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7th Alliey, Brandon, Paxton, Sam

7th Alliey, Brandon, Paxton, Sam






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    7th Alliey, Brandon, Paxton, Sam 7th Alliey, Brandon, Paxton, Sam Presentation Transcript

    • Class Pets By:Paxton,Sam,Brandon,Alliey
    •                               A   Class pets A re a good thing if you take good care of them.
    • B The B ad thing about class pets are that they can get ill.
    • C An animal C ould die making it hard for students.
    • D Some animals live for D ecades.
    • E E veryone loves a good friend.
    • F F or some teachers it gives responsibility for students .
    • G G etting class pets can help with  later on experiences.
    • H W H o can take care of the class pets during the weekend?
    • I The students who are I nterested can take care of them over the weekend
    • J Teaches people to J uggle responsibility.
    • Pets can K eep students interested in animals. K
      • L ess stress in the class.
    • You can tell ani M als your feelings without anyone else knowing. M
    • N eed tons of attention that teachers don't have time to. N
    • O bserving and caring for animals can instill respect for life . O
    • What can you do with class P ets? P
    • You can have Q uizzes on how much you know about the pet. Q
    • R easons for show and tell like if you have new facts about it. R
    • S ome students may have allergies. S
    • T eachers might not want class pets like if they are a mess. T
    • U sually they give diseases to students. U
    • V ery many animals have babies which may or may not be good . V
    • If pets get W et they get smelly. W
    • Guinea Pigs are e X cellent school animals X
    • Y et class pets can leave students crying. Y
    •                                 Z They can Z ip around the room and make messes .
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