to a hard base material which keeps therubber-like material flat. The base has fourrubber-like pads on the opposite side from theresilient material to refrain it from sliding on thesurface of a table, for instance. This may beutilized to assist the operation of a cathode raytube pointer wherein a metal ball is rolled on ahard surface.What is being described here?
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  24. 24. This Da-Vinci illustration is said to be the first time X wasconceived.What is X?
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  26. 26. Put the Funda!
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  28. 28. Chess Boxing. Contestants play a round of boxing followedround of chess.
  29. 29. In the film "Heroine", it was by Kareena Kapoor.In "Gangs of Wasseypur", by Manoj Bajpai. Formost films, it was by one of the lead actors. SinceSeptember 2012, all films that meet a certaincriterion need to have this, if they are to obtaincertification from the the Central Board of FilmCertification.Filmmakers seem to prefer this, rather than ascrolling ticker in the middle of their films.
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  31. 31. Films (those who have scenes showing smoking) mustnow carry a anti-smoking message before the filmbegins, and just after it resumes after the interval. Thismust be a voiceover by one of the lead actors of the film.
  32. 32. This organization was started by Fred DeLuca and PeterBuck in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Fred wanted to start abusiness to save money for college and become a doctor,so he borrowed $1,000 to start the business from DoctorPeter Buck. They named the company DoctorsAssociates, even though it had no affiliation with anymedical organizations or treatment. It eventually went onto become famous in a business far removed fromanything to do with medicine.Which company is this?
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  34. 34. The Golden Raspberry Awards have been celebrating theworst of Hollywood movies each year, for over threedecades. Traditionally, these awards (now in its 32ndedition) have been announced a day before the AcademyAwards ceremony. In 2012, however, only thenominations were announced one day prior to the Oscars.When was the actual Awards ceremony for 2012 held?
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  36. 36. On April 1st.
  37. 37. Blagging, Blatching, Bumphing, Cobbing,Flacking, Haversacking, Snitchnip- these arefaul of which game?
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  39. 39. Tendulkar-5‟5‟‟Picasso-5‟4‟‟Gandhiji-5‟3‟‟Nepolean-5‟2‟‟….. Short is Greate.Advertise of which company?
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  41. 41. IIFL
  42. 42. Name of his meaning is- „Tryphon Sunflower‟,He is a genius, who demonstrates himselfthroughout the series to be an expert in manyfields of science, holding three PhDs in nuclearand theoretical physics, planetary astronomy andcalculus. He is also an experienced engineer,archaeologist, biologist and chemis, Etc. Helearned savate at university, he is very famousperson to us.Who?
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  44. 44. In the recent news: An email send to the employees:To all,I am very sad to tell you that I’ve just been fired over thephone by Y’s Chairman of the Board. It has been mypleasure to work with all of you and I wish you only thebest going forward.XSent from my iPadID X and Y
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  46. 46. Carol Bartz,Yahoo CEO
  47. 47. Shivnagar is a remote and impoverished village inUttar Pradesh. A businessman from New Delhiwanted to do something for the village with theprofits from his flourishing company. The companyadopted the village under its CSR initiative and haspledged to develop its infrastructure, waterfacilities and local hospital. The village renameditself as an expression of gratitude to the company.What was it renamed to?
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  49. 49. The editor M.S.Shinde (who passed away in 2012) isperhaps best known to quizzers for being the only memberof the "Sholay" crew to win a Filmfare Award (for the year1975). That year, the big awards for Best Film, BestDirector, and Best Story went to another film.Incidentally, the director of that film also has a film releasein 2012 - which, ironically, shares its name with somethingto do with "Sholay". Which was the 1975 film anddirector?
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  51. 51. "Deewar", by Yash Chopra. His latest film "Jab Tak HaiJaan" shares its name from the climactic song from"Sholay“.
  52. 52. “We have, to all, in the western world, think about this.You can actually let Christian symbols fall apart, but ifyou do this with an Arab symbol, you would have afatwa , and that sounds a little bit like what the state ofthis world is. So it‟s just something which I kind ofdidn‟t think was an element, so I left it out of thescript.Harald, my co-writer said - I will not have a fatwa onmy head because of a film”Who speaking about what?
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  54. 54. Ronald Emmerich speaking about the decision to not have ascene of the Kaaba being destroyed in the movie “2012”.
  55. 55. When the Ottoman army left Vienna in 1683, soldiersfound bags full of X left behind with equipment. Thecontents of the bag were initially mistaken for horse/camelfood but later found to be X, which bought a significantchange to Vienna‟s culture. What was X?
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  57. 57. Coffee Beans,Vienna got its coffeehouse culture from the Turks
  58. 58. In the early 1900s, this French manufacturer commissionedthe artist Andre Galland to do a series of posters to promotevarious sports and one of its products X-Y which flowedfreely during the game breaksThe name X was removed from the name of the productafter a few years but the product itself did not changeHowever in 2006, the release of a movie renewed demandfor the original product X-Y and the manufacturer wasforced to educate the consumer that the product had neverchangedWhat product?
