Norrington Legacy Chap 1.2


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a historical legacy using the sims

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Norrington Legacy Chap 1.2

  1. 1. The Norringtons: A Legacy Chapter 1.2
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Norrington Legacy! For those of you just tuning in, this is a Victorian themed legacy that takes place in Guilford, Surrey, England. While I'm not playing for points, I am following the rules and most of the well known old fashioned handicaps. 1) no pre-marital or extra-marital woohoo within the legacy family. 2) males inherit except in extenuating circumstances. times are changing 3) no modern appliances or electronics... you get the picture. Now let's meet our host family for the chapter, the Denbows. Don't you just love their little farmhouse? Authentic floor plan from 1865.
  3. 3. "Hun, is it true that our neighbor Mr. Norrington has just married Miss Evelyn Coulter?" "Yup. I heard Ms. Dorothy Oxly gossiping about it this morning." "But isn't he dirt poor and a bit obnoxious?" "A bit. Miss Coulter could have done better. But I think they're truly in love. In an odd way, they're well matched."
  4. 4. "Hello there, and welcome to my home. Omelet? I'm Liz, the Simself of Tribebohemian, author of our fair tale. She would be the genius that shipped my family back more than one hundred and fifty years to look after the gentle characters here in Guilford. In our home I'd say the year is about 1860 or so. Great year for women... Oh and blacks too. "I digress. You've come to hear about the Norringtons have you? Despite what others say, I'm pleased for them both. They defy convention and have found a true love that is to be admired. And I know all about defying convention. Shall we meet my family?"
  5. 5. "This here is my husband Justin. He's handsome and kind and best of all he makes me laugh. "He seems to be fitting in this time quite well. Though he finds the speech patterns a lot harder to grasp than I do. He tries. He finds the farm life to be invigorating. And he actually enjoys staying home to work his land instead of running the rat race."
  6. 6. "This is our five year old son Tristan. At first he did nothing but complain about missing his 'Transformers', video games and favorite movies. But now he loves the freedom of playing outdoors, without our needing to worry about his being kidnapped or something terrible. "He's learned to fish, garden, chop wood... he's even enjoying school and brings a new friend home everyday."
  7. 7. "And the youngest member of our brood is Orion (pronounced Oh-Ry-Un. like the constellation) aka Chips. She's ten months and counting and loving every minute of life. “ Though I can say I truly miss disposable diapers and wipes. Messes are far more difficult to clean up than they used to be. Not that Orion notices. Getting grubby is one of her favorite past times."
  8. 8. "And let me not forget the family cat, Menu. She's been with me since I was single and she's an old girl. She used to spend all her days lying asleep beside the heater. But being here has breathed new life into her bones. Now she spends a lot of time chasing mice and keeping our home vermin free. She's still fatter than Garfield but she's my fat baby."
  9. 9. "Yes, going back in time has done wonders for my family. Of course we miss the modern conveniences (showers for one) and true, the children are far more prone to childhood illnesses. The amount of sleep I lose over a wet cough is ridiculous. But we're happy. We spend a lot more time together, enjoying one another's company. But enough about us. Let's get over to the Norringtons."
  10. 10. And here we are. Last chapter we met our founder, Stuart Norrington. He's a family loving Libra with a want to marry off six of his children. His stats: 1 sloppy, 7 outgoing, 6 active, 5 playful, 6 nice. He loves a woman who can cook and wears a bit of makeup and absolutely loathes zombies.
  11. 11. Despite his short comings, he met and wooed Miss Evelyn Coulter. A knowledge Sagittarius who wished to learn everything. 2 sloppy, 3 shy, 9 active, 7 playful, 4 grouchy. She loves a artistic man with a head of odd looking hair. But has little tolerance for pomp so no formal wear. The lovebirds were married in a modest ceremony...
  12. 12. And soon Mrs. Norrington was to be seen expecting their first child. Shortly after this, just before the first snow, she entered into confinement. Asher Michael Norrington arrived that winter. A healthy, beautiful, little boy with his father's green eyes and his mother's dark hair. And that's where we left off. Shall we continue?
