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Norringtons: A Legacy Chap 2.4 part 2



the first winter rotation for gen 2, second half

the first winter rotation for gen 2, second half



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    Norringtons: A Legacy Chap 2.4 part 2 Norringtons: A Legacy Chap 2.4 part 2 Presentation Transcript

    • The Norringtons: A Legacy Chapter 2.4 part 2
    • Chapter Four As Winter began in the Davies house, Fabiola found herself the lucky recipient of two playmates. Barry she was already familiar with, it was cousin Bobby she'd yet to spend time with. Fortunately the three of them got along wonderfully. Bobby even forgave Bee the sin of being a girl, despite his aversion to them.
    • And while the cousins played together upstairs, Lora and Sally enjoyed a quiet afternoon in the parlor. Sally pleasantly listened while Lora talked about the plans for her Winter ball. There were still musicians to hire and a dinner menu to plan. Compared to Mrs. Prescott, Lora's charming chatter was a joy to listen to. Sally couldn't help but find the musical lilt of her sister-in-law's voice pleasant. And it was a calming distraction from her daily concerns.
    • “ So perhaps the three of us could be best friends. The bosom kind.” “ What's a bosom friend?” Bee and Bobby asked simultaneously. “ They're special friends. The very closest. We tell each other everything and stick together no matter what. Even after we've grown. Ettie told me all about them.” “ Is she your bosom friend?” Bee asked shyly. “ No.” Barry reassured, mostly for Bobby's benefit. “It has to be very special. Since we're family and almost the same age, I thought...” He shrugged. “It seemed like a good idea.”
    • “ And it's alright for boys to be bosom friends with girls?” Bobby asked skeptically. Barry rolled his eyes. “Of course. You do know that girls are no different than boys, don't you? They only grow up to do different things than we do. That's all.” Both Bee and Bobby gave him disbelieving looks before glancing at one another. Finally Bobby shrugged. “ Well, I suppose since we're cousins it wont make much difference. Lets be bosom friends. We'll be like the Three Musketeers!” Barry smiled. “Bee?” She nodded happily. “Yes please. You two are my only friends so I'd like for it to be special if possible.”
    • “ So what do we have to do?” Bobby asked. “Swear a blood oath or something?” “ Blood?!” Bee cried. “ No, nothing like that.” Barry patted her hand. “We make a solemn vow.” With a serious expression he recited. “I, Barrington Finch JR swear to remain faithful and true to my bosoms friends Fabiola and Robert for all of my days. May no man tear us asunder.” “ That's it?” Bobby asked. “ Well, technically faithful and true covers a great deal.” Bobby shrugged and took his turn with Bee reciting after him. The trio shook hands and resumed playing without further ado. Though Bee was secretly giddy at the idea of having two lifetime friends. Even if they were boys.
    • After spending the morning with her sister-in-law, Lora could only vainly wish that Sally hadn't noticed the size of her expanding waistline. With each child it only seemed to get larger and so much sooner each time. How utterly embarrassing. How very fortunate Sally was to have had her son and heir the first time around. She still had the waistline of a school girl, Lora thought with a pout.
    • Though she wasn't to start school until after Winter break, Lora began to supervise Bee's studies to ensure she was wanting for nothing. Bee started music, art and etiquette lessons under her mother's critical but encouraging eye. Despite her mother being a stricter task master than her Scarlotte, Bee found Lora's beaming approval made it all worth it.
    • “ Well done my darling. That's a rather difficult concerto but I just know you'll master it. “ Come to Mother dearest, you clever little angel. I'm quite proud of how diligently you practiced this week. Tomorrow you shall have a special treat. “ Now off to bed. I see sleep in your pretty eyes and I'll not upset Miss Henson by keeping you up any longer. “ We mustn't make the help cross. It in turn makes your father quite disagreeable.” Bee smiled. “Yes Mother.”
    • As the month progressed, Bee was thrilled to see the Winter wonderland that had fallen overnight. Her Scarlotte canceled lessons for the day so Bee was free to frolic in the snow. (reminder: 8neat, 4shy, 4lazy, 7playful, 6nice)
    • Her Caleb came out to assist in the building of a snowman. Bee felt quite accomplished when they finished. She thanked him for his assistance with a snowball to the solar plexus.
    • Too cold to play any longer, inside they went where Ms. Delacour had hot chocolate waiting for them. “ Thank you for your help Caleb. I've never built a snowman before.” “ You're very welcome Miss Bee. I haven't had such fun since I was a boy.” “ Caleb,” Bee hesitated. “Why do you call me Miss? My cousins both have hired help at their house but no one calls either of them Mister. Is it because I'm a girl?” Caleb paused mid swallow and tried to think of a simple explanation.
