6th Heather, Madison, Paige


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6th Heather, Madison, Paige

  1. 1. Pajamas Sensations by: Madison Gager, Heather Mcclellen, and Paige Christenson.
  2. 2. A mazinlgy  comfortable to wear to school.!.  
  3. 3. B rightly colored pants and shirts.  
  4. 4. Cover up cloths are for bedtime.  
  5. 5. Did you know that 55% of people think they should be aloud to wear pj‘ s to school!  
  6. 6. E veryone has a choice to wear pajamas to school.  
  7. 7. Fewer people wear pj's because it would be lazy if you never wore clothes.    
  8. 8. G ood gracious!Family's have seen other people in their pj's leaving mall.  
  9. 9. H ave you ever seen someone in their pj's at the store, gas station or even the post office.  
  10. 10. I have been to the doctors in my pajamas,when I was really sick.  
  11. 11. Just because people wear pj's to school dosen't mean they didn't take a shower or bath before school.  
  12. 12. K ids can wear pajamas to school.  
  13. 13. L ast year at my school there was a lot of 3rd graders wore pj pants.  
  14. 14. M ost people wear pajamas in public so hoe bad could it be if we were them to school.  
  15. 15. N obody should be aloud to wear pj's to school if they are not appropraite.  
  16. 16. Never wear pajamas O uside of school is bassically not wearing not wearing pajamas in school.  
  17. 17. P ajamas are cool so they should be worne in school.  
  18. 18. Here is a  Q uestion you might ask us: Why do think pj'sshould be aloud in school Our answer: To have confort on any day.
  19. 19. Pajamas are all r ight so they should be worne in school if appropriate.  
  20. 20. S ome people say that pj's with words on the rear are not appropaite to wear to school.  
  21. 21. T here are times when pj's are to be worn to school and there are times when they shouldn't be wore to school.  
  22. 22. If you think some pajamas are to reavling fo school that's fine beacause it would be u npolite to wear too reavealing pajamas to school.  
  23. 23.   V ery unoften do schools get to have a pajama day.    
  24. 24. Q: W hy? Do you think pj's would be appropaite for school ? Our answer: As long as they don't say bad words
  25. 25. e x tra cozy on long winter days at school.  
  26. 26. Q. do Y ou think pj's would cause a problem at school?..no ecuase they are cozy.    
  27. 27. with a Z ip zap we can have pj's at our school.
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