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Oral practice
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Oral practice


Published on

Oral activities for upper intermediate learners of English as a L2

Oral activities for upper intermediate learners of English as a L2

Published in: Education, Travel

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  • 1. Trip to the mountains
  • 2. Your picture was about a trip to the mountains
    • Now answer:
    • What areas in your country are good for mountaineering?
    • What places would you recommend a tourist? Why?
    • Is this kind of holiday suitable for people at all ages?
    • What kind of holidays do young people prefer? Why?
    • What places in your country would you recommend to people who travel on a low budget?
    • Tell your friends about your last holiday
  • 3. Extracurricular Activities
  • 4. Your picture was about extracurricular activities
    • Now answer:
    • Do you think this kind of activities are good for children? Why? Why not?
    • As a student, have you engaged yourself in activities of this kind? Which ones? Tell your friends about them
    • What do you think about boarding schools?
    • Would you like your children to go to school all day or half turn? Why?
    • What’s your opinion about education in your country today?
    • What improvements would you implement, if any?
  • 5. Birthday present
  • 6. Your picture was about birthday presents
    • Now answer:
    • Do you like choosing presents? Why (not)?
    • What are your favourite presents? To give and to receive
    • Have you got a “favourite object”? What is it? Tell your friends about it. Was it given as a present? Have you bought it yourself? Have you inherited it?
    • What memories have you got from presents you received when you were a child?
    • Do you prefer expensive presents? Why (not)?
    • When is your birthday? How are you planning to spend it? How have you spent it this year?
  • 7. Holidays
  • 8. Your picture was about holidays
    • Now answer:
    • What are your “perfect holidays”?
    • Do you always holiday in the same place or at different places? Why?
    • Do you prefer to stay at a hotel, a flat or house or do you like going camping? Why?
    • Have you ever gone camping? Tell your friends about your experience
    • Have you ever been abroad? Tell your friends about your experience
    • Talk about holiday resorts in your country
  • 9. Summer Job
  • 10. Your picture was about Summer jobs
    • Now answer:
    • Is it convenient for young people to work during the Summer? In what ways?
    • Have you ever taken a Summer job? Is so, which one? Tell your friends about it. If not, would you have liked to? What would you have liked to do?
    • “ Earning money is not all that matters when you take a job” Do you agree with this statement? To what extent can it be true?
    • What can a young person learn from his/her first job?
    • How easy or difficult is it to get a job at present?
    • “ Children and adolescents should learn how to administer their pocket money” To what extent do you agree?
  • 11. Free Space in the City
  • 12. Your picture was about how to exploit free space in a city
    • Now answer:
    • Do you prefer to live in a big or small city? Why?
    • What are the advantages of big cities?
    • In what way are supermarkets and shopping centres convenient?
    • What improvements do you think your city needs?
    • Do you prefer to spend your weekends indoors or outdoors? What activities do you like doing?
    • What is your ideal city? Why?
  • 13.
    • My Studies
    • My Job
    • My Family
    • My Country
    • My Future
    • My Past
    • My City
    • My Holidays
    • My Favourite Object
    • My Free Time Activities