    • “ Well,” He began. “I suppose it has to do with respect. Your parents require a certain level of formality from those of us working here and out of respect we give it.” “ So if I'd been born a boy, you would call me Mister, like Father?” Caleb nodded. “Quite right. Though Ms. Delacour would prefer, 'little Master'.” He chuckled. Bee frowned. “But why? I don't call you, Mister or Scarlotte, Miss. Mother does but she's grown. I'm only a child so why must you say it to me?” “ Because I work for your family. Don't fret about it so. When you get older, you'll understand, I assure you.”
    • Bee smiled and nodded. “ Alright.” But she didn't understand and she didn't see how getting older would make it any more clear.
    • Later that afternoon the two of them retreated to the servants parlor, where they found Scarlotte napping before a cozy fire. While Bee set to painting, Caleb took up reading aloud, his gaze returning to Scarlotte's sleeping form time and time again.
    • The reason for Scarlotte's exhaustion? Darling little Belle Nicolette. Though she was an endearing baby, she kept her governess on her toes at all hours. She didn't care to sleep and somehow managed to need twice as much cleaning and feeding as her sister.
    • It only worsened now that she'd rounded her first birthday. For now Scarlotte had discovered Belle's ornery side. She was a pouty little Scorpio with a scowl ever present on her pretty face. Little seemed to please her and even Bee realized that her little sister was best left to her lonesome.
    • It's not that Belle had a nasty temper or anything, she was simply very independent and cared little for the company of others. Scarlotte found her little charge to be quite intelligent, a fast learner. But she couldn't seem to win the child's affections quite as easily as she had with Bee. (10 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 3 serious, 1 grouchy. she and bonnie will get along just fine)
    • With the snow falling more every day, Bee found herself confined to the house without company. It was no wonder that when Roger returned home from work, Fabiola was so happy with the excuse to get outside and away from her studies, she raced down the stairs before either her mother or Scarlotte could prevent her escape.
    • “ Welcome home, Father.” She greeted him serenely. “ What a pleasant surprise.” Roger accepted her hug. “You are looking quite lovely today. I believe you've grown taller.” “ Two inches.” Bee confirmed. “Did you get much accomplished at work?” “ I did. And I've brought home a gift for your mother.” “ She'll be so pleased. May I give it to her?” “ Next time perhaps. You see, your mother is feeling quite poorly and I'm to blame. So it only suits that I be the one to make her feel better. Now come, lets get inside. Your poor hands are icing over.”
    • Roger had good reason for such cheer. His second book, 'Money and Man' had been published with a far better showing than his last. He'd gone out and purchased an ornate music box gilded with mother of pearl for Lora with his first advance. With Lora indisposed with this latest pregnancy, Roger found himself greatly missing her company. She was already sleeping when he sought her out so he simply climbed into bed, basking in her luxurious scent. The music box could wait til morning.
    • Fortunately for Lora, relief came that morning in the form of early labor. Quite unexpected considering both Bee and Belle had been weeks overdue. For the first time Roger was witness to the agony his wife suffered in bringing his children into the world. Between you and me, he didn't seem too concerned. Then again, he always was a bit slow on the uptake.
    • Unlike the other two times, Lora's labor went so quickly, there was no time to call Ms. Delacour or Scarlotte. In fact there wasn't even time to lie down on the bed. Scarlotte made it just in time to catch the baby before the poor dear hit the floor.
    • “ It's a boy!” Scarlotte grinned as she checked the baby's vitals. “A healthy boy.” “ How delightful!” Lora screeched as the labor pains began again in earnest. “Why hasn't it stopped?!” This time Scarlotte had time to get Lora to the bed before baby number two made it's debut. A little girl. By the time Roger was let back into the room, Lora and the children were cleaned and dressed. “ You've a son, husband.” Lora beamed sleepily from the bed and then promptly fell asleep with her fourth child cradled in her arms.
    • “ A son,” Roger rejoiced. “A son at last. I knew you wouldn't let me down. I am proud of you dearest. Let me see my boy.” Only slightly annoyed at the way Roger praised his sleeping wife like a pet, Scarlotte gently passed the baby to his proud father. She bit back a smile. If Roger were any more proud, he'd sprout feathers and preen. “ Just look at him.” Roger grinned. “Healthy and strapping. Just as I knew he'd be. He's even got my eyes. You see that?” “ Yes sir.” Scarlotte agreed. “He's a handsome one yet.” “ So responsive.” Roger continued to gush. “He's got some fight in him.”
    • “ Well he was certainly in a hurry to get out.” Scarlotte chuckled. Roger laughed. “Quite right.” “ What will you call him?” “ Hm?” “ The Missus said you'd want to name him.” Roger finally gazed down lovingly at his sleeping wife and daughter. “Did she? It is tempting to immortalize myself but,” He smiled softly. “I'll leave it to her. She did do all the work after all.” He tapped the baby's nose. “I'm afraid I've sentenced you to some ostentatious French moniker. Do forgive me. It's the price we men pay to please our women. You'll learn soon enough.”