  13. 13. Having been blessed with a son, the Norrington's continued living their simple life in their humble home as winter trudged on.
  14. 14. Evelyn took to motherhood like a swan to water. She adored her child despite the lack of time she had to devote to her studies. Stuart gazed at his little wonder and couldn't wait to have another. Fatherhood was all he had hoped for and more.
  15. 15. A victim of womanly vanity, Evelyn attempted to get her pre-motherhood figure back...
  16. 16. With mixed results. Those active points did not make up for her lack of grace. She finally decided to stick to something a bit more refined.
  17. 17. (um, Stu... Asher just ate. just thought I'd point that out)
  18. 18. (I told you)
  19. 19. "Um... Wife? I... I was thinking. It's been a few months and you seem to be in good health. Young Asher is getting along well these days..." "Yes Husband." "I thought perhaps we could start on expanding our family." Evelyn sighed. "More like my waistline."
  20. 20. "Oh dearest. You needed worry so. I find you more fair now than ever." "You do?" "Of course. When I look at you, I see the mother of my child, the woman who stands by my side and helps work our land. There is truly nothing more beautiful than the shine of a woman with child." "Oh Stuart." (well said Stu)
  21. 21. "Dearest... your feet are cold."
  22. 22. Though Stuart and Evelyn both worked at it, by Spring there was still no sign of a new pregnancy. They did succeed in moving the greenhouse and gardens to the back of the lot. Already Stuart was making plans to lay the foundation for the new house.
  23. 23. Evelyn did not want for another child as she was far too preoccupied with Asher. Still, she could understand the desire for another. Her son was so very precious and easy going. It seemed such an easy thing to concede to. But by Asher's first birthday, there was still no pregnancy.
  24. 24. Asher grew into an absolutely beautiful toddler. A perfect blend of his parent's features. He lived for making messes and could be quite moody when denied his way. And he could barely sit still for want of movement. Like his father he had a knack for making others laugh and was not shy about doing so. (1 sloppy, 7 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful, 1 grouchy)
  25. 25. Evelyn found herself enjoying her son's company even more these days. There was so much for him to learn.
  26. 26. And at night she and Stuart continued enjoying one another's company in hope that another would join their family soon.
  27. 27. Often to the neglect of the child they already had. (lol)
  28. 28. As Spring wore on there were crops to be planted and looked after, trees to be pruned and fish to be... well... fished. But it wasn't enough to distract Evelyn from what she saw to be a failure on her part. Why could she not become pregnant?She wished for a companion with whom to speak of her concerns but a woman hardly talks of such things. She felt very alone at times.
  29. 29. Stuart dealt with their lack of progress by talking with his crops. Something about the spawning of fish. Honestly, it can be said that the man is obsessed. If nothing else, the plants seemed better off for his company. But even he was finding it more and more difficult to hide his anxiety and disappointment.
  30. 30. Luckily Asher did not pick up on his parent's moods. In fact, he failed to live up to his one nice point and was a most pleasant child who could always bring a smile to his mother's face. Evelyn decided to resign herself to the fact that she would only raise one child. She found it to be a less depressing aspect than she originally thought. Asher was, after all, a wonderfully, precocious child who brought a great deal of joy to their lives.
  31. 31. Stuart found that acceptance harder to bear. He now saw the conceiving of another child as a mission. One he must succeed in. His virility as a man was at stake. And Evelyn was patient and long suffering through all her husband's attempts. She did, after all, enjoy his intimate attentions. Stuart's desperation brought out his feral, animalistic side and my oh my... it certainly was enjoyable.
  32. 32. But even Stuart was forced to accept that God had blessed them with a wonderful son and they should be grateful. He had his heir and the boy was even tempered and would grow to be a fine man. It wasn't what he had dreamed but it was enough.
  33. 33. (um... Evy, what are you sewing for? is that... is that a receiving blanket?)
