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An introduction to MSLGROUP Asia's social capabilities and credentials. For more, visit

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Introduction to MSLGROUP Asia Social

  1. 1. Social HiveMSLGROUP Asia MSLGROUP‟s Global Social Media Offering Asia Credentials | 2013
  2. 2. Table of Contents −Storytelling •Six Trends in Storytelling •Our Storytelling Framework −How We Tell Stories: Social Hive Offering −Offering: Proprietary Products •People’s Lab •Social Hive Index •Storystream* −Offering: Social Marketing −Who are the storytellers? −Case Studies −Awards −Questions *Launching in Q2 2013
  3. 3. Storytelling
  4. 4. The Power of StorytellingUsing storytelling to inspire, organize and energize people around a shared purpose. "Tell me a fact and Ill learn. Tell me a truth and Ill believe. Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.“ - Ed Sabol, Founder NFL Films
  5. 5. The Power of StorytellingUsing storytelling to inspire, organize and energize people around a shared purpose. Storytelling has been part of MSLGROUP‟s DNA since we launched our global brand back in 2010. We believe storytelling is important for a number of reasons: stories imprint themselves into our brains faster than concepts explained with logic and analysis; they‟re universal, crossing boundaries of culture, language, gender and age; they‟re told and re-told, building and preserving a group‟s sense of community, establishing emotional connections and creating a shared sense of purpose; they hold our attention in an age of ever increasing „noise.‟
  6. 6. Six Trends in Storytelling
  7. 7. Short Attention SpansPeople are consuming news and entertainment in byte-sized pieces, increasingly onsmartphones and tablets, often on-the-go. Photo from goincase on Flickr
  8. 8. Narrow Interest GraphsPeople are selectively paying attention to the topics and sources they are most interested in,and filtering out the rest. Photo from lylevincent on Flickr
  9. 9. Social SerendipityPeople are discovering new content based on what is shared by their networks, or by otherpeople like them, via sophisticated algorithms. Photo from jodiejaye on Flickr
  10. 10. Community CurationPeople are forming on-the-fly communities around a shared passion or purpose by curatingcontent around hashtags and trending topics. Photo from peterhellberg on Flickr
  11. 11. Remix In ContextPeople are remixing photos, videos, art and music and sharing their creative work in thecontext of a time, place or event. Photo from candiedwomanire on Flickr
  12. 12. Emergent StorylinesPeople are curating their own Facebook or Twitter timelines as work-in-progress stories, withemergent narratives. Photo from xjrlokix on Flickr
  13. 13. Our Storytelling Framework Social Hive MSLGROUP Asia
  14. 14. Social Heartbeat FrameworkHelps brands design powerful purpose-inspired platforms and programs to inspire, organize andenergize people around a shared purpose
  15. 15. Storytelling FrameworkUsing storytelling to communicate social heartbeat 1 2 3 Why? The PURPOSE What? The CHANGE How? The QUEST Who are we and what is our What needs to change? What happens when we try purpose, our reason for to catalyze positive being? change? What does change mean for individuals, stakeholders, What is our shared purpose, communities? What if the only way we can or Social Heartbeat, that can win is by helping all our inspire all our stakeholders? stakeholders win?
  16. 16. How We Tell Stories:Social Hive Offering MSLGROUP Asia
  17. 17. About MSLGROUP Social HiveMSLGROUP Social Hive is the global socialmedia practice of MSLGROUP, pooling 150+dedicated digital advisors across North PLANAmerica, Europe, and Asia, with unrivaledexpertise in social media counsel, online PR, 1. Socialcommunity managment, social media analytics insightsand social media marketing. BUILDSocial Hive is a strategic and trusted digital 2. Proprietary 3. Productionadvisor to our clients. A pioneer in influencer products studiomarketing, word of mouth, real-time insightsand heritage in third party advocacy. We’re ENGAGEable to cross-pollinate ideas and help ourclients in the Conversation Age. 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social storytelling marketing businessSocial Hive is part of MSLGROUP, PublicisGroupe‟s strategic communications andengagement global network.