    • Lora, after a well deserved nap, eventually christened the twins Dtagnon Beaugard and Jonbenet Eloise. Better known as Beau and Benet. (pronounced: dar-tan-yon boh-guard. shzon-ben-ay el-oh-eez) With four children in the nursery, Scarlotte certainly had her hands full. (lora hit me with the sudden want to have ten kids! what gives?romance sim my arse!)
    • Lora was most pleased to have had the twins early since it meant she was back to her svelte figure in time for the Davies Yule Ball. The snow had melted by New Years due to a mild break in the weather but the mood in the manor was as festive as ever.
    • “ The house looks beautiful,” Roger complimented his wife. “You've truly outdone yourself.” Lora smiled graciously. “Thank you dearest. All the better to charm our guests after all. I do hope everyone has a good time.” “ I've no doubts on that score.” Roger was confident that this was the perfect atmosphere in which to woo the owner of AR Tolend Abbey. Landing that account was sure to increase his business' coffers generously.
    • Upstairs Bee was ready to leap from her skin with excitement. She and Belle were dressed in pretty new gowns, she'd never seen her Scarlotte look lovelier and Bee herself would be playing the piano for the first three dances at the party. Afterward she was free to play with the other young guests. Aside from her cousins, Scarlotte had informed her that two other young boys would be joining the celebration. Bee thought she might die from anticipation before the evening was out.
    • The dinner party was first with only a small, select group of guests. Roger and Lora were sure to invite only the most prominent families in Guilford.
    • There was Mr. Julius Cooke of course; Mr. Fitzwilliam Dashwood, the new headmaster of the boys school and his wife, Ann; and Mr. George Elliot and his guest Mary (last name unknown) Smith. At Lora's table sat the simself Elizabeth Denbow and her husband Justin, simselves Cee and Kitty and, of course, Kitty's paramour, Sebastian Devereaux. (Cee is the creator of the wonderful “ Regacy” , while Sebastian and Mary come from the awesome “Devereaux Legacy” by peasant007)
    • They had hardly tucked into their meal before Cee turned to Kitty, quite agitated. “ Did you happen to see who Mr. Elliot has brought along as his guest?” Kitty gave a subtle nod as she smiled at something being said. “Yes.” she murmured. “But I wouldn't worry about it. She and Sebby don't seem to recognize each other at all.” “ Oh forget them!” Cee hissed. “How could he embarrass me in such a manner?” “ Who? Mr. Elliot?” “ Yes!”
    • “ What did you expect Cee?” Kitty continued through a frozen grin. “The man has been trying to court you for months. As I recall he even invited you to this little soirée and you turned him down. What was he supposed to do? Stay home and pout?” Cee blustered for a moment. “You are missing the point! How could he swear such devotion and yet move on so very quickly?” “ Actually I think I nailed the point in the head. And he hasn't moved on. She's a dinner guest. He certainly couldn't come alone.” “ I did!” “ Well,” Kitty shrugged. “Your position here is more... prominent than his, I guess. It's prob'ly a male ego thing.” “ Well you know where he can stick his male ego.”
    • For their part, neither George or Mary were aware of the attention they had attracted. Mary was simply grateful to have made the acquaintance of such a kind, gentleman. And it was quite a relief to be out of the parish, if only for an evening. While George had been disappointed at Cee's continued refusals, he was determined to have a wonderful evening with his charming new friend. He bore no ill will toward Miss Charris and wished her only the best, since he bitterly believed that 'the best' was the only thing that would please the young woman in the end.
    • After dessert had been eaten and their palettes cleansed, the party of diners moved on to greet the rest of their evening revelers. Many guests had arrived for the ball, Lora's family included. Bee and her sister were presented to the guests while Roger and Lora announced the recent blessed birth of their son Dtagnon and daughter Jonbenet, both safely tucked away in their nursery. Finally, Bee took a deep breath and approached the piano forte with all the grace she'd been taught. As her little fingers began to dance along the keys, the dancers lined themselves up for a traditional waltz.
    • Cee watched the dancers with annoyance. “This is just like Mansfield Park.” She muttered. “ How so?” Sebastian murmured back. As much as Cee and Kitty liked to pretend, he wasn't nearly as clueless about the situation as they liked to think. “ A man professes his devotion and intent and a woman is expected to fall gratefully into his arms. God forbid she give him any challenge or initiative. At the first sign difficulty, he up and runs off, all former declaration forgotten, showing his true colors. Dear Fanny,” She finished with a sip of her wine. “She certainly knew how to call them.”
