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Josh and julia 3 Josh and julia 3 Presentation Transcript

  • By Julia Henke & Josh Schwarz
    Period: 3
    Climate Change: Global Warming
  • Greenhouse Effect- The heating of Earth’s atmosphere from solar radiation being absorbed and emitted by the atmosphere, mainly by water vapor and carbon dioxide.
    Climate Change- Changes that occur over short or long periods of time that are usually the result of natural processes or human activity.
    Global Warming- The natural warming of Earth’s lower atmosphere and Earth’s surface.
    What is….?
  • All have to do with the increase in temperature due to carbon dioxide emissions or levels.
    How are greenhouse effect, climate change, and global warming related?
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  • Increases in greenhouse gases,
    Solar Radiation,
    And Volcanic Activity.
    Primary Causes of Global Warming
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  • Rising sea levels,
    Increase in the intensity of tropical cyclones,
    Increase in droughts in arid(excessively dry) regions and heavy precipitation in other regions,
    Increase in the frequency of weather,
    And many more…
    Possible Consequences if Global Warming Isn’t Stopped
  • Rising oil prices,
    Rising utility costs,
    Rising food and clothing prices,
    And in general, rising expenses.
    Global Warming’s Impact on the Economy
  • Reduce Fossil Fuel Use- Use less energy, for example, switch to fluorescent light bulbs, turn the lights off when you leave a room and consider switching to solar electricity(solar panels).
    Plant Trees- Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
    Reduce Waste- Recycling metal, plastic, glass and paper lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
    Conserve Water- Shorter showers and fix leaky faucets and toilets.
    How Can We Fight Global Warming?
  • Exaggerated and Misdirected,
    A scam,
    Not that serious.
    The Basic Argument about Global Warming
  • We now think this may be a serious issue after researching ,we found that sea levels can rise to extreme measures creating dramatic flooding.
    Our Opinion On Global Warming…
  • Title Slide-
    What is?-
    Related, How?-
    Textbook (pgs. 600-603) for ‘What is?’ and ‘Related, How?’
    Primary Causes-
    Possible Consequences-
    Impact On Economy- Our wonderful minds
    Ways to Fight-
    Basic Arguments-
    Our Opinions- Our wonderful minds, as well.