Alec and Raul period 5
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Alec and Raul period 5






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Alec and Raul period 5 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Global warming
    By: Alec and Raul
  • 2. What is greenhouse effect, climate change, and global warming?
    Carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane are able to change the energy balance of the planet by absorbing long waves of radiation emitted from the earths surface.
    Climate change is when a place becomes warmer or colder over time.
  • 3. How are greenhouse effect, climate change, and global warming related
    Global warming causes climate change and greenhouse effect causes global warming
  • 4. What are the primary causes of global warming?
    Mankind is the main cause because they emit greenhouse gases into our atmosphere such as carbon dioxide from cars.
  • 5. Consequences of global warming
    Weather patterns may change
    Health of human beings can change because of the gases in the atmosphere
    Wildlife can be effected like how the ocean water can become acidic and kill the fish
    The sea levels can rise because of the melting of glaciers from the oceans and the poles
  • 6. How is global warming impacting economy
    Longer growing seasons, melting along the northwest passage for cheaper shipping are some positive examples
    Japanese beetles can stay here longer because it will stay warmer for a longer period of time and they kill millions of trees
    More allergies because of the warmer weather
  • 7. Ways to fight global warming
    Drive less
    Use less heat and air conditioning
    Use less hot water
    Plant some trees
  • 8. What is the basic argument against global warming
    Most scientist believe that human activities do not disrupt global warming or the earth’s climate in any way.
  • 9. Personal opinions of global warming
    I think it is real and dangerous to humans. I think this because if glaciers do melt it can raise the sea level and cause the water to come closer to the land. I think that it can also be dangerous because it kills the wildlife in the ocean and can ruin an ecosystem which means it can effect ours.
  • 10. sources
  • 11. Sources