    • Again, Mr. Elliot was unaware of Cee's disappointment in him. She'd expected better and hated that her misgivings about him had been proved right after all. In his innocence, George even greeted Cee, Kitty and Sebastian and introduced his guest. Neither he or Mary understood why Cee referred to him as Mr. Crawford.
    • Aside from the many Norringtons dancing about, other guests included; Miss Lucy Eldridge who had accompanied her cousin Mrs. Prescott and her husband, James; Mr. Raymond McFerron, long time friend of Roger and Lora; and Dr. Hamilton and his sister Adeline. But despite the gay time of the revelers, Roger made little progress in wooing Mr. Julius Cooke. (as ever ray is trying to mack the single ladies and mrs ann dashwood looks pretty sloshed over there. I keep waiting for her to tip right out of the chair. probably her husband's dry conversation and lack of dancing skill has put the poor dear into a stupor)
    • Away from the dancing, though sometimes watching through a side door, the children played in the hall. In addition to her cousins, Bee was entertaining young Tristan Denbow and Oliver Zane Northam who had come with Mary.
    • When introduced, Oliver explained that he preferred to be called Zane in private. “ The sisters hate it but it's all I have from before, ya know?” Bee nodded diplomatically. “Of course. It is rather peculiar but not in a terribly bad way. It's a pleasure to meet you Zane.”
    • With the music from the grand salon spilling out into the hall, the kids frolicked and chased and sneaked food from neglected platters.
    • Among them Zane was the most exciting. Despite his protest to the contrary, the children were convinced that his story of being abandoned and found with no memory was the greatest adventure. Both Barry and Bobby couldn't wait for something even remotely as thrilling to happen to them . Zane, on the other hand, envied their quiet lives. What he wouldn't give for even one parent to love and cherish him like these four were so fortunate to have.
    • When they heard approaching voices, the five of them raced up the stairs to avoid being seen. So far their activities had been allowed since they had remained from underfoot. None of them wished to press their luck and be banished to the nursery for the rest of the evening. From the second landing they watched as Mr. Mover and Miss Henson came into view. “ Now what is so very important that you must say it all the way out here?” Scarlotte chuckled.
    • Caleb smiled nervously. He'd been working up the courage to speak to Scarlotte all night and he was more than a little tipsy from both wine and anticipation. “ Miss Henson... Scarlotte.” “ Yes?” “ You must know by now that I hold you in the greatest esteem.” Scarlotte blushed. “As I do you.” “ Yes and... well, all this time working together, I have grown to care for you, deeply.” He noticed as Scarlotte began to fidget uncomfortably and plowed on. “You're intelligent and witty and have the most soulful eyes...” “ Caleb...”
    • “ I feel as though I could drown in their depths and die a happy man.” “Caleb,” Scarlotte was distinctly uncomfortable now. “ And when I realized that I knew.” Caleb continued. “I knew that you were the one. Are the one. I want to spend my life with you!” “ Caleb...” Scarlotte half moaned.
    • Pausing, Caleb finally took in Scarlotte's body language. It wasn't reassuring. “What? What's the matter? Don't you realize I'm asking you to marry me?!” “ Please lower your voice.” Scarlotte cringed. “ Why?” Caleb was genuinely confused, his head full of liquor and joy. “I wish to shout it from the rooftops!” “ Please don't. The two of us would never survive the enduring humiliation.” “ Humiliation?”
    • “ Caleb... Mr. Mover, I can't marry you.” “ What do you mean you can't ? And what is this mister business? I believed you thought well enough of me to use my name.” “ Alright Caleb.” Scarlotte sighed. “I wont marry you.”
    • Caleb looked crushed. “ Oh I am sorry.” and she sounded it, too. “It's nothing to do with you. You're wonderful.” She reassured. “I'd say the same to anyone who might ask me. Not that I think so much of myself or anything.” “ But... why? Don't you want more for yourself than this?” “ Yes...” Scarlotte hedged hesitantly. “But I don't intend to marry. Ever.” “I don't understand.” Caleb murmured mournfully. “I thought you felt... I thought that we...” “ Oh,” Scarlotte pulled Caleb into a warm embrace. “Please forgive me. I think of you as the dearest friend and I couldn't bear it if you despised me now.”
    • “ In time you'll realize that this is for the best. You'll meet someone wonderful who will have the sense to love you back. Only imagine how happy you'll be. I'm only sorry that I can't be the one.” “ As am I.” Was the subdued reply.
    • “ Shall we return to the party? Will you dance with me?” “ Of course I'll dance with you. It will be an honor.”
    • When it was safe to speak, Bee turned to her companions in uneasily. She felt uncomfortable having overheard a conversation of such a personal nature. To be honest she was also confused. Why had her Scarlotte refused her Caleb? Whatever could she be playing at? Should the two of them marry, then all would be well. They could continue living in the Davies home forever. It would be perfect. Couldn't she see that? “ We mustn't speak a word of what we've heard.” Barry said solemnly. “I want every-one to swear to silence.”