  18. 18. MSLGROUP Social Hive Offering - Social listening 1 - Social analytics - Insight communities PLAN - People‟s Lab 2 - Social Hive Index 1. Social - Social Storytelling * insights - Social apps BUILD 3 - Online videos - Community minisites 2. Proprietary 3. Production products studio - Branded content 4 - Community engagement - Influencer marketing ENGAGE - Movement marketing 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social 5 - Crowdsourcing contests storytelling marketing business - Social advertising - Social CRM 6 - Social enterprise - Social crisis management
  19. 19. Social Hive Offering: Social InsightsMSLGROUP‟s Social Insights offering includes social listening, social analytics and insightcommunities. Social Listening: We use a social listening platform such as Sysomos to monitor and engage with key conversations happening around the social web separate from owned PLAN social media channels. We discover the data 1. Social you need to make the correct decisions. insights Social Analytics: We use social media BUILD management platforms such as Buddymedia & Radian6 to gain insights about your fans – 2. Proprietary 3. Production age, location, etc. We segment fans to help products studio define communications messages and see what types of fans live within the community. ENGAGE Insight Communities: Insight communities provide windows into what your target 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social audience is thinking and allows you to better storytelling marketing business understand them. MSLGROUP‟s People‟s Lab allows you to create qualitative online research communities to draw insights from these groups.
  20. 20. Social Hive Offering: Proprietary ProductsMSLGROUP‟s Proprietary Products include People‟s Lab, Social Hive Index, and Storystream*. People’s Lab: Software and approach for crowdsourcing insights and innovation. To crowdsource ideas and content from PLAN consumers, employees and influencers. Create an online community to better 1. Social understand the target audience. insights Social Hive Index: Software and approach BUILD for benchmarking social engagement in context. To create a single dynamic score to 2. Proprietary 3. Production benchmark how organizations and products studio influencers are engaging their community members on social media around a specific topic. Klout with context and customization. ENGAGE Storystream*: 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social Aggregate the most powerful stories around storytelling marketing business a specific topic from across the social web, then curate them to create a private newsletter or a dynamic web/ tablet/ mobile magazine. *Launching in Q2 2013
  21. 21. Social Hive Offering: Production StudioMSLGROUP‟s Production Studio offering includes social apps, online videos and communityminisites. Social Applications: We build applications that add life to social media platforms. Strengthen campaigns and develop deeper relationships with fans by creating another PLAN point of engagement. 1. Social insights Online Videos: We create viral videos to BUILD launch a new product or create more buzz around a campaign. Work with us to develop 2. Proprietary 3. Production the content that will ignite your fans to share products studio and spread your brand‟s message. ENGAGE Community Minisites: We build online communities to pull together the brand‟s 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social existing social media community. Have all storytelling marketing business owned channels on a minisite to support a short-term or long-term campaign, tracking community growth and interest.
  22. 22. Social Hive Offering: Social StorytellingMSLGROUP‟s Social Storytelling offering includes branded content, community engagement andinfluencer marketing. Branded Content: Content is king. We bring the brand‟s story and messages to social media to build and grow the online community. Connect with audiences the way PLAN they want to be reached with the correct 1. Social tone, content and multimedia visuals to insights enrich the fan experience. Community Engagement: How do you BUILD sustain fan interest in the online community? We develop content calendars to effectively 2. Proprietary 3. Production deliver key messages that resonate with products studio fans. Through community engagement, develop and discover brand advocates. ENGAGE Influencer Marketing: Align the brand with a key influencer that fans trust to bring the 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social message full circle. We integrate influencers storytelling marketing business into the social storytelling process to strengthen campaign messages.
  23. 23. Social Hive Offering: Social MarketingMSLGROUP‟s Social Marketing offering includes movement marketing, crowdsourcing contestsand social advertising. Movement Marketing: Ignite your fans to spread a message or champion a cause. Allow the brand to empower a group to make a change in the world. We develop PLAN integrated digital campaigns to catalyze fans 1. Social to act and create a grassroots movement. insights Crowdsourcing Contests: Rally fans to BUILD participate in a crowdsourcing contest. Let fans create product ideas or provide 2. Proprietary 3. Production valuable insight in improving business products studio models. We can create special minisites or social media applications to bring contests to life. ENGAGE Social Advertising: Extend community building efforts with social advertising. Let 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social fan actions speak for the brand. Pay to storytelling marketing business sponsor positive fan interactions with the brand to a greater community to increase fans on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  24. 24. Social Hive Offering: Social BusinessMSLGROUP‟s Social Business offering includes social CRM, social enterprise and social crisismanagement. Social CRM: Incorporate social into the decision making process for purchases. Provide real-time customer service or create online customer communities for education PLAN and promotion. We help you determine the 1. Social best ways to start a social CRM process. insights Social Enterprise: Integrate social into all BUILD business aspects from sales to human resources to create a social business. 2. Proprietary 3. Production Leverage insights from social media to make products studio better business choices. We create a strategy and work with your teams to bring social to all business areas. ENGAGE Social Crisis Management: We help you put strategies in place and conduct Social 4. Social 5. Social 6. Social Media Immersion Workshops to give storytelling marketing business decision-makers and frontline managers a joint understanding of social media dynamics via our proprietary online crisis simulation.
