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  • 1. Global Warming
    By: Rachel Hafner and Karley Schrey
  • 2. What is…
    Greenhouse effect- the amount of greenhouse gases increased making a thicker “heating blanket” around the Earth
    Climate change- a seasonal change that occurs over along period of time
    Global warming- an increase in the temperature of the Earth and atmosphere because of the increase in carbon dioxide
  • 3. How their related…
    Green house gases create and effect global warming. During the global warming the climate is changing.
    *(The green house effect is the cause of global warming and climate change is the result of it.)*
  • 4. The Primary Cause:
    Carbon dioxide- it is from fossil fuel emissions
  • 5. The Consequences:
    Floods and droughts may become more common
    Sea levels may rise
    Storms like hurricanes may become stronger
    Animal/plant relationships may be out of sync (ex: flowers bloom before bees become active)
    Some animals may become extinct
  • 6. How it Impacts economy…
    Because of all the carbon dioxide the plants will become very big. With large plant like corn, this could mean an out of the ordinary growing season for farmers. Therefore droughts may occur and prices on food may rise. Also if temperatures are too high it may cause the crops to die off.
  • 7. How to fight it…
    Get the word out and tell congress
    Make sure your car is set and nothing is wrong- damaged gas caps can cause a lot of wasted gas
    You can install a smart meter to show you how much energy you are using in real life
    Make your home energy saving by having small wind turbines or solar panels ( the government even gives out tax credits now)
  • 8. Arguments:
    Some believe humans are not the cause of global warming
    Many satellite readings do not show global warming happening.
    It would be too expensive to try and save
    Predictions made on the warming are usually made from computer models not on data collected throughout time.
  • 9. Personal Opinions…
    We think that it is a very big concern. It can really affect different lives, for example the polar bear and many other species as well, it can cause a change in their habitat and it is really not good for the environment. The damage to the environment is something humans don’t normally take into consideration but it is happening. Once the Earth is hurt it will never fully recover and be back to the way it was. We both agree that global warming is a major issue.
  • 10. Sources:
    And the book
    Clip art