    • Even Tristan swore to silence, easy enough since he had little care for what they'd seen and heard. It all mattered for naught in the wake of his newly developed fancy for Bee. He confessed this attraction to Bobby and received the queerest look in return. Bobby was certain he would never understand this preoccupation with the other sex. Even if the female in question was his cousin and quite enjoyable company.
    • Eventually the evening grew late and the children were shooed off to bed. Bee in the nursery and the boys in various guest rooms. The party goers broke off into groups. Several of the men retreating to the Billiards room for brandy and cigars, while a few women with aching feet and swollen ankles retired to a more sedate game of Mahjong.
    • The Count and Countess Clifford arrived fashionably late and the dance floor became the domain of only the most devoted of lovers.
    • While Barrington and Asher congratulated one another on the joyful arrivals in both their houses, James was, per usual, flirting with his lack of discretion. Trace was bound and determined to discourage him at every turn. But if he had to admit it, if only to himself, the attention of his ex-lover wasn't something he really wanted to do without.
    • By this time, Cee had drank her way back to clarity and was no longer angry with Mr. Elliot. Only mildly irritated. Yes, he had been attempting to woo her since that rainy day he rescued her in the woods. And yes, he had the audacity to bring another woman to the very ball he'd asked Cee to. And yes, it seemed he'd moved on easily enough despite the devotion he had shown.
    • And what a woman he'd chosen to move on with. What little Cee knew of Mary was that she had been quite a piece of work in her own time and place. A woman driven to near insanity by her need for everything to be pretty, perky and perfect. She'd made herself miserable as well as all those around her. Should he continue to court her properly, Mary could possibly make Mr. Elliot's life a living hell. Cee couldn't dream up a better revenge for her faithless suitor.
    • But Cee wasn't interested in revenge. After all, she had been the one to continually push Mr. Elliot away. Refusing his hand again and again. She could hardly remain angry with the man for simply proving her right. Besides, she didn't care for him. Not one wit. She'd been convinced of this from the beginning. Good looking, charming and even clever but not her type. Not at all. So none of it mattered because she didn't even like the guy... did she?
    • The holidays were over. Upstairs Bee stood in the nursery trying, and failing, to keep from bawling her little heart out.
    • Belle watched her sister sob while she chewed on a crayon. She didn't care for the bright scarlet uniform Bee was now wearing. Neither did Bee for that matter. She wished she could burn the thing and everything it symbolized in the grate. “ What's the matter chicken?” Scarlotte asked as she walked in. “You look a fright. What on earth has you so upset dearest?”
    • “ I don't want to go!” Bee wept. “Why are Mother and Father sending me away? What have I done?” “ Oh, darling.” Scarlotte sighed. “Nothing. You've done nothing more than grow up my sweet. It's customary for girls of your class to go away to school.” “ But it's all the way in Simdon! Why can't I go to school here?” “ I'm sorry dearest. That's just the way things are. Children grow up, they go away and have new and exciting adventures. Soon you'll forget that you were ever sorry to leave.”
    • “ How can you say so?” Bee whimpered. “This is my home. I don't want to leave my cousins. We're bosom friends! What will I do without my friends?” “ You'll make new friends.” “ I don't want new friends. I don't want adventures. I don't want this stupid uniform and I don't want to leave you!” She finished in a fierce whisper.”
    • Scarlotte swallowed a sob. “I don't wish for you to leave me either, darling. I wish you could stay my little Bee forever. But... life doesn't work that way. Nor would it be fair to you.” She sniffed. “ You've a whole life ahead of you, simply waiting for you to catch up with it. There are friends to be made, boys to fancy, dances to dance, kisses... such delightful things are in store for you and if you don't grow up to be the most beautiful woman...” Scarlotte cleared her throat and wiped her eyes. “And I look forward to witnessing every moment of it.”
    • Bee nodded and watched as Scarlotte stood. “Will you miss me?” Scarlotte chuckled. “Like a phantom limb.” “ And you'll not forget me? Not ever?” “ Never.”
    • “ Now go and wash up. Your father sent me up to tell you that the carriage is ready. You mustn't let your parents see you all tear stained. It will break your mother's heart.” 'And mine.' she thought.
    • As Bee walked to the washroom she did more than leave the nursery for the last time; she was leaving her most innocent years behind her. When she returned home for Easter holidays in the Spring, she'd be moving into a new bed chamber. One appropriate for a young lady. As one life fell away, Bee stepped into a new one.
