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  • 1. Physicians Assistant Technical Writing Project
  • 2. Are You Ready To?
    • Examine and treat patients
    • Diagnose illnesses
    • Prescribe Medication
    • And work under a doctor’s supervision
  • 3. A Degree for you!!!
    • Then becoming a physicians assistant is the right thing for you. You practically get to do almost everything a doctor does and you do not have to go to school for as long as doctors do.
    • A physicians assistant is relatively a new profession. It was established in the late 1960’s after the Vietnam war. During that time there were a lot of experienced Navy corpsmen coming home from the war. Navy corpsmen are navy medics who serve with the marines. Corpsmen gained a great amount of experience handling medicine. They cared for hundreds of wounded changing their bandages, performing minor surgical procedures, and numerous life-saving procedures. Corpsman had no equivalent job in the civilian life so the physician assistant profession was developed.
  • 4. Requirements
    • The very first thing that the PA program looks at for admission is medical experience.
    • A potential applicant must be very good with their academics.
    • The prerequisite classes which must be completed before application and they are Anatomy, Physiology, English, Biology, Microbiology, and Chemistry. Also, in order to apply you need a bachelors degree.
    • The hardest thing is the application process. It is so hard because you have to compete with a lot of students and there is little room to get in. With this being said, your application has to be phenomenal. You want to have a high gpa with medical experience to even get recognized for the interview.
    • After the interview and you get accepted you face two more challenges; two years of intensive studies and passing a 600 question exam. If both of these are completed right then you are finally a licensed practicing PA.
  • 5. What Physician Assistants Actually Do
    • Physician assistants work closely with a medical doctor and are responsible for a wide number of medical duties. Some of their responsibilities involve making diagnoses, taking medical histories and examining patients. Physician assistants treat minor injuries by preparing a cast or splint or suturing a small wound. A physician assistant can assist with many minor medical issues that doctors typically see on a daily basis.
    • Some physician assistants specialize in a particular area of medicine, such as emergency care, they then can assist doctors in advanced medical techniques and procedures. In instances where a patient has a serious medical issue, a physician assistant will refer the patient to a medical doctor or make arrangements for transferring the patient to a hospital or clinic.
  • 6. Medical Jargon
    • AKA- Above the knee amputation
    • BP- Blood pressure
    • DNR- Do not resuscitate
    • HA- Headache
    • LBP- Low back pain
    • O.D.- Right eye
    • O.U.- Left eye
    • SOB- Shortness of breath
  • 7. Facts of a Physician Assistant
    • 1. The physician assistant profession officially began on October 6th 1967 which was founded by Dr. Eugene Stead, where the first PA class of four students graduated from the Duke University PA Program.
    • 2. A PA does most of the day-to-day job of a doctor from conducting exams, diagnosing conditions, prescribing medications, and assisting in surgery.
    • 3. Physician assistants and nurses have similarities but they have different underlying philosophies in training and practice.
    • 4. PA only needs to undergo training for 2-3 years after obtaining a degree. Unlike a doctor who goes longer.
    • 5. PA is a good choice to study since health care development is being strongly supported and using a PA instead of a physician saves money resulting in an increase for Physician Assistants.
    • 6. The average salary of a PA in the United States is $71,000.
    • 7. The employment of PA is expected to be fast growing due to anticipated expansion of the health services industry and shortages of PA in rural areas.
    • 8. PA was ranked as the 2nd Best Job in America in 2009.
  • 8.
    • All in all Physician Assistants have a very good profession and it can be very challenging at times to become a PA, but all it really takes is heart and dedication to get the license of being a PA. Some people look at the requirements and think that it is way to hard to become a PA and do not even try. For the money they make it is well worth the time and effort to become a PA and do the things that doctors can do as well.