  25. 25. MSLGROUP Social Hive Offering in AsiaSocial Hive Offering CH HK TW IN JP SG Social Listening      Social Insights Social Analytics    Insight Communities  People‟s Lab Proprietary Products Social Hive Index  Social Storytelling  Social Apps    Production Studio Online Videos     Community Minisites     Branded Content    Social Storytelling Community Management      Influencer Marketing      Movement Marketing   Social Marketing Crowdsource Contests     Social Advertising     Social CRM  Social Business Social Enterprise   Social Crisis Management   
  26. 26. Offering:Proprietary Products MSLGROUP Asia Social Hive
  27. 27. Proprietary Products: People’s LabSoftware and approach for crowdsourcing insights and innovation NEED COST • To crowdsource insights and ideas from • The cost includes a one-time setup fee and a consumers, employees and influencers. monthly licensing fees, and, if needed, custom • To crowdsource content and stories from design & development, community consumers and influencers. management, and content creation/ curation. • To crowdsource tips and best practices From Euro 10,000 to Euro 100,000 for typical from employees and stakeholders. projects of 3-12 months. OFFERING CLIENTS • Set up highly customized private or public, • Dell India, 2010 web or mobile insights communities, • P&G Asia (Singapore), 2012 ideation communities, and contest • KPMG India, 2012 platforms. • Chicco Artsana Italy, 2012 • Deeply integrated with Facebook, Twitter • Bulgaria Government, 2012 and YouTube. • MSLGROUP Global 2011, 2012 • Rich content, community, gamification and FOR MORE social analytics features and Tumblr-like visual content interface. Ask, • Custom design and development for and specific needs. for the People‟s • Plus, content creation, content curation Lab deck and demo, or visit and community engagement services.
  28. 28. Chicco Artsana Nata IeriItaly | 2012 | People‟s Lab CHALLENGE •Chicco Artsana wanted to engage parents in discussions around bringing up children for analysis and insight generation. SOLUTION •A semi-private, web based community allowing parents to invite others and discuss parenthood issues catalyzed by community managers through sharing specific experiences. Started Aug 2012 1000+ Visits RESULT •In progress. Running Indefinitely 65 Insights 82 Users 150+ Comments
  29. 29. Proprietary Products: Social Hive IndexSoftware and approach for benchmarking social engagement in context NEED COST • To create a single dynamic score to • The cost includes one-time setup and benchmark how organizations and customization, daily updated dashboard, influencers are engaging their community monthly reporting, and quarterly qualitative members on social media around a research and recommendations. Euro 10,000 specific topic. Klout with context and to 30,000 per topic/ market per year, based on customization. complexity of customization. OFFERING CLIENTS • Set up dynamic, daily updated dashboard • MSLGROUP Global, 2012 with a single score for each company. • Uses a combination of automatically updated social analytics data, quarterly qualitative research waves, and our proprietary normalization algorithm. • Quantitative social analytics data from FOR MORE Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare, blogs and websites around a Ask, specific topic. and • Qualitative rating scores on the for the Social Hive effectiveness of storytelling and Index deck and demo, or visit engagement.
  30. 30. Proprietary Products: StorystreamSoftware and approach for social curation and social storytelling NEED COST • To aggregate the most powerful stories • The cost includes a one-time setup fee and a around a specific topic from across the monthly licensing fees, and, if needed, custom social web, then curate them to create a design & development, community private newsletter or a dynamic web/ management, and content creation/ curation. tablet/ mobile magazine. From Euro 10,000 to Euro 100,000 for typical projects of 3-12 months. OFFERING CLIENTS • Set up highly customized, private or public, • Under development. web or mobile social curation and social storytelling platforms. • The algorithm aggregates the most relevant stories around a topic from a hand-curated list of influential sources, then uses social analytics data from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to identify FOR MORE the most popular stories. • A human editor tags individual stories Ask, which are emailed to individuals for action, and or distributed to a group as a private email for the Social newsletter, or published to a dynamic Storytelling deck (coming soon). public magazine that works across web, tablet and mobile interfaces.