    • Chapter Five December in the Buckley home and Alice has begun to remember the downside to having children. Regardless of how cute they may be when sleeping, it's a different story when they aren't. Late night with a cranky baby suffering from the first of Winter's many colds. Timothy tried to cheer his screaming son as his poor wife looked ready to sleep on her feet. Only after a hot steaming bath and some ipecac syrup did Botan's whooping cough subside enough for the little mite to get some much needed rest.
    • When feeling at his best, Botan was normally a pretty easy going boy. It went without saying that he suffered unpredictable fits of temper like his mother, and had the same manic need to keep moving. But this was all balanced by his tendency towards quiet and thoughtful contemplation. He was good at solving puzzles and was able, even at his young age, to appreciate the concepts of time and change. To his father he owed these traits. (nathan botanichi buckley scorpio 7neat, 4shy, 9active, 3serious, 2grouchy)
    • He was quick to learn and despite keeping his mother running ragged, Alice couldn't help but adore him. It was difficult to stay irritated with that smiling face for any significant length of time. His accomplishments became hers. His joy, her joy. In her own way, Alice found motherhood to be quite symbiotic.
    • But not everyone was so in love. Ren was now quite aware of this usurper taking up her parents time. And she didn't care for it at all. Timothy found her oddly uncooperative and aggressive opposed to the playful, loving pet she'd once been.
    • But Alice still knew how to butter her baby's bread and was the only one in the house that Ren now showed any affection. (Alice claimed that Ren simply loved her mummy, but I think the catnip and Ren's being high most of the time had more to do with it.)
    • It was a quiet season with the exception of holiday parties thrown by various family and friends. By New Years Botan was once again suffering from a fever and congestion so Alice and Tim spent the night nursing their little one. They brought in the New Year quietly reminding one another of their shared blessings and continued love for each other.
    • As Winter dragged on Alice didn't let the cold keep her confined to the house. On reasonably mild days she took Botan out riding, hoping he too would discover it's joys. Only the coldest of days kept the two of them indoors.
    • (okay. I've hated Botan this rotation. he's boring and makes time drag in the Buckley house. so yeah, hated the little shite... until now. seeing his delight at riding a horse through a winter wonderland is just too cute. he's won me over)
    • As Winter finally came to a close, the snows melting and days growing warmer, Timothy too found himself back outdoors, though his pursuits were far less enjoyable in comparison. (good luck with them hedges. see you in the spring pal)
    • Chapter Six The start of Winter found Annie quite contented. She had her husband back in her bed where he belonged to keep the cold nights at bay. What was more, after a small bout with what she believed to be the flu, Dr. Hamilton happily informed she and Nicolas that she was once more with child. Annie couldn't have been happier.
    • While she and Nicolas watched cautiously for signs of distress, all was well. Whatever had plagued her last pregnancy, had yet to rear it's ugly head this time around. Annie and child were healthy as could be.
    • Though confinement didn't suit her social nature, Annie couldn't resent being cooped up in the house. Not when the reason was so precious. Still by February, Nicolas could see that his wife was becoming a bit stir crazy. The couple hadn't been out socially since the Davies' Yule Ball. So in celebration of Valentines, Nicolas planned a weekend in Simdon. Only the eve of their departure, Annie awoke from her nap with terrible cramps ripping through her back.
    • Shrugging it off, Annie prepared to ready herself for their trip. The cramps subsided slightly during her bath but returned afterward with a vengeance. Finally clarity came and Annie realized she was in labor. Nicolas had already awoke and dressed for dinner when he heard his beloveds cries. He raced to the suite, his non existent heart pounding icy blood through his veins.
    • Due to the complications of Annie's last pregnancy, Dr. Hamilton was sent for right away. The doctor, who had taken a special liking to the Countess Clifford, arrived without delay. Nicolas refused to be dismissed from the room, to hell with propriety, so he, Dr. Hamilton and Martha Benny were all there to greet the newest Clifford.
    • So welcome little Birget Evelyn Clifford. Her father was instantly smitten and was eager to hold her as Annie was tended to. Except for a bit of exhaustion, Dr. Hamilton said Annie and child were in fine health and left with the customary instructions for all new mothers. The new parents spent their Valentines night curled up in bed, admiring their new precious bundle like children with an exciting play thing.
    • “ Seems I owe you an evening out, beloved.” Nicolas murmured so as not to disturb the baby. Annie smiled and kissed their daughter. “This is better than dinner in the finest tavern in Simdon. Everything that matters to me is here.”
    • Birget, or Bird, as her mother would come to sometimes called her, was a pretty little brunette with her father's eyes. To her parents she seemed so sweet that they were sure she had a touch of the angels in her.
    • Life in the Chateau de Renata changed with the arrival of little Birget. Pleasantly so. Nights found Nicolas and Annie quite preoccupied with someone other than themselves. Annie was often so exhausted after a day of caring for her little daughter that she slept and left Birget to keep her nocturnal father company after sunset.
