Brand Mary Kom Packs a Punch


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Born in Kangathei, Manipur – one of India’s north-eastern states – Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom has fought against the odds to achieve sporting stardom. The only Indian woman boxer to have won an Olympics bronze, Mary Kom – as she’s better known – embodies the spirit of triumph. Breaking gender stereotypes and battling poverty, her trials and her journey to stardom are the stuff dreams are made of. Such is the power of her story that even mainstream Bollywood could not help but capture it on the big screen.

Leading actress Priyanka Chopra will soon be seen essaying her role in the much anticipated biopic ‘Mary Kom’. Besides her training and tournaments, Mary Kom’s diary is packed with endorsements, celebrity appearances and speaking assignments. Our infographic from India, a nation obsessed with cricket, analyses what makes the story of a boxer so alluring and why Brand Mary Kom clicks.

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Brand Mary Kom Packs a Punch

  1. 1. ="I‘he only Indian woman boxer to have won an Olympics bronze, life has ‘_ never been the same for Mary Kom since she returned from the 2012 games. ‘ Fame had proved elusive till then, despite her winning world championships earlier. ‘S~‘Today, endorsements, celebrity appearances and speaking assignments are as much u": ‘I "apart of her life as the training, tournaments and her boxing academy. With her autobiography released in 2013 and a film chronicling her life coming soon, MSLGROUP analyses why Mary Kom is now a much-sought-after brand ambassador. , »'4,l, :_¢, =1_»‘_| ,|, F', l'i I_ , »‘F, i‘ , »'4,l, :_i, ::‘Ti 5-time world am eur boxing champion 6 world hampionships Only woman boxer fro India to qualify for the 2012 Summer Oly pics; she competed in the flyweight (51 kg) ategory and won bronze Padma Shree She runs er own boxing academy for the Ie er privileged HI)IIIiiIEHl4|l= H-‘FIBIIIEJIIHI!111IP1131-HId= H~‘I'hll'lBIIl]; )Il1_l'll<lA"“F= ‘ , , one of the few icons from the North-East admired across India an-iam-1I4I4-; ,i. m»-maa-: uuaixaln-i-maaxmiimiixa defied convention every step of the way tin-—u‘m(-‘l everything going against her, ,1.. .”. ;~, .m-m. .inm. iata-usrm. And she beat it all '_Uil= J-2[H1lll= l~1:{: IIlitflI! II(€[= )(i['I! Ni‘!501il= l~‘l'2{II3TI: l'l: lik1!lI{I{= l~‘+-‘i-Miilil-’ulVfl| I(= ItIIl: l,, l'i! =uvIM»a'i-) g'A1:I: i dream that middle-class India loves to dream ' 9~1:i1lit. )lswm-x-xiniirdifl:13;no-331:: :(-x: m:i--)Fix: )mix-11'; Leading actress Priyanka Chopra is essaying her role in ‘Mary Kom‘ r I it-—i: autobiography, ‘Unbreakable’, inspired m= uy; ,.: };z: x=i>[l= Ill~‘:1-inu1:Mvu)ui: :u I I-I ViV| ji1t-. -i’-I-«an: anur--cmigiainit-i= lir: iih: i:vnun-151.»-i"tgui¢: i»ar2~t= Fl! =IF)l: . ‘ 2i ', :r, ;g*-x; +1i. * 1- - -ma , _ , n:rt= i her earnings then stood at Rs 3.32 crore- 'i'l‘: I‘(rl‘uu1--In .51-. i=l I-)-—- 4 l l l l I l . tr IF I CAN, YOU CAN MARY KOM, IN HER OWN wonos / , 7 "IL-it--nut-iho)ui. L!". ‘=3l" '), l| uy , K'J:1I]91[= »<Ij: {=lO“K' ql’l= "__, ‘ii Fiinoxtlelii‘ u. .r. _1ui. buo‘i-my man my -/ i _'-)‘(-)(u’}. :(-.111 , ~ _A. -____ lg”; -_ . .-_ . “mg m"m"; ‘5m, ‘m. m,m= ..(. )i uummii um or_1(. I-II '. u(—>-0): _: §g(, ;Vu_. ‘flu‘ l. :ml“¥i , . L . V . i’l E,1.u: i<in —, » , u'o_i: ii. t=,1,l w-until oJ, ‘ur-. u1:l= ~=| '1=’-l'#3-'9-'15?‘ ’ ’ “'-‘—'>“'**'M 1-1'» , utI; _i-fL, "» M"1"‘"‘""" kw . I _ -‘I "y); (‘—“,7a-‘I ‘ tqvfisi-—l, li' *-3,110.‘ J .9 """“ 1 . V I / ‘-''A'4'= .l'1m(= )aui=1uaI‘o1.; ' , ‘ -- ‘ -I = . . mmiuflufl Mhlmnll L. " Inamlki-mere. ‘ " ~ - '= l'*s~un= .l1L »- < »- . ' aura)‘ ‘ ~ -. . fir ‘i . ”WIm "t"""’-‘. 'V ‘ my . . 11”’ "*'~"""« -r= _ui , -.10, ilm), JIn i_‘; ,(; )‘, , J mi. ” mflflfl. J. |,, ._h”‘; r”. "“" . Sources: Media reports, wwwmcmarykom com