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Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
Shauna and Amanda-Period 5
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Shauna and Amanda-Period 5


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  • 1. Global Warming
    By Amanda and Shauna
  • 2. What is the greenhouse effect? Climate Change? Global Warming?
    Greenhouse Effect
    -natural keeps climate warm and habitable
    -Man Made burning fossil fuels
    Climate Change
    -affects people and our environment
    Global Warming
    -average increasing temperature
    -increased emission of greenhouse gases from human activity
  • 3. How are each greenhouse effect, climate change, and global warming related?
    Greenhouse Effect
    Greenhouse Effect traps heat in atmosphere to make Earth heat up
    Climate Change related by rising temperatures
    Global Warming heats atmosphere to make oceans rise
  • 4. What are the primary causes of global warming?
    Humans create emissions of greenhouse gases
    Primary gas is carbon dioxide
    Natural causes can create global warming
    Volcanic eruptions
    Wobbling Earth
  • 5. What are the possible consequences if we do not work to stop global warming?
    Wildlife would be in danger
    Glaciers melt to make sea levels rise
    Severe heat waves
    Weather increasing(such as wild fires, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, thunder storms, ect.)
  • 6. How is global warming impacting economy?
    Will consume our national resources and threaten the well-being of future generations
    Droughts and loss of soil can impact agricultural communities
    More frequent wildfires, slower growing for trees, and increased prevalence of pests could decrease timber industry revenue of $1 to $2 billion per year
  • 7. What are several ways we can all fight Global Warming?
    Move thermostat down 2° in winter and up 2° in summer
    Chose energy efficient appliances
    Take a shower instead of a bath
    Clean/replace filters on furnace/air conditioner
    Replace regular light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs
  • 8. What is the basic argument(s) against global warming?
    Over 17,000 scientists believe there is no convincing scientific evidence that human activities threaten to disrupt Earth’s climate
    The most reliable sources of temperature data show no global warming trend
    A natural amount of global warming would be beneficial
    Efforts to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions would be costly and wouldn’t stop a change in Earth’s climate
  • 9. What are your personal opinions about global warming?
    Global warming is a natural process
    Humans are not the cause of it, but it is possible that we are helping it along
    There is no point in putting in costly programs because nature will take its course anyway
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