    • Not that Nicolas minded. While he missed his lovely wife, hours spent with his baby girl were a comfortable consolation prize. They toured the house in the late hours of night, Nicolas talking his charge to sleep, telling her about the numerous artifacts and portraits on the walls.
    • He even agreed to sit for his own portrait so, as Annie had said, his child could marvel at her unchanging father for years to come. He truly hated leaving his family at sunrise. His affliction seemed even crueler now that he had so much to live for.
    • Yes, life in the Clifford Manor had changed for the better. Even the soft cries of Birget demanding a feeding or a change echoing through the halls were welcome. Annie was rarely seen without a smile and personally couldn't wait to get started on the next. And though she'd never admit it, Martha Benny was also quite taken with her master's progeny.
    • By March Annie had finished her husband's likeness and displayed it in the parlor with great pride. She'd also came to the conclusion that her ever expanding waistline might just be heralding the arrival of another bundle of joy. It was still too soon to tell but she was delighted anyway.
    • (un-freaking-believable! I sent Count Clifford to his coffin almost an hour ago. instead I find that the idiot has been skipping rope for the last forty-five minutes! this vamp has absolutely NO preservation instincts. how he survived before meeting Annie and myself completely astounds me. I obviously gave him too much credit when guessing his actual age of 200 years)
    • Chapter Seven Winter arrived at Legacy main. Despite the lack of snow, the cold Northern winds made the outdoors inhospitable. Winter lethargy also seemed to set in quickly. The house was quiet. Asher was away on frequent trips, his parents were fighting the ache in their joints brought on by the cold, Moria was a naturally quiet child and made a lot less noise than her grandfather had hoped, Also, since having her pregnancy confirmed, Olivia had been placed on a strict regime of bed rest. Because of her history, no one wanted to take chances this time.
    • It was difficult being confined to her chamber most of the time. Olivia found herself bored and restless. And she couldn't help resenting the time away from her daughter. She had only a couple hours each day when she could be up and about and it wasn't easy decided just how to spend the time. Still, if it meant carrying a healthy child to term, all the sacrifice would be worth it.
    • Fortunately she wasn't required to leave her bed when Asher was at home. It was in fact their favorite place to spend their recreational time.
    • Despite her mother's absence, Moria was in good hands. Between Stuart, Evelyn and Asher's attentiveness, the child was far from neglected. Even Pilot adored the toddler and showered her with affection.
    • The family soon found that teaching Moria to communicate with them was an unexpectedly difficult task. It was their accents. At two years of age, Moria had learned to understand her Texan parents and few others. The Norringtons were British and Moria was most confused when trying to understand what was being said to her. In those first few weeks she cried for her birth parents in words no one could understand. And there was little they could do to comfort the homesick child.
    • But in time they developed their own language and method of communicating. Moria took to grunting, pointing and over using one or two words that seemed to have the best results. 'Look' was her favorite. It meant everything from “Look at that” to “Please give me, I want”. She refused to call anyone in her new family by name except Olivia, strange enough. She called her mother, 'Ma dere” which sounded a bit like Madea. (madea or ma dere is slang for my dear or my deary . a term of endearment popular in the southern states)
    • Despite the language gap, Moria was most expressive when showing love and happiness. She liked giving hugs and kisses and laughing. In fact the only time Moria truly displayed discontent was when she was hungry. Did that little girl love to eat. Her healthy appetite never ceased to amuse her grandfather.
    • Despite the cold weather, Pilot refused to spend time indoors. There was an untouched food dish in the kitchen, a comfortable floor cushion in the back room, but the filthy mutt preferred to stay out in his doghouse. Much to Evelyn's delight. In her opinion (which I share whole heartedly) Pilot was far too disgusting to share habitation with humans. He enjoyed being covered in filth and should be free to do so at his leisure.
    • With the yule holidays just around the corner, Stuart and Evelyn took great joy in decorating the house. Stu and Asher went out and cut down the finest tree while Evy wove yards of garland and the smell inside the house was absolutely heavenly.
    • Christmas eve Olivia awoke from a sound, comfortable sleep with indigestion. After a small dose of bicarbonate she tried to curl up with her sleeping husband once more only to be woken a short while later in actual pain. Needless to say, she and Asher's child was on it's way, and early by at least three weeks.
    • After four hours of fuss, Olivia was safely delivered of a healthy baby girl. And just who was so eager to join them in time for Christmas? Meet Miss Isabetta Rose Norrington. Her skin bore a rosy glow, she'd inherited her grandfather's freckles and red hair and her mother's beautiful blue eyes. Exhausted by ecstatic, Olivia held her daughter and breathed the sigh of the immensely relieved. In the early hours of December twenty fifth, she and Asher sat around gazing at their little wonder, neither wanting to sleep, fearful it had all been a dream.