  31. 31. Offering: Social Marketing MSLGROUP Asia Social Hive
  32. 32. Movement Marketing: PurPle (Purpose + People)Approach for collaborative social innovation and movement marketing NEED COST • To inspire, organize and energize • The cost includes research, strategy, design consumers, employees and influencers to and development, content creation, and participate and act around a shared community management. From Euro 50,000 to purpose. Euro 1,000,000 for typical projects of 3-12 months. OFFERING CLIENTS • Create private communities to • MSLGROUP Global, 2011, 2012 collaboratively rediscover a shared • Perfetti China, 2011, 2012 purpose to inspire people. • Design long-term channel-agnostic • Siemens Germany, 2011, 2012 collaborative social innovation and • Dell India, 2010 grassroots movement marketing platforms to organize people. FOR MORE • Create a series of interconnected purpose- inspired programs to energize people. Ask, • Use purpose-inspired transmedia and storytelling to trigger participation and for the action. PurPle deck, or visit
  33. 33. Purpling MSLGROUPGlobal | 2012 | People‟s Lab CHALLENGE •MSLGROUP wanted senior stakeholders globally, to discuss what was the best method to PurPle the group. SOLUTION •A limited period, private, collaboration platform created for all stakeholders. •An integrated approach using mailers, slideshare embeds and catalyzing examples on the platform ensured engagement and participation. Started July 2012 425 Visits RESULT 2 Months 33 Insights •100+ unique visitors, •100+ contributions 111 Users 45 Comments •One approach selected through a voting process.
  34. 34. Who are thestorytellers? MSLGROUP Asia Social Hive
  35. 35. Social Hive Asia Team (80+) Gaurav Narendra Wei Lu Sun, Manager, Mishra, Parveez Modak, Nag, Wang, Beijing Tokyo Shanghai Delhi Shanghai Mumbai 25 15 10 30 Alice Hu, Suryasen Henry Stacy Jia, Manager, Sohini Beijing Shanghai Sengupta, Kundu, Yan, Singapore Mumbai Delhi Shanghai Joy Das, Tushar Jason Kelvin Manager, Mumbai Bajaj, Jiao, Jiang, Taipei Delhi Beijing Beijing Derek Dong, Beijing Manager, Hong Kong
  36. 36. Gaurav Mishra, ShanghaiAsia VP of Insights, Innovation & Social EXPERTISE BIO • Social media marketing Gaurav support s1400+ staff, including 80+ dedicated • Purpose-inspired branding digital and social media staff, across 10+ •Movement marketing MSLGROUP agencies in India, Greater China, Japan and Southeast Asia and leads insights, planning, • Social innovation creative and training. •Transmedia storytellling •Crowdsourcing Gaurav also helps create new insights and innovation offerings for MSLGROUP‟s global network, including CLIENTS software, services and thought leadership. Examples •P&G Asia include People‟s Lab for crowdsourcing insights and •Walmart Asia innovations and PurPle (Purpose + People) for •Haier Global catalyzing collaborative social innovation and •International Olympics Committee grassroots change movements. •Perfetti China Previously, Gaurav studied at IIM Bangalore, held senior marketing roles at the Tata Group, taught RECOGNITION social media at Georgetown University as the 2008- •2008-09 Yahoo! Fellow, 2009 TEDIndia Fellow, 2009 09 Yahoo! Fellow, launched crowd-sourced election SNCR Fellow monitoring platform Vote Report India and co-founded social media agency 2020 Social, which was acquired •Quoted in 100+ media stories. by Publicis Groupe. •Served on 5+ award juries. •Written 5+ book chapters. •Spoken at 100+ conferences.