  59. 59. CLUE:
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  61. 61. Kina Lillet, part of the famous James Bond martini
  62. 62. Identify him and connect to a Animation movie.
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  64. 64. This is King Charles II. The Unicorn commanded by Sir Francis Haddock was part of King Charles Iind fleet
  65. 65. The first 17-second attempt caused unconsciousness. Inthe 2nd attempt Blood vessels under the skin ruptured .The entire process took about eight minutes. GeorgeWestinghouse later commented that "they would havedone better using an axe”.What am I talking about?
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  67. 67. Electric Chair
  68. 68. On New Delhi, Wednesday, February, 22,2001… what couldbe the Blank News?
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  70. 70. ID the owner of this car that has no license plate andin its place just the bar code for the VehicleIdentification Number?
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  72. 72. This is a throwing weapon made of weights on theends of interconnected cords, designed to captureanimals by entangling their legs. It is most famouslyused by the South American gauchos. It shares itsname with something used in modern sport.What??
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  74. 74. The weapon is called BolasBola- the bowling machine used by cricketers
  75. 75. Originally made of tortoise shell it is usually shapedin the form of an acute isoceles triangle. Nowadaysthey can also be made of acetal, ultem and lexanamongst other materials. The extra light/thinversion has a thickness less than 0.44 mm.What am I talking about???
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  77. 77. Echo ___ Mines Limited was a mining company foundedin 1964 and had its initial operations on the shores of theGreat Bear Lake in Canada. They were based out of themining area of Port Radium in Northwest Territories andtakes its name from a silver mine of the same name in theregion. They later expanded to other regions in Canada andthe US. In 2003, the company merged with Kinross GoldCorporation and is now its subsidiary.The company would be remembered for necessitating theshortening of the name of a famous company.Which company?
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  79. 79. The internet domain echobay.com was already owned by Echo BayMines Limited .
  80. 80. Put the Funda!
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  82. 82. Facebook changed his nameto Ahmad Rushdie.He protested and got hisname back.
  83. 83. X is a Dutch doctor with a wide range of interests andaccomplishments, partly attested by the string of letters thatfollows his name: "M.D., D.Ph., D.Litt., etc." X however usesGerman words instead of Dutch, such as "mein Gott" and"toll", which translate in English to "my God" and "great"respectively. X shares the same first name as the Xs creator. Inthe Marvel Comics miniseries X-Men: Apocalypse vs.Dracula, X joins forces with the immortal mutant Apocalypseand his worshipers, Clan Akkaba, in order to destroyDracula, their common enemy. In a movie adaptation the firstname of X was changed to Gabriel because Universal wantedcopyright privelages to X.Id X....
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  85. 85. Abraham Van Helsing
  86. 86. In June 1836, French newspaper La Presse was the first toinclude paid „X‟ in its pages, allowing it to lower its price,extend its readership and increase its profitability and theformula was soon copied by all titles. Around 1840, VolneyB. Palmer established the roots of the modern day „X‟agency in Philadelphia. In 1842 Palmer bought largeamounts of space in various newspapers at a discountedrate then resold the space at higher rates to „X‟.Recent days it is very familier to us.What am I talking about?
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  88. 88. Advertising
  89. 89. In November, the Guinness Book of World Records noted thatit was considering a Pakistani entry in a particular category fora world record. Three months ago, a group of almost 6000people gathered in Karachi to sing something, in an attempt tobreak the previous record held by a group in the Phillipines.In November, perhaps spurred on by competitiveness andpatriotism, an Indian group, made up mostly of school-children, attempted to go past the Pakistani numbers as well.Its status is still not clear.What record are all these people trying to wrest?
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  91. 91. A record for the most number of people singing their countrysnational anthem.
  92. 92. This was created by a group of professors at MITSloan School of Management in early 1960s todemonstrate a number of key principles of supplychain management. It is played by teams of at leastfour players, often in heated competition, and takesone to one and a half hours to complete.What in the world of Supply Chain Management isam I referring to ?
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  94. 94. Beer distribution game
  95. 95. In 1969, just months after the world had marvelled at NeilArmstrongs first steps on the moon, a company founded byLarry Hillbloom, Adrian Dalsey and Robert Lynn , tookanother small step that would have a profound impact on theway the world does business. This company began to shippapers by airplane from San Francisco to Honolulu. With thisconcept, a new industry was born: international air express,the rapid delivery of documents and shipments by airplane.Name the company
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  97. 97. First letter in the surname of the founders
  98. 98. Many alternative, often contradictory, theories have beenproposed regarding the X‟s construction. Many disagree onwhether the blocks were dragged, lifted, or even rolled intoplace. Earlier it was believed that slave labour was used, butmodern discoveries suggests it was built by tens of thousandsof skilled workers. The labour was organized into ahierarchy, consisting of two gangs of 100,000 men, dividedinto five zaa or phyle of 20,000 men each, which may havebeen further divided according to the skills of the workers.Identify X
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  100. 100. Great Pyramid of Giza
  101. 101. Russian Ark was a 2002 historical drama, directed byAlexander Sokurov. It was filmed entirely in the Winter Palaceof the Russian State Hermitage Museum. The characters in thisfilm include Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and thenineteenth century French traveller, Marquis de Custine.The film was featured at the Cannes film festival.What was unique about this movie?