    • When the couple finally did drop off just before sunrise, Evelyn was only too happy to get her hands on her newest grandchild. Isabetta was a most beloved and welcomed child.
    • Christmas day and the best present in the household is the arrival of little Betta. (as for the best present I think Pilot would vote for the smelly old shoe Stuart dug our for him from the wardrobe upstairs) Due to the lack of sleep, the family put off celebrating until after lunch.
    • Moria had a wondrous time ripping open colorful paper packages despite her lack of interest in the actual gifts inside. Her favorite present of the day was the large empty box that had held Betta's new cradle.
    • Though Olivia was tired and sore from the ordeal of the night before, she felt able to join the festivities by teatime. If only for a short while. She and Asher agreed it was the best holiday the couple had ever spent together.
    • Isabetta revealed early on that she greatly disliked being left to her lonesome. Unlike her elder sister, who could spend hours quietly entertaining herself in the nursery, Betta preferred the familiar arms of her family to the stark quiet of her cradle. Olivia had her hands full having to constantly cart her little one around. Not that she minded.
    • Evelyn decided to write her memoirs since there seemed nothing left for her to learn in life. Now was the time to give back by teaching others. Wisely she chose a pen name, Everett Norrington, and had little trouble finding a publisher. Her book sold for 3,103 pounds. Not badly done for a first novel. Asher was promoted at work (hostage negotiator... not sure what the victorian equivalent of that is) and Stuart's eggplant crop was the best it had been in years. Yes, the Legacy house was finally running smoothly again. (with the arrival of the children everything has fallen back into place: no fires, no red moods... just pleasant family chaos and smiles all around)
    • It wasn't long before the pond had melted and the promise of Spring was on the horizon. Moria's speech skills developed, Isabetta secured her place as family princess, Evelyn was hip deep into her second novel attempt, Stuart continued to harvest, Pilot met his twin, Hannah, and Asher and Olivia began working on their next child.
    • It wasn't long before Isabetta's first birthday arrived. Asher was away on business so the family decided on a small, belated, intimate celebration when he had returned. Despite the excitement and noise makers, Moria was more interested in Pilot than her sister. Pilot was just there for the cake.
    • Betta was a pretty little thing, favoring her mother and grandfather mostly. She eagerly attacked her piece of birthday cake and was happily covered head to toe in seconds. Olivia had a hell of a time catching the little one for clean up before she'd crawled off in search of adventure. Moria had better luck. (sagittarius 1 sloppy, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 9 playful, 7 nice... a child after stu and asher's hearts)
    • Because of Moria's love and enthusiasm for music, Olivia begged Asher for a piano. Moria would be old enough to began serious music lessons soon. She was also concerned about the extra weight she had suddenly put on. Seemed she'd become lax about her figure during all that bed rest. So a regime of physical exercise ensued.
    • Imagine her surprise to find that she was with child and not simply gaining weight. Naturally Olivia and Asher were delighted, despite the period of bed rest that would no doubt be awaiting her.
    • March came in like a lion as usual and along with it came Moria's fifth birthday. Her talent and love for music grew more obvious as she neared that special day. Meanwhile, active and playful little Betta found it difficult to sit still for any of her grandmother's lessons. She preferred her grandfather who didn't force her to sit and instead indulged her need for romping about.
    • Happy birthday Moria! She looks positively mesmerized by her mother's peculiar profile. (as am I, moria... as am I)
    • Moria Caroline Norrington (reminder: Pisces 4sloppy, 1shy, 5active, 5playful, 10nice)
    • And with that I leave you gentle readers. Until next time, happy simming! (special thanks goes out to all the amazing CC creators out there, most especially MTS, AAS, Tarox and 4ESF. without whom Guilford wouldn't exist. also extra thanks to Charris , creator of “ The Regacy ” and Peasant007 , creator of “ The Devereaux Legacy ” for their support and the use of their sims. you guys rock) >>>>>>
    • “ I may be inclined towards my own sex, Mr Watkins, but there's no denying that Sally's a choice piece.” Even Merit agrees. I've been suspecting her lesbian tendencies for some time.
    • James has never heard of subtlety, apparently.
    • “ Don't cha just lurve my mask?!”
    • Proof that everyone finds Willameena Prescott the most irritating woman alive. Ever her own cousin can hardly stand her.
    • “ Okay, just so we're straight; I demean myself by learning to sit up and you get rid of the boy?” “ ...Can I think about it first?”
    • “ Man my woman is hawt when she's capturing my handsome visage.”
    • Pilot picked a fight (quite uncharacteristic of him) and got his smelly arse kicked. Which surprises me since his funk is strong enough to knock out a fully grown mountain troll. Bye!