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Our Global Warming Research.

Our Global Warming Research.

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  • 1. Global Warming
    By: Hannah and Maddie
  • 2. What is the greenhouse effect? Climate change? Global Warming?
    Greenhouse effect: Process in which earth’s atmosphere absorbs radiation and allows some to be radiated to the surface. Some gases are Nitrogen and oxygen.
    Climate Changes: Caused by shifts in the planet. Heats and cools over a long or short period of time.
    Global Warming: The planet’s temperature is gradually increasing. The current heating of earth’s climate changes rhythms of the climate of all living things.
  • 3. How are they related?
    Global Warming is a climate change that is occurring over a short period of time which is unnatural.
    They all are related to Earth’s climate and temperature changes.
    The greenhouse effect is how our atmosphere reacts and changes to radiation which can change the temperature of an area.
  • 4. Primary Causes of Global Warming
    An increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
    Caused by human’s activity artificially recreating it
    Sun’s solar activity also, could play a small role
  • 5. Possible Consequences
    We will experience extreme temperatures.
    Sea levels will rise,
    Storms that we’re not prepared for.
    Disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents spread because of the increase in temp.
    Severe heat, floods, and other catastrophes.
    Health risks.
  • 6. Effect on Economy
    It will have a greater risk on the economy if we don’t take action
    The economy will loose its resources from an impact of Global Warming
    It will take a lot of effort and new ideas to learn how to readapt to the effect’s of Global Warming on the economy
    It is a good investment to take action to fight it
  • 7. Several ways we can fight Global Warming.
    Gas-powered cars to either electric or battery cars.
    Drive less
    Regular light bulbs CFL light bulbs.
    Less factories
    Cleaning litter
    Save water
    Energy efficient appliances
  • 8. Basic Argument
    Temperature data sources show no trend
    We can’t see the future so we don’t know the outcome of global warming.
    People don’t buy into it, thinking global warming is just a story.
    Think changes are too much money.
    People don’t want to regret supporting it if nothing happens.
  • 9. PersonalOpinions
    Some people get too worried about it when it doesn’t seem like a big deal to some people.
    I think the planet may be getting warmer right now naturally.
    Humans may play a small role in this climate change, if we do we should try to be more efficient, but I don’t think we can stop everything.
    It’s good to help our planet but we shouldn’t be spending so much money on it.
  • 10. Sources Cited “Global Warming” and “Green Living” “Global Warming” “Global Warming’s toll on the economy”