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Court Camp Social Media Tools


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Using Social Media Tools …

Using Social Media Tools

Everything you need to know to Tweet, get LinkedIn, show your Facebook and be a Blogger in 60 minutes or less.

Published in: Education, Career

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  • 1. Using Social Media Tools Everything you need to know to Tweet, get LinkedIn, show your Facebook and be a Blogger in 60 minutes or less. Michael S. Sommermeyer Clark County (Nevada) Courts Ashley G. Stollar Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts
  • 2. What you will learn
    • How to navigate the Social Media landscape.
    • Why you should care about Social Media.
    • How to create a Social Media Strategy for communication and monitoring.
    • An examination of Social Media Tools.
  • 3. The Social Media Landscape
  • 4. Just the Tip of the Iceberg
  • 5. Why Should I Care?
    • Three Reasons
      • People are talking about you.
      • Traditional media are no longer the only game in town.
      • Engagement leads to better relationships with your constituents.
  • 6. Multiple Channel Communication
    • Media Gatekeepers are less important.
    • Multiple Channels lead to Multiple Strategies.
    • Traditional media vs. new media.
  • 7. Risks and Rewards
    • Social Media allows for instant monitoring.
    • Ignore at your peril.
    • Tell your story directly to many audiences.
    • Time intensive and requires diligence.
    • Rapid response.
  • 8. Strategy Must Be Defined
    • You wouldn’t leave on a trip without a map.
    • Certain channels work better for tasks than others.
    • Strategy dictates the channel used.
    • Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use it.
  • 9. A Channel for Every Goal
    • Choose channels according to strategy.
    • One channel may not work for every goal.
    • Certain channels require content creation – others require content monitoring.
  • 10. Multiple Channel Strategy Blog Facebook Twitter
  • 11. Twitter
    • A microblog, social networking site.
    • Instant messages less than 140 characters.
    • Massive adoption.
    • Users = Tweeters
    • Messages = Tweets
  • 12. Court Tweeters
  • 13. Facebook
    • Facebook a lifestreaming and social network.
    • Allows organizations to create pages.
    • Users join Fan and Group pages.
  • 14. Facebook Groups
  • 15. What Are People Saying Monitor comments, news and feedback with Google Alerts and RSS
  • 16. Resources
    • – Build community
    • – Involve constituents
    • – Create/Distribute content
    • – Build Professional relationships
    • Google Alerts – Monitor social media
  • 17. Discussion: SM in the courtroom
    • Social media tools change the rules.
    • Juror cellphones.
    • Cellphone cameras.
    • Decorum and vigilance required.