  37. 37. Case Studies MSLGROUP Asia Social Hive
  38. 38. Greater China MSL CHINA
  39. 39. AlpenliebeChina | 2011 | Case Study CHALLENGE •In an increasingly squeezed market, Alpenliebe found itself being recognized by consumers, but not being known for anything in particular. • It was at risk of becoming perceived as irrelevant and outdated, in China market that was awash with brands creatively engaging with consumers. SOLUTION •Started a kindness movement by using Renren as the campaign hub for people to share their personal Tudou Kindness Videos Sina Weibo Page acts of kindness. Sina Weibo amplified the reach of the movement, distributing content and sparking additional interactions. •Video web stories showcasing kindness were produced and uploaded to video sharing site, Tudou to inspire. RESULT •150,000 community members •151,000 kindness stories generated from fans •3,270,000 shares and comments across digital platforms World Kindness Day Renren Page •16% sales growth •63% ahead of category growth
  40. 40. AlpenliebeChina | 2012 CHALLENGE •Continue to showcase Alpenliebe as a company that inspires and creates millions acts of kindness for a sweeter world. •Maintain and build relationships with existing consumers and fans from 2011 campaign. Top 10 Sina Weibo Hot Topic in 2012 SOLUTION •Continuing with the kindness movement with “365 Days of Positive Power” on Sina Weibo. •Created a kindness infographic every day with a call to action to engage and catalyze the community to act. Sina Weibo Kindness Infographics •Partnered with changemakers, NGOs and media to support the digital campaign and celebrate Alpenliebe fans. RESULTS •600,000+ community members •4 million online interactions •246 media clippings •20% growth in brand sales volume •“Positive power” became a Top 10 Sina Weibo Hot Sina Weibo 365 Days of Positive Topic in 2012 with Alpenliebe leading the Photos Generated by Fans Power Application conversation
  41. 41. Singapore Tourism BoardChina | 2010 | Case Study CHALLENGE •Singapore Tourism Board wanted more affluent Chinese tourists to go visit Singapore. •Showcase Singapore as the best tourist destination for Chinese people in the increasingly competitive tourism market. SOLUTION: Phase 1 •Launched a new campaign, “Transformed Stefanie Sun, Singapore Tourism Board Ambassaor Singapore” as a part of the larger rebranding of Singapore (Your Singapore). •Introduced Stefanie Sun as Singapore Tourism Board ambassador who personified transformation to netizens through social media outreach. RESULT •Awards: 2011 International Business Awards •2011 Top 10 Chinese Best Weibo Practice Award •437,000+ online interactions STB Sina Weibo •12 million impressions
  42. 42. Singapore Tourism BoardChina | 2010 | Case Study CHALLENGE •Singapore Tourism Board wanted more affluent Chinese tourists to come visit Singapore. •How to show Singapore as the best tourist destination for Chinese people in the increasingly competitive tourism market. SOLUTION: Phase 2 •Invited KOLs to visit Singapore and to share their experiences with fans on Sina Weibo (social media hub). Custom Trip Planning Kaixin Photo Contest •Visitors could design their own customized trip to Singapore on the website and were encouraged to share their travel experiences. •Users participated in a photo contest on Kaixin that was based off places where Stefanie Sun (Singapore ambassador) had featured on social media. RESULT •Awards: 2011 International Business Awards •2011 Top 10 Chinese Best Weibo Practice Award •437,000+ online interactions Singapore Tourism Board •12 million impressions
  43. 43. Ernst &YoungChina | 2010 CHALLENGE •Ernst & Young (EY) needed to strengthen their brand among business graduates in China – a group which spends most of their free time online or with peers, and have low traditional media consumption. SOLUTION •EY went digital with an integrated online and offline campaign. •EY‟s “online home” for career development was created on Renren to establish a relationship with the target audience. •EY was the first of the big four to establish an online home on Renren. RESULTS •26 000+ fans on the EY Renren page. •5,000 students visited the Campus Tour. 99% said Ernst & Young Renren Page they would consider EY as an employer. •EY improved more than any other competitor, including strengthened in key areas addressed by project.
  44. 44. New BalanceHong Kong | 2011 CHALLENGE •New Balance was new to the court shoe category, which was already a saturated market. •They needed to find a way to enter quickly and successfully to launch the CT891 Collection. SOLUTION New Balance Facebook Page •Tapped into the skater community by creating a viral video featuring the product. •Created anticipation on street fashion media and Facebook via styling tips and conversations, finally driving traffic to the store. •Introduced the Penny Skateboard set, a limited Facebook Posts edition item available on a register-for-chance-to-buy basis. RESULT •2,300 new Facebook fans after the one month campaign. •4,452 views of the viral video. New Balance CT891 Collection Viral •Demand for the limited edition box item was 10 times Video actual product availability.
