What's Next for Brand Tendulkar?


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Sachin Tendulkar, India’s greatest cricketer, will play his 200th and final Test match from November 14. Tendulkar has been the most outstanding batsman since Donald Bradman in the history of the game, virtually creating the template for modern batsmanship and leading the march of Indian cricket into a new era of fearlessness and glory.
But Tendulkar is more than a cricketer, he’s an icon. He’s also one of India’s most enduring brands, with appeal across gender, age, socio-economic standing and regions.
MSLGROUP's infographic analyses what’s next for Brand Tendulkar, the opportunities that lie before him and the changes in positioning that he may bring about.

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What's Next for Brand Tendulkar?

  1. What Next For Brand TENDULKAR? Sachin Tendulkar, INDIA’S GREATEST CRICKETER, will play his 200th and final Test match from November 14. But Tendulkar is more than a cricketer. An icon for generations of Indians, he is also ONE OF OUR MOST ENDURING BRANDS, one that has appeal across regions, gender and socio-economic standing WHAT THE TENDULKAR BRAND STANDS FOR Having led India into a new era of fearless, Diminutive, with average looks and tons of grace, he had a MIDDLE-CLASS UPBRINGING. His story resonates with every Indian. victorious cricket, he DEFINED THE TEMPLATE FOR MODERN BATSMANSHIP. That makes him a His brand symbolises SOLIDITY and TRUST. thought and ‘industry’ leader. With more than 34,000 INTERNATIONAL RUNS & 100 CENTURIES, he is the epitome of excellence and achievement. He inked deals that broke records, changing the PARADIGM OF SPORTS ENDORSEMENTS IN INDIA. He is MORE THAN A SPORTSMAN to a country that has a dearth of heroes.
  2. NUMBER OF BRANDS CURRENTLY ENDORSED. They include BANKS, ELECTRONICS MAJORS, SPORTS GEAR MANUFACTURERS, LUXURY WATCHES & SOFT DRINKS. The association with health drink Boost is perhaps his longest lasting one. It was one of the first endorsement deals he signed 24 years ago The brands Tendulkar endorses made it clear that HIS RETIREMENT WILL NOT AFFECT THEIR DEALS. S 15+ WHAT LIES AHEAD? These include... All of them are planning LONG-TERM with him. ASSOCIATIONS He will remain a strong brand, though the NUMBER OF ENDORSEMENTS MAY REDUCE. There will, however, be other opportunities, such as commentary. INNOVATIONS WITH TENDULKAR Toshiba, for instance, is co-creating a LED TV Cricket Series. This is a product that combines Toshiba technology and Tendulkar’s expertise.
  3. OPPORTUNITIES His retirement is the perfect time for brands to cash in on his popularity. It also comes bang IN THE MIDDLE OF INDIA’S FESTIVE SEASON, when marketing activity is at fever pitch. JARRING NOTES A chance to reposition himself, choose brands Did not have the WOOING MORE MATURE AUDIENCES - those IMPACT AS CAPTAIN who watched and idolised Tendulkar as they grew up. that he did as a player. Keeping in mind that his endorsements MUST REFLECT HIS LIFE STAGE, he has been choosing deals in categories such as real estate and financial services, which are not usually youth-targeted. His RAJYA SABHA - India’s upper house of Parliament – innings has been devoid of meaning. Accused of using his position to get exemptions, such as when he asked MORE PRIVATE LABELS are in the pipeline. Tendulkar already has one - ‘Sach’ - with the Future Group, while Adidas has co-branded products called ‘ST’. for a CUSTOMS DUTY WAIVER for his Ferrari. BRAND VOICES “Sachin is with Adidas for life.” Tushar Goculdas, Adidas India brand director “He is an icon of happiness, much like Coca-Cola, and we will continue to look towards him for spreading happiness in the country.” Coca-Cola statement
  4. “We are looking forward to the relationship continuing for many, many years. His decision to retire will not have any bearing on our brand endorsement agreement.” ` 5-6 CRORE Rishi Piparaiya, Aviva India director (marketing and bancassurance) Tendulkar’s reported annual price tag for endorsements. He moved from No 78 among the world’s highest paid athletes in 2012 to 51 in June 2013 on the ‘Forbes’ list. He earned a reported $4 MILLION (` 24 CRORE) in pay and winnings, and $18 MILLION (` 108 CRORE) in endorsements AN “As a sportsperson par excellence, he has been an inspiration to aspiring cricketers and kids alike. He aptly embodies the brand’s attributes and continues to be an ideal brand representative.” IN INDIA INFOGRAPHIC Boost statement 10 “Tendulkar has had a long and successful association with RBS, since September 2008, and is an integral part of our brand identity in India.” Kavita Sonawala, country head - marketing, Royal Bank of Scotland (India) Sources: Cricketcountry.com, Business Today, Hindu Business Line, Moneycontrol.com, The Times Of India, Mumbai Mirror