8th Dillon, Jacob, Mauricio, Michael


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8th Dillon, Jacob, Mauricio, Michael

  1. 1. No More Nukes By: The No Name Group
  2. 2. A Atomic bombs are dangerous.
  3. 3. B It takes Billions of dollars to make.
  4. 4. c C lear weapons bases Total know land that is occupied by U.S. nu and facilities15,654 square miles
  5. 5. D Destrys peoples lifes in seconds
  6. 6. E Won't this help us in war? Yes. Even thou it causes radiation it'll help us in war.
  7. 7. F Nukes are not Funny
  8. 8. G gigantic explosion
  9. 9. H A Hydrogen bomb is is one of them
  10. 10. I i the explos on and radiation can effect babies
  11. 11. J Just stay away from them
  12. 12. k T h e y k i l l p e o p l e
  13. 13. L Letting bombs drop is killing thousands of people
  14. 14. M Mushroom clouds are cool to look at
  15. 15. N Nobody should be for atomic bombs boooo!!
  16. 16. O ou are out of your mind if you drop am A bomb Y
  17. 17. P People should be afraid of atomic bombs
  18. 18. Q Quit messing with Atomic bombs, It's messing with lives
  19. 19. R Amount of plutonium still in weapons 43 met Ric tons.
  20. 20. S S Co t of the Manhattan project 20,000,000,000
  21. 21. T I T's a good thing they don't launch the titan bomb
  22. 22. U Umber of Islands in Eniwetok atoll vaporized by hydro bombs 1 N
  23. 23. V Volume in cubic meters of radioactive waste resulting from weapons activities 104,000,000 football fields
  24. 24. W Won't dropping bombs help kill the enemy Yes but it does also kill some of us in battle
  25. 25. X Xico has the largest number of nuclear weapons. New me
  26. 26. Y Total land area of the District of Columbia, Massachusetts y and New Jerse 15,357 square miles [ where nuclear facilities are ]
  27. 27. Z It's a good thing they don't make Zombies or do they....
  28. 28. Question What if we just make them to scare are enemies but never use them? That would be smarter.
  29. 29. conclusion In conclusion Don't mess with atomic bombs
  30. 30. Bibliography bing.com/images