Connecting with Audiences Using Experential Marketing: Campaigns by MSLGROUP Netherlands


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One of the most powerful ways to connect and build a successful relationship with your audience is through an event. At MSLGROUP we have the necessary expertise, from concept development through to successful implementation. Here are some recent events & campaigns by us in the Netherlands.

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Connecting with Audiences Using Experential Marketing: Campaigns by MSLGROUP Netherlands

  2. 2. What we believe in We help our clients to connect their company with their target audience in a creative, sophisticated and structured manner. From idea to execution, offline and online, 24/7. We get in the heads and hearts of people through meaningful experiences. + Corporate events + Employee events + Live actions + Online events + Product introductions + Stakeholder events + Congresses + Press meetings + And more…
  3. 3. Experiences with impact An event is one of the most powerful ways to build a relationship with your audience. Events for employees or external stakeholders, workshops, congresses or a live action in the centre of a city: MSLGROUP has the necessary expertise, from concept development through to successful implementation. Our full-service approach starts with the development of a communication and event strategy, and the conception of the creative concept. In the pre- production stage, our creation and production department brings the ideas to life. Finally, we ensure a flawless execution.
  4. 4. + Be inspired Bart van Wanrooij Creative director 0031 (0)6 14 89 83 89 Randstad Award Interpolis insurance Museumquarter Rabobank NOW! Bayer Randstad 50 Day of the boat tour AXA Online discussion 24 hours of nature Rabobank Nr. 1 event Nestlé Philips summer event Philips design event MaDiWoDo Interpolis SZHOW Ministry EL&I
  5. 5. Randstad Award ceremony for the most attractive employer + 600 guests, 3 winners in Brussels + Video productions and live entertainment + Bilingual show
  6. 6. Interpolis Zeker van je Zaak
  7. 7. Landscape campaign Ministry EL&I + Airborne Media spectacle + Kick-off of the three-year campaign by Minister Gerda Verburg + A campaign air balloon as an eye catcher
  8. 8. Interpolis Zeker van je Zaak Experience days + 1,500 employees in 5 days + The emotional side of damage is experienced personally thanks to “real-life” scenes + Online activities increase the level of knowledge and are connected to the event
  9. 9. Worldwide party with Randstad 50 Club Gold + 28,000 employees experience online brand values + Live events at 26 locations in 24 hours + Connected to each other by a unique live (social) television channel
  10. 10. Randstad 50
  11. 11. Philips summer event: Get ready for the summer! + Press Relation event + Dutch lifestyle journalists come together + Introduction of several Philips lifestyle products
  12. 12. Royal opening for Museumkwartier ‘s-Hertogenbosch + Royal opening and public opening + Pop up activities across the city with Quartermasters + Royal opening by Princess Beatrix
  13. 13. MaDiWoDo Interpolis SZhOW + In collaboration with studio Cé and Paul de Leeuw + 400 guests experience the effects of incapacity for work in a moving and lively way + Show stays available online and on DVD
  14. 14. 2 events on 1 day for Bayer 100 years + Aesthetic relation event and party for employees + Video production, stage entertainment and Bayer Health Spa + Outdoor exhibition on museum square
  15. 15. Pop-up store for Nestlé Special-T + Outstanding location in the middle of Amsterdam becomes Tea store for one day + All big lifestyle media present + Tea sommelier creates a real experience
  16. 16. 24 hours of nature for Ministry EL&I + Online and offline activities + Highlight during Nature summit with Prime Minister Rutte and State Secretary Dijksma + Green catwalk for nature initiatives
  17. 17. Number one mentality at Rabobank NOW! + 900 employees powered with new energy + First corporate 3D film in the Netherlands + Employees pitching against each other via a game
  18. 18. Philips design event + Redesign of wake up light + Designers from Philips and Hans Ubbink talk about the design + “Waking up experience” for journalists
  19. 19. 55.000 AXA employees in online conversation + 55.000 employees, 7 languages + Worldwide event in 24 hours + Online discussion, live video reports and full analysis
  20. 20. Canal tour companies in the spotlight during Day of the boat tour + National media attention + Free “tour” for people of Amsterdam sold out + Public event on military terrain
  21. 21. Event for employees of Rabobank Number 1 in business + 5.500 employees in 3 days + Meeting, entertainment and knowledge sessions + Video production and CD production