  34. 34. For reasons unknown to everyone else, Evelyn's mood drastically improved. She eagerly taught her son his remaining skills and went through a bout of nesting. She could even be heard singing a song about babies and rabbit skins.
  35. 35. Her mood was contagious and Stuart found himself enjoying watching Asher grow and learn even more than usual. He and Asher's relationship certainly benefited from it. He could be heard mumbling about improving his own skills in order to teach his growing boy.
  36. 36. Meanwhile, Evelyn continued sewing up a storm. Wait a cotton picking minute... is that a pair of booties? Evelyn?
  37. 37. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! It only took like 4 to 5 sim years. I was beginning to think ol' Stu was shooting blanks.
  38. 38. Stuart was concerned about his wife's sudden bout of illness. Having resigned himself to a single son, he never assumed she might be with child. But Evelyn was quite certain that their prayers were finally being answered.
  39. 39. And despite the damage it would do to her waistline, she was pleased as punch.
  40. 40. Asher learned to talk... and his father enjoyed a promotion at his work as an medical apprentice.
  41. 41. Now certain in the knowledge of her long awaited pregnancy, Evelyn lamented that she would no longer have the time to spend just with Asher. She'd enjoyed these years with her son and would be sad to see them go. But now was a time of joy and she took great delight in the months she had left with her only child.
  42. 42. Soon it was Asher's 5th birthday. Poor exhausted little dear woke just in time to blow out his candles. He certainly didn't want to miss cake, it being such an extravagant treat.
  43. 43. Welcome to childhood Asher!
  44. 44. Despite the impending new arrival, life had to go on as usual. While out fishing Evelyn felt the baby kick and was delighted. It had been so very long since she'd experienced that feeling.
  45. 45. Asher adapted to farm life with little trouble. He loved to fish in the wee hours of morning... Everyday he rolled the want to catch fireflies and butterflies...
  46. 46. Which he enjoyed showing off to his father. Evelyn in turn always set them free.
  47. 47. And Asher also enjoyed working on the new house with his father. It looked to be finished by early Autumn. Just in time for the new baby. Yes, he truly was the quintessential farm boy. He never caused his parents a moment's grief.
  48. 48. Nor me. I found Asher quite easily entertained and easy to please. He made fun for himself without any prodding.
  49. 49. But even the most perfect child has their breaking point. After a difficult day at school, poor Asher was in desperate need for some form of fast entertainment. I feared the easy compliant days were over. Until...
  50. 50. He discovered a love of art. Wouldn't Evelyn be pleased. It only took a few glances at his mother's beloved art piece and Asher was happy enough to do homework and other such chores. Disaster was averted. (at the time I was playing this, I was unaware that viewing art could boost fun. I tried to make him dance to music and fish but nothing cheered him up. he discovered the painting on his own. I wouldn't have even thought of it. that picture will stay in the family for generations!)
  51. 51. Good thing, since the homework was beginning to pile up. Fortunately Evelyn was more than happy to pass on her own love of knowledge to her son in hopes that he would find studying easier in the future.
  52. 52. "'ello in there. Can you here me, little baby? Are you a brother or a sister?"
  53. 53. Stuart? What's the matter?
  54. 54. Oh Evy! "UUUGGGHHHH! Not again! Husband!" This time around, Stuart wasted no time rooting out a midwife. He'd gained enough experience as an apprentice and felt confident in assisting his wife through labor. "Should you not be lying down dearest?" "Trust me... standing is the best way to do this!"
  55. 55. A short while later, mother and daughter were both cleaned and redressed for a snuggle. (I love that Asher is in the background fishing. apparently his sister's arrival didn't take precedent)
  56. 56. "Well done my love! A daughter. I am quite proud." "We shall call her Abigail Virginia Norrington. Welcome to the family my little dove." Abigail was born with her father's fair skin and her mother's blue eyes and dark hair.
  57. 57. And earlier than predicted, Stuart finished the first phase of the house late Summer. It wasn't much but it was certainly a step up from the tiny cabin he'd started with. They christened the great room with Abby's first bath.