  45. 45. ChinaGenedigi
  46. 46. HuaweiChina | 2011 CHALLENGE •Huawei was transitioning from B2B to B2C. •Consumers had little understanding of Huawei. •Huawei needed to launch its flagship smartphone in a competitive market. SOLUTION •Integrated location based service events with Sina Weibo engagement to educate consumers about the new smartphone. Consumers could also win badges Viral Video by participating in the LBS events. •Created a viral video that was uploaded on to top video sharing websites. •Launched campaign during holidays when mobile phone purchase were traditionally high. RESULT Holiday Promotion •500,000 people participated in campaign activities. Sina Weibo Post •410,000 views of viral video during launch week. •In 2011, Huawei defeated Apple and ranked number 3 among smartphone manufacturers in China.
  47. 47. SamsungChina | 2011 CHALLENGE •Samsung was going to launch its red LCD Monitor, Red Rhyme Monitor, in an already saturated market. •Consumers could not differentiate between different brands that sold LCD monitors. SOLUTION •Launched an online talent competition to find a “Red Contestants Rhyme Lady” through an online voting contest. •Contestants signed up on the official website and interacted with voters on Sina Weibo to win votes. •Various prizes and Samsung products were given away to incentivize participation. “Red Rhyme Lady” Talent Competition RESULT •35,000+ competition participants. •Contest propelled “beautiful contestants” to be a Sina Weibo Hot Topic. Talent Competition •2011 sales goal of 1 million monitors was attained ahead of projected date.
  48. 48. IndiaMSL India2020 Social
  49. 49. eBayIndia | 2012 | Case Study CHALLENGE •EBay wanted to become the preferred ecommerce brand in India. SOLUTION •Women-centric, insights led social media campaign that also fixed customer-issues in real-time. •Special deals were made available to fans leading to higher conversions and increased word of mouth leading to the notion, "eBay deals are the best Facebook Engagement online." •Rich visual storytelling such as," Every day in January is a Special Day," and a curated collection of products ensured high engagement and relevance . RESULT •Facebook became the second largest driver of online traffic to eBay. Facebook Engagement •EBay Indias Facebook page (1,421,912 fans in early 2012) is the largest facebook community amongst e- commerce entities in India. Facebook Post •An average of 1,200 queries are answered monthly on the Facebook page.
  50. 50. Sony MobileIndia | 2012 | Case Study CHALLENGE •Sony Mobile needed to achieve top-of-mind recall through creative engagement in the already crowded Indian marketplace. SOLUTION •Focused on engaging audiences through an integrated program that straddled social media, TV commercials and product launches. •Used a series of contests, quizzes and Facebook Engagement crowdsourced content to generate widespread awareness and engagement on social platforms. RESULTS •Sales targets were met within three days. •Recognized as 10th most popular brand on social media in India by NM Incite. Sony Mobile Facebook •Engaged 600,000 non-fans and added 2,000+ fans Facebook Engagement every day with over 10,000 stories created around posts each day.
  51. 51. Australian High Commission Oz FestIndia | 2012 CHALLENGE •Show India that Australia is a people friendly, culturally rich nation. SOLUTION •Created an engaging storyline around “Oz Fest,” a four month arts festival in India to connect target audiences online and offline to experience Australian culture. Oz Fest Website •Conducted contests and event registration activities to increase awareness. •Oz Fest was the biggest Australian culture festival ever to occur in India. RESULT Oz Fest Events •52,000+ unique visits to the website Oz Fest Facebook Page •15+ million impressions through online media buys •61,000+ Facebook fans
  52. 52. VolkswagenIndia | 2012 CHALLENGE •Volkswagen‟s wanted to educate India that small changes could help improve the country‟s water scarcity issue. SOLUTION •Launched the “Every Drop Counts” campaign to crowdsource water saving ideas via a Facebook application. •Created a series of short films with Think Blue ambassador Neil Nitin Mukesh to increase awarenss about the contest. •The best idea was voted by Facebook fans featured on ZEE News. RESULT •2,600 pledges from the fans •Gained 32,000 fans over 1.5 months • Added 20% more subscribers to the Volkswagen Every Drop Counts Campaign YouTube channel
  53. 53. TaiwanICL MSL
  54. 54. Hong Kong Tourism in TaiwanTaiwan | 2010 | Case Study CHALLENGE •The Hong Kong Tourism Board wanted to boost in- bound travel from Taiwan, and identified young travelers as key tourism growth drivers. SOLUTION •First online interactive promotion video in Taiwan, using the "videosharing" function on YouTube. •Interactive video series: "Winter in Hong Kong - The last 120 hrs of a Taiwanese Geek" was produced to engage young Taiwanese travelers with Hong Kong. •At the end of each sub-video, viewers could choose different options that let them experience what dating their dream girl in Hong Kong would virtually be like. RESULTS •Most popular" and "most viewed" video on YouTube within 24 hours of being uploaded. •Reached one million visits in two weeks and cumulative views of all in excess of 8 million. •Helped generate 376,629 visitors to Hong Kong Winter in Hong Kong Interactive Video between January-February 2010 - an increase of Series 12.7% over the same period in 2009.