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  103. 103. The film was a 96 minute movie, taken entirely in onesingle 96 min steadycam sequence shot, officiallymaking this the longest single shot in the history ofcinematography.
  104. 104. In Tamil Nadu it is a prevalent myth, that Andaal worshipped LordThirumal and get married in the month of Markazhi. So thismonth, unmarried girls got up before dawn to welcome God and didsomething in an act of remembrance of this incident.Legend has it that once when a the son of a certain king died, Brahma issupposed to have asked the king to built on land a sculpture of the boygiven sketches of the boy so that he could be brought back to life.In this context is another story that Brahma had a craze for the commonjuice of a certain fruit. So using the nectar of the fruit he drew a figure ofa woman. This is sometimes referred to as the first instance of ______.stories and circumstances behind what?
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  106. 106. Rangoli
  107. 107. The men of the Zaraniq tribe, on the west coast ofYemen, have a truly unique tradition, ___ (a sport).Famous throughout Yemen for their speed, strength andcourage, the members of the Zaraniq tribe are the world‟sonly professional ___. The origins of ____ can be traced back to ancienttimes, but the tradition was almost completelyforgotten, until recently, when Zaraniq members beganpracticing it once again. ____ events take place duringlocal celebrations like weddings, and at the al-Khamis, anannual festival that marks the end of the palm season, andare always accompanied by singing and dancing.
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  109. 109. Camel Jumping.
  110. 110. In 1967, „X‟ was the first woman to run the Bostonmarathon. After realizing that a woman was running, raceorganizer Jock Semple went after „X‟ shouting, “Getthe hell out of my race and give me those numbers.”However, „X‟s boyfriend and other male runnersprovided a protective shield during the entiremarathon. The photographs taken of the incident made worldheadlines, and „X‟ later won the NYC marathon witha time of 3:07:29. eIdentify the lady.
  111. 111. CLUE
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  113. 113. Kathrine Switzer
  114. 114. This man developed one of the most popular file-format and the first software to create it. The softwarecarried his initials in its name. Who is he? What did hecreate?
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  116. 116. Phil Katz, creator of PKZIP and .ZIP file format.
  117. 117. From the records available in the Basel Mission at Balmatta,Mangalore, it can be ascertained that in 1851, a weaver, JohnHaller was sent out to exploit the opportunities that beckoned.After 19 months, he already had 20 looms where 27 workerswere employed. By 1856, their skills had progressed and theywon the second prize at an industrial fair in Madras. Hallerexperimented with the sap of a bark of a semecarpus tree andinvented a colour. He named this invention a Kannada word.What the invention ?
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  119. 119. Khakhi
  120. 120. What was Engineer and inventor Pascal Cottes rise tofame in October 2007, using a high-definition cameraof his own design, which produced a 240-million pixelimage using 13 light spectrums, including ultra-violetand infrared?
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  122. 122. He photographed the original Mona Lisa painting, andrevealed that the Mona Lisamay have once had eyebrows andlashes.
  123. 123. . Oll Korrect, a "facetious alteration" of all correct"Old Kinderhook" a nickname for President Martin Van Buren whichwas a reference to Van Burens birthplace Kinderhook, NYChoctaw word okeh or hokeWolof and Bantu word waw-kay or from a Mande (aka "Mandinke" or"Mandingo") phrase .One theory of derivation which, perhaps surprisingly, has received littleattention, is that it was a corruption from the speech of the large numberof descendants of Scottish and Ulster Scots (Scots-Irish) immigrants toNorth America, of the common Scots phrase "och aye." Anotherpostulation, that it derives from the Lakota word "Hokaheh" (alsoanglicised as "Hoka Hey" and "Hoka Hay") which has many popularmistranslations but which is probably most accurately rendered as "Letsgo!" A third suggestion is the loan of the Greek phrase Όλα Καλά or OlaKala, meaning "Everythings Fine".all debated origins of a certain word.Which word ?
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  125. 125. ok or okey.
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  127. 127. this is Francis Nolan.he is Professor of Phonetics atthe University of Cambridge.Between 1993 and 1995 he was Secretary of theInternational Phonetic Association, and from 1999 to2003 its Vice-President. He specialises in phoneticsand phonology as well as in forensic linguistics. He iscurrently President of the British Association ofAcademic Phoneticians.his major claim to fame is because he was selected tocreate something for a certain reason.what did he create???
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  129. 129. Parseltongue language featured in theHarry Potter film.
  130. 130. One of the many origins to X is that the great scholarConfucius, who lived from roughly 551 to 479B.C., influenced the development of it.Being a pure vegetarianand non violinist, Confucius believed knives would remindpeople of slaughterhouses.Another origin of X seems to have resulted from the fact thatsmaller food cook faster and food was cut into small piecesbefore cooking.In recent times the use of X has made environmentconservationists protest as about 45 billion of Xs are beingdisposed off every year,resulting in imposing taxes on them.what am I talking about????
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  132. 132. chopsticks