  58. 58. While fishing Evelyn suffered a terrifying bout of heatstroke. "Mama, I can not sort this word... M-E-R-C-H-A-N-T."
  59. 59. "Mama?"
  60. 60. A quick word with the doctor with the strict orders to rest with abundant glasses of lemonade put minds at ease. "Dearest, I know you are feeling poorly but I wished to tell you that I find you as lovely as ever. There seems to be so little time for such idle proclamations. I hope you may forgive me my neglect"
  61. 61. It was moments such as this that made Evelyn forget how difficult her life as a farmer's wife truly was. Moments that reminded her of how fortunate she was in accepting this man's proposal. There could be no other wife in Guilford as cherished as she. "Of course I forgive you Husband."
  62. 62. Abby, like her brother before her, was a pleasant baby with an even temper. Only causing a fuss when her desperate needs were in distress. Otherwise she was a joy. Already a proper lady. Asher indulged his new love of art by painting a likeness of their new home to grace the front hall.
  63. 63. And Stuart and Evelyn... well they started on number three.
  64. 64. (no reason for this except that it's sooooo cute. I frickin love Asher)
  65. 65. Yay! There was no wasted time this pregnancy. Evelyn began feeling the symptoms immediately. And they were certainly harsh.
  66. 66. "My my, aren't you growing pet. Soon you shall be a lady with a swarm of suitors. And if you marry for love, as I did, I will not fault your choice. As long as he is a good man. Though your father shall be adamant in finding you a prosperous match."
  67. 67. "Me?" Yes Stuart. you wanted the children to get married. So it shall be your responsibility to find a suitable match for Abigail... and any other daughters you may have. Considering your goal is six, you're sure to have a couple more girls in the bunch. (handicap alert!... any males looking to marry my daughters, must meet and become friends with the father before a proposal can go forth)
  68. 68. Seems Stuart now has important matters on his mind. The reality of his lifetime want is finally hitting home. Though I'm not certain that he'll have any luck finding future suitors in the paper. And this is how Evelyn will spend her entire third pregnancy. Poor dear.
  69. 69. Due to his mother's increasing need to take to her bed, Asher made himself useful and doubled his chores. He truly was born to farm. Ne'er a complaint about weeding the garden or fishing for dinner. And not one want for anything inappropriate. He only ever wishes to fish, catch fireflies and butterflies and perhaps the odd treat of pancakes for breakfast. Stuart took over the care of Abigail whenever possible. He'd never admit it to his colleagues but he thoroughly enjoyed the time with his little girl.
  70. 70. Though his wife's increasing illness was heavy on his mind. "Papa, is Mama going to get well soon?" "Uh... I'm certain she shall son." "Is it the baby making her feel poorly?" "Yes. I'm afraid so. Often women find carrying a child to be somewhat... difficult." "Then why is she having another one?" "Um..." Yeah Stu... that's a gooooooood question
  71. 71. Poor Evelyn. This pregnancy really took it's toll on her. She nearly starved to death several times and whenever she was able to stay awake long enough to eat, it came right back up. She took to bed for days at a time with nary a peak at her children. (I'm not the most experienced sim player so I'm not in the habit of using the aspiration rewards. I'm also no good at them so she couldn't even benefit from the energizer. Also, I have a mod that makes miscarriage possible and she nearly lost the baby twice)
  72. 72. In a quiet moment Asher allows his fears to get the best of him. "Please let Mama be okay. If I have to choose between she and the baby, I choose Mama. Abby and I need her more than God does. Papa too though he doesn't say it. So please let her be alright."
  73. 73. Will Evelyn survive this pregnancy? Will the baby? Stay tuned for the next installment of the Norrington legacy. (thanks for reading. and a special thanks to all the talented cc makers out there. most especially MTS2 and All About Style) -------->
  74. 74. This guy showed up and repossessed our settee. And boy did he enjoy it. That guy is sinister , I tell ya.