  55. 55. Taiwan ExcellenceTaiwan | 2012 | Case Study CHALLENGE •Increase awareness about Taiwan Excellence and its Taiwan. •Increase purchases of Taiwan products. SOLUTION •Consumers from China, India, Indonesia or Vietnam were invited to participate in a 3-stage competition integrated with social media called SmarTEST!, which was designed around Taiwan Excellence brands. •Part 1: 24-hour online test •Part 2: 10 winners from part 1 participate in challenges and upload videos to YouTube •Part 3: One winner from each country assembles team and goes to Taiwan to compete with teams from other countries •The winner won the title of The SmarTEST! and was nominated as the Taiwan Excellence Brand Ambassador of 2012. RESULTS •36,000 total contestants across 4 countries SmarTEST! Website •Over 1 million website visitors •120,000 social media fans
  56. 56. Singapore MSL Singapore
  57. 57. P&G “Thank you, Mom” London 2012 OlympicsP&G Asia (Singapore) | 2012 CHALLENGE • With more than 14 independent community managers throughout Asia working across numerous company-owned social platforms, P&G needed a content management and deployment platform to enable real-time sharing and content optimization, while managing stringent International Olympic Committee (IOC) approvals and P&G social media legal guidelines. SOLUTION • Created the Social Media Regional Centre (SMRC) - a password-protected, closed-system platform for P&G‟s internal and external community managers to serve Social Media Regional Centre (SMRC) as a real-time clearing house for globally, regionally and locally-produced content. The powered by MSLGROUP‟s People‟s Lab platform also enables regional P&G team to answer questions in real-time and encourages sharing of best practices and successes. • MSL Singapore also developed the regional social engagement strategy, social media conversation calendars for P&G, and effectively responded to queries in real-time through the SMRC. RESULTS • Through the SMRC, MSL Singapore actively engaged with more than 100 P&G stakeholders and agency partners. • P&G stakeholders from both brand and corporate teams contributed materials and this drove sharing and reapplication of best practices. • 100% of the countries downloaded and repurposed conversation starters and content provided on the platform. The SMRC and content developed by MSL Singapore Regional content and guidance posted enabled P&G Asia to contribute significantly to the momentum of the “Thank you, on the SMRC Mom” movement.
  58. 58. AwardsSocial HiveMSLGROUP Asia
  59. 59. Awards2012 | 2011 | 2010 SINGAPORE CHINA INDIA Bees Social Media 2010 Bees Social Media 2011 Big Bang Awards 2011 - P&G: Best Relationship with blogs for - IKEA: Best Use of Microblogging Platform - Au Bon Pain: Silver Award - Social Whisper (MSL Singapore) (Eastwei MSL) Media Campaign (Hanmer MSL) IBA 2011 CMO Asia Award 2011 - Singapore Tourism Board: Distinguished - Mantri: Best Use of Social Media in honoree – Stevie: Social Media Campaign Marketing (Hanmer MSL) (Eastwei MSL) SABRE Asia-Pac 2011 TAIWAN Digital Media Awards 2011 - Au Bon Pain: Social Media Digital Media Awards 2011 - Singapore Tourism Board: Shortlisted in the Campaign (Hanmer MSL) - Hong Kong Tourism Board: Bronze in nomination Travel/Leisure (Eastwei MSL) Bees Social Media 2012 Travel/Leisure Category (ICL) China Digital Media Awards 2011 - ebay India: Best use of Social CRM - IKEA: Winner, „Ten Outstanding Case of (Hanmer MSL) Chinese enterprise microblog‟ (MSL China) China Digital Media Awards 2011 - STB: Winner, „Ten Outstanding Case of Chinese enterprise microblog‟ (MSL China) PR Daily Awards 2012 - Singapore Tourism Board: Nominated in Best Social Media Campaign (MSL China)
  60. 60. How can we help you? Gaurav Mishra Asia VP of Insights, Innovation & Social Email: Follow: @gauravonomics on Twitter