Day 1


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Day 1

  1. 1. Ms. Marshall’s English Class 8th Grade 2012-2013
  2. 2. Welcome to Ms. Marshall’s English Class! Find your pencil and have a seat anywhere. Look at the character or person attached to your pencil. To find your group, find the other characters or people associated with yours. After you find your group, everyone should raise their hands. Go to the table assigned to your group.
  3. 3. Today’s objectives are… 1. to develop a group name and get to know your group mates 2. to learn the units and topics covered in 8th grade English 3. to become familiar with the policies of English class 4. to begin exploring the expectations and rules of English class
  4. 4. Groups In your groups, come up with a team name that is something everyone in your group has in common, but something that makes your group different from all other groups. Writethis team name in the front of your agenda book. This will be your Home Team.
  5. 5. Syllabus Welcome to an exciting year in 8th grade English! I look forward to working with each of you as we explore literature, language, and writing. In this letter you will find information regarding the units we will study this year, the materials you will need for class, and the grading and missing work policies. Please keep this letter at home in case you need to refer to it throughout the year.
  6. 6. UnitsUnit 1Literary Forms-Science Fiction, Fiction, and Fantasy We will read a variety of short stories and poems that explore themes of science fiction and fantasy.Unit 2Tragic Drama-Love and Friendship We will read William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in this unit and explore themes of love and friendship as well as discover the genre of classic drama. lUnit 3Speeches-Freedom In this unit, we will read a variety of historical speeches and supplement with other fiction, non- fiction, and poetry selections. Writing and language skills are embedded through each unit. Long and short term research and writing assignments will correlate with each of the units.
  7. 7. Grading Policy Quarterly grades are determined based on a weighted category system. Below are the categories, weights, and description of the types of assignments in each category. Process Assignments-55% Assignments listed as process assignments include work that is completed in class during lessons or work completed outside of class as practice or preparation for future lessons. Traditional homework will not comprise more than 10% of the final quarterly grade. Final Products-25% Assignments listed as final products may include traditional tests and quizzes, but may also be projects or performances. Writing-20% Assignments listed as writing are writing assignments that are assessed to meet specific goals and objectives. Not all written work is included in this category, but work that specifically addresses writing standards will be. When assignments are given, the category will be made clear to students.
  8. 8. Missing Work Policy All assignments are due on the assigned day. Minor assignments may be turned in late for reduced credit. Assignments that are missed due to absences is accepted up to the number of days missed after the student’s return to school. In class assignments that are missed due to other obligations with the school, e.g. band, peer mediation, GT seminars, etc. will be accepted the next day. Assignments that are due on a day a student attends another function within the school are the students’ responsibility to turn in before the missed class. It is the STUDENTS’ RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that all late or missing work is completed in a timely manner. Some exceptions can be made. See me for further
  9. 9. Class expectations Be nice and polite. Be prepared and honest. Try In your groups, create a poster that gives and example of at least two specific rules for each expectation. Illustrate your poster.
  10. 10. At the end of day 1For each of the items on your exit ticket, placea  if you feel you have accomplished that objective,a  if you feel you have not accomplished that objective, anda  if you are somewhere in the middle.1. to develop a group name and get to know your group mates2. to learn the units and topics covered in 8th grade English3. to become familiar with the policies of English class4. to begin exploring the expectations and rules of English class