Heineken The Candidate: People’s Insights: Volume 2, Issue 27


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This week, we distill insights around The Candidate - a video compilation of secretly filmed job interviews at Heineken.

For more about The Candidate, visit: http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/peoplesinsights/heinekens-the-candidate-peoples-insights-volume-2-issue-27/

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Heineken The Candidate: People’s Insights: Volume 2, Issue 27

  1. 1. Reputation | Employee Engagement | Citizenship Heineken The Candidate People’s Insights: Volume 2, Issue 27
  2. 2. What is The Candidate? The Candidate is video compilation of secretly filmed job interviews at Heineken. The interviews were designed to get applicants out of their comfort zone and to help the brand identify the right talent.
  3. 3. How it works Interviews were filmed and the best three videos were uploaded to the company intranet, where employees could vote for the candidate best suited for the role. Source: elmaaltshift.com
  4. 4. Viral Journey The Candidate film was published on Heineken’s Facebook page in February, 2013. Web media shared it on their social media channels, creating a knock-on effect that made the film go viral. Source: Mashable.com, YouTube Statistics
  5. 5. The right approach for millennials? By changing the interview structure, Heineken demonstrated that its not just another job but It’s a meaningful one – which is what Gen Y and soon Gen Z want from work. Source: linkedin.com
  6. 6. True to the brand value The campaign fits right in with the brands attitude of ‘Open your World’. Through the various stages of the campaign it not only managed to make candidates look beyond the ordinary but also gave the outside world a glimpse into its culture, thereby strengthening the reputation of beer = fun. Daylon D’Cruz Associate Account Director at MSLGROUP India Thinkers point out that the campaign gives people the opportunity to explore their own calibre and real worth, and strengthens the reputation of “beer = fun.”
  7. 7. A China perspective Yes, I do think it works. Of course we won't use the same way to do the interview, but we could create some sessions to test a candidate's reactions and feedback. According to my personal experience, I've never heard any company do something similar in China. I believe it would be appropriate to set something like The Candidate in round one. Judy Luo, Director at MSLGROUP China Thinkers commented that Heineken’s approach to hiring talent could be adopted in countries like China as well.
  8. 8. Engaging future employees The campaign successfully grabbed the interest of future employees – Heineken reported a +279% traffic increase to its HR sites and +317% increase in CV’s submitted after campaign launch. Source: Huffington post
  9. 9. And current employees The Candidate also helped establish the “Open Your World” brand strategy internally. 91% of Heineken employees watched the video and found it stimulating for their job.
  10. 10. Recognition in the industry Marketers too supported the unconventional approach, and Heineken was awarded a Gold Lion in the PR category at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2013. Source: Twitter.com
  11. 11. Read People’s Lab insights & foresights The People’s Lab team shares the insights and foresights from the MSLGROUP Insights Network on the People’s Insights weekly blog , quarterly magazine and annual report. MSLGROUP INSIGHTS NETWORK 100+ MSLGROUP planners share and discuss inspiring projects on reputation, employee engagement and citizenship. PEOPLE’S INSIGHTS WEEKLY BLOG PEOPLE’S INSIGHTS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE We deep dive into conversations around one project to distill insights and foresights. Every quarter, we compile the best insights from the network and the blog into a magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities. For more, visit http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/peoplesinsights
  12. 12. People’s Lab: Crowdsourcing Insights & Innovation People’s Lab is MSLGROUP’s proprietary crowdsourcing platform and approach that helps organizations tap into people’s insight for innovation, storytelling and change. For more, visit http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/peoplesinsights
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