Social Media For Business

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A framework for using social media to connect with your audience

A framework for using social media to connect with your audience

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  • 1. Social Media for Business A Framework for Using Social Media to Connect with Your Audience Inspired by the work of Chris Brogan Mark Smiciklas, MBA // //
  • 2. Social Media may not be a good fit for every business
  • 3. know the social media capacity of your organization
  • 4. … and be comfortable
  • 5. Where do you start?
  • 6. social media roadmap?
  • 7. But a MAP won’t help… until you decide where you’re going
  • 8. What’s your social media destination?
  • 9. FIRST: Learn about the social places where you intend to hang out
  • 10. start by listening
  • 11. NEXT: Set up a home base your online home … a place you own
  • 12.
    Make your home base a friendly place to hang out
  • 13. M Y H O M E B A S E
  • 14. NEXT: extend into outposts places on the web where you have a presence (don’t own)
  • 15. social media outposts will differ based on your target audience and objectives
  • 16. M Y O U T P O S T S
  • 17. What happens at your outposts ?
  • 18. Add Content
  • 19. Build Relationships
  • 20. T E S T I D E A S
  • 21. grow a profile
  • 22. LISTEN
  • 23. experiment
  • 24. make connections
  • 25. lend a hand & try to be useful
  • 26.  
  • 27. What are the possible outcomes of all this social media activity ?
  • 28. Relationships, Partnerships, Communities
  • 29. r e s o u r c e s
  • 30. IDEAS
  • 31. Traffic
  • 32. NEXT: Community participation being in places where people might be talking about you
  • 33. WARNING!
  • 34. If you choose to step in and participate…
  • 35. You can’t control what people say
  • 36. NEXT: Integrate face-2-face try to bridge social media and real life interaction
  • 37.  
  • 38. ONE LAST REMINDER: Cultivate your network
  • 39.  
  • 40. Photo Credits Warning: Be comfortable: Where do you start: Roadmap: Destination: Listening: Test ideas: Listen: Connections: Play: Lend a hand: Relationships, partnerships, community: Ideas: Traffic: Resources:
